Netflix To Stream In Australia From March 24, Available On All Consoles

Netflix To Stream In Australia From March 24, Available On All Consoles

I’m sure plenty of you are already using Netflix in some way to stream all your favourite TV shows, but Netflix has announced today that from March 24, it will officially begin streaming in Australia.

The good news: from launch Netflix will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the Wii U.

“Xbox has a long association with Netflix around the world, and with this announcement we’re excited to bring our partnership to the millions of Xbox owners across Australia and New Zealand,” said Jeremy Hinton, business group lead for Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft Australia. “With Xbox One we are committed to delivering the best entertainment experience in Australian and New Zealand living rooms.”

iiNet has secured the first un-metered agreement with Netflix, meaning that iiNet users can stream as much Netflix content as the wish without it contributing to their bandwidth cap.

“Offering our customers quota-free access to Netflix is yet another demonstration of iiNet’s commitment to providing our customers great, hassle-free entertainment experiences,” said David Buckingham, chief executive officer of iiNet. “iiNet is proud to facilitate consumers’ access to this great entertainment service.”

For more information you can head to the Netflix Australian Facebook page.


    • Nice! I’m with them and it will be great to finally have my streaming unmetered.

      Unless of course the content I want isn’t available in our region…

      • Same here. I’m liking the punter/industry guesses of around $10. Will this be my entry into the brave new world of legal TV-viewing? Gasp!
        I guess we’ll see what they’re offering.

        • With geo blocking mine is 15 or so, and I can watch Netflix of anywhere, bbc iplayer, Nova, all of that stuff which is inexplicably unavailable to us…

          It’s totally worth it. I’ll watch what I can on the Aussie Netflix just to reduce my metered data, but I haven’t hit my limit yet, and I won’t give up the flexibility and breadth of content I have.

          • You’re thinking like a sane person, not a media company. Expect regional pricing to continue.

  • So, important questions not even touched upon? Pricing and content. I doubt as though they’ll offer anything as good as the US version for anywhere near that price.

    • There’s a price kicking about somewhere. I think it’s around $10? But no, content wise it’s comparable to the UK or Canada which both have significantly less than the US plus Foxtel has distribution rights over a lot of Netflix shows like Orange is the New Black so that won’t be appearing on their own streaming service.


    • They already confirmed $9.95… and the licenses they are chasing… funny how everyone has an internet ready phone on their body all day but can’t look up the most basic information.

    • @doc_what

      “the director of corporate communications and technology at Netflix, said that the company has no plans to formally announce pricing until much closer to — or even on — the launch date.”

      No pricing will be available until closer to launch date or on launch date.

  • I wonder if iiNet knows whether you’re accessing Netflix via a service like unblockus.

    I’m really glad netflix is coming here but I’m not ready to give up my international netflix access unless the australian licensing is very good.

    At the moment I’m able to switch region depending on what I want to watch. Sometimes I’m in USA, sometimes the UK, or Canada, or Norway. I’m not quite ready to give that up yet.

      • iiNet probably have the Aus Netflix servers IP addresses whitelisted. Not the US ones.

        • The whole point of using a service like unblockus rather than an actual VPN is that netflix still gives you the closest servers it can. This won’t be straightforward I reckon.

          • In that case it will probably be free if you are watching content the AU service has then.

          • Sincerely doubt it. As you are using unblockus as your DNS server, all your traffics are routed to their server and get redirected from there. To iiNet, your traffic are going to unblockus server, not to the netflix server.

          • No, the reason you use one of those services is that it re-routes traffic to the Netflix servers via their own servers, which cache the data and then pass it through to you. It will connect to the fastest proxy for you, but it won’t directly connect you. iiNet will see it as traffic to unblockus.

    • iiNet support site says unmetered is based on using the automatic iiNet DNS servers. Not sure what that means for the unblocking stuff.

  • Great news for all iiNet customers! Curious to see what the local content is like for NetFlix and pricing

  • Yeah I’m with iinet but I’ll wait to see what pricing will be like.

    Either way, where I live isn’t even close to getting the NBN so I might just hold off until I move.

    • I’m in the same boat with you on this one man, this 700kb/s connection won’t be watching any shows any time soon! :p

      • People continue to overestimate what they think they need for steaming.

        You will do fine on 700kb/s

        I’ve been streaming Netflix and now Stan on slightly less with no problems on either, you may not pull 1080p, but you’ll get 720p with no problem whatsoever.

  • If telstra get it unfiltered I might jump on that. I’m glad they support previous gen consoles too, no way I’m moving my next gen consoles in to my main lounge but my 360 is doing nothing at the moment.

    • Given Telstra’s Foxtel focus I can imagine them doing something to promote Netflix.

      • Given Telstra are bunch of bastards I can’t imagine them unmetering diddely squat.

        • Well, they do offer unmetered Foxtel Play 🙂

          (Actually as a Telstra customer I do enjoy that the footy replays on the AFL website are all unmetered. Not much else is though.)

  • an that is the final bell and whistle i require to move from telstra, considering the last 2 months i have called telstra for a 200gig top up, as my external harddrive crashed and i losted all my xbox Digial Content and for some reason i seem to be streaming more data than usual *coff*

  • My ISP was bought by iiNet so I hope I can get it quota free.

    I’ve been giving Stan a try but it chews through the quota.

      • Having genuine access to Better Call Saul the same day it airs in the US is pretty damn good, and there’s quite a few older shows I haven’t seen. I watched all of Jekyll, want to watch Deadwood, the entire series of Star Trek TOS and TNG are on there too, and Breaking Bad.

        There’s quite a few British crime dramas on there if you’re into that, plus some of the bigger recent films that I never saw. I watched The Lego Movie last night, am going to watch the first 2 Hobbit films and they have all the Bond films so I’ll have a marathon at some point.

        I don’t know if I’ll stay on as a subscriber for too long (especially once I see what Netflix has to offer) but I’m certainly happy with the free trial.

  • iiNet has secured the first un-metered agreement with Netflix, meaning that iiNet users can stream as much Netflix content as the wish without it contributing to their bandwidth cap.

    Does this include Internode customers as well?

  • I’ll be trying it. Coincides nicely with the launch of their new show Bloodline from the creators of Damages.

    • Man, I’ve never heard of half the stuff you’re watching, let alone what you’re anticipating, or knowing who makes what. You sure know your TV. 🙂

  • Until all ISPs wake up and turn all streaming platforms into unmetered content, I’m not supporting it. I’ve already got the WWE Network and I want to get Netflix, but neither are unmetered content with Telstra, so it chews up my limited data cap (200gb per month). Sure, I could go with the other streaming platforms like Presto and Stan, but why flush more money down then drain as they chew up monthly caps?

    Every ISP needs to wake up and allow all streaming applications, not just the ones they sign deals with, be unmetered content. Streaming services are the future, ISPs need to adapt, not hang onto outdated ideas like an “exclusive contract”.

    We’ve taken a good step forward (well, those on IiNet) but we’re a long way off from where we need to be.

    • I think Telstra’s unmetered on Presto, if you’re willing to make a deal with the devil (and pay the $5 extra).

    • I’d be extremely shocked if telstra ever gave unmetered access to netflix. They own 50% of foxtel so most likely will offer unmetered access to presto to compete (do they currently?). In the (near) future your choice of ISP will heavily affect the cost of the applicable streaming service through broadband caps.

      As long as major ISP’s (both here and in the US) have a stake in TV/Movie deployment or development expect it to be anti consumer.

      • This line of thinking (while accurate) is exactly what’s wrong with the industry and it’s what needs to fucking die. Walled gardens, exclusivity deals, locking consumers to platforms…

        There needs to be a Steam TV. Fuck exclusives and market fragmentation. One service to rule them all!

        • Never said i like it. But it is what it is and until laws are passed to protect against this sorta shit it won’t change.

          Competition is good – i don’t think there needs to one “netflix” and that is it rather a governing body that incorporates standards in a back end for each publisher with content delivery controlled from licenses to sell on. Want to develop a platform that gives access to content? No worries – producer\developer gets x money per ep\show\movie delivered. No exclusives. Peering agreements would still exist but rather than certain services having certain shows its more likely a choice of ISP and what their front end offers ie who has the better deal – shows are on their merit if they dont get the viewers they won’t get the dollars. Have a hard limit on the amount of episodes they can watch per month or tiers much like broadband. Have locally cache content or an option to purchase as MP4 for download for offline viewing. Premium content (or new content) that is a price per ep like $1 or $2 an ep streamed – if people like it they’ll continue to pay (got, breaking bad could have followed this model and made absolute fuckloads),

          Dunno that is just off the top of my head with little more than 2mins of thought put into it – there is a myriad of better options out there that give the content creators their due. It fucks over the middle men which is what 99% of the problem atm they just have to much money/power for what they do (nothing in this day and age essentially).

    • I am amazed it is even coming to WiiU!
      We need more apps like this on the WiiU, ABC iview would be great!

  • Man. Even with TPG, streaming is tough. Youtube chugs on me, most days. YouTube!

  • I’m keeping my US Netflix account and the assistance of DNS trickery coz the Oz Netflix content is not going to be the same as the US Netflix content.
    I’ve been with my DNS tunneling provider for over 2 years now, it’s called OverPlay: and they have a service called SmartDNS, works great for me.

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