New Game Of Thrones Trailer

Hey everyone, there's this new TV show? Apparently it's pretty good. It's called GAME OF THRONES. You've probably never heard of it. Here's a trailer for the latest season.

Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to say I'm super excited about this new season. I'm one of those illiterate plebs that refuses to read the books, so this is all completely new to me. I tried reading the books, but I realised that I think I prefer the show: leaner story-telling, great performances, super good production values. The book seemed a little bloated to me so I canned it.

Anyway: the show. It's coming. Get hype.


    Hey everyone, there’s this new TV show? Apparently it’s pretty good. It’s called GAME OF THRONES. You’ve probably never heard of it.

    A medieval fantasy TV series, Mark? That's nerd shit, the public doesn't want that. It'll never make it past the first season, you mark my words.

      Agreed! What we really need is a police drama.

        finally! someone as wise as I am! i've been saying this for years - but instead we get some dungeons and dragons type bullshit

        make it a police investigation drama with titles using acronyms, we could always use more of that

    Make do with crappy quality vid or install Quicktime? Hmmm...I guess crappy quality it is then.

      Quicktime and Real Player, the two video codecs I blacklisted a long time ago because of how fucking bad they both are.

    yeah i tried getting into the books, didnt really get far through the first before i was like meh...
    i generally prefer the books, but then again i usually read them first

    I am eagerly awaiting the new season but, as far as trailers go, this was pretty mundane.

    Anyone else get annoyed that they seem to reinvent the Dany storyline every season? Her story in season 1 was good but every season after that it just seems like some B-grade sci fi channel fantasy which only detracts from the rest of the show.

    So will there be any legal way to watch this show as it airs that doesn't rhyme with Schmoxtel?

      Apparently they are doing a deal with AppleTV...

      So you can either sell your soul to Rupert, or to the ghost of Steve...

    I thought the books were bloated the first time through, as well. I'm on the last few chapters of Dance With Dragons at the moment on my second go and am loving every last little detail.
    I think I got a bit lost with all the supporting characters, the alliances, the political maneuverings, simply because I wasn't sure who meant what to who. Now that I know exactly what's going on I'm finding it far more compelling - what I used to see as bloat I now see as world building and detail.
    It's a really great series and, against all odds, an amazing TV show.

    I prefer the books to my own children.

      Depending on the children, this is perfectly understandable.

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