New Xbox One Matchmaking App Stumbles Out To Preview Program Members

New Xbox One Matchmaking App Stumbles Out To Preview Program Members

Preview codes have been going out for Overdog, the exciting new matchmaking app for the Xbox One that brings players together based on interests rather than skill level. So far it hasn’t worked.

Upon downloading and launching the Overdog, users who actually get the app working are asked to build their profile in two steps. First, select a number of entertainment interests from a small supplied list.

I chose Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Step two is selecting the sort of games you’d like to play with fans of Parks and Rec and GotG.

I selected Titanfall and Assassin’s Creed, as most of the other games I own on PlayStation 4 and no one likes The Master Chief Collection.

The final step in the Overdog setup process seems to be a network error. Odd choice.

Of course it’s not a choice, but an error, which the folks at Overdog are working to fix. Thank goodness they launched to Dashboard Preview Program members first!

A better app. A working app.

I did manage to get to my profile at some point yesterday.

But since then any time I’ve tried to get anywhere in the app I either get a network error or the infamous whirling circle of nothing’s going to happen ever.

I’m sure the Overdog folks will get this all ironed out shortly. In the meantime, head over to their website to read up on what the matchmaking service will do once it’s finished being previewed and rolls out to Xbox One users everywhere.


  • Does Overdog really only match you with people with similar selected interests with the same game, or is that really only for your profile? Because frankly, I couldn’t care less if someone likes Katy Perry or Game of Thrones, or enjoys long walks on the beach with the wind billowing through their majestic shoulder-length hair. What I’d want to be matched on is mostly location (if I could just be matched with Aussies so I’m not getting stuffed by matchmaking with people on the other side of the world, this thing would be awesome), with a side order of ‘this person is not a douche and isn’t going to scream profanities and blame everyone else when something doesn’t go perfectly’. Matching by interests that have nothing to do with the game itself is just plain silly.

    Actually, just match me on the hair thing. Billowy hair bros 4 life, yo.

    • Yeah I’m more interested in knowing if the person has a mic that doesn’t sound like it’s filtered through a shoe, and someone who, in the case of Helldivers (everyone needs that game) isn’t going to stomp on team-mates with a robot and say anything other than “oh shit sorry dude”. Just played a game with a guy who was the exact opposite of those things.

  • “Nobody likes the master chief collection”…. I don’t get the little remark there? I have at least 10+ ppl that play it weekly and it’s the perfect game for Lans, (something a ps4 owner just wouldn’t get)

    I mean I wouldn’t even call that statement good journalism…

  • I don’t know about you but this just sounds like you are limiting the amount of people you can connect to in Multi games by using this? Almost like having your NAT set to strict. I’d rather just be able to find games quickly with even teams preferably in NZ/AUS then players who like watching the same TV shows as me.

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