New Zealand's Version Of Netflix Is Really Something...

Yeah, if you're from New Zealand and you get a bit shirty about people taking the piss. You're gonna wanna skip this!

Welcome to Nitflux: the number 1 NZ TV show streaming site in the world.

I'm sorry I laughed at this. Despite the fact that Australians have only just received Netflix and we have absolutely no justification to be ripping on New Zealand when it comes to being ahead of the streaming game. Especially not with our internet.

Perhaps the best part of this whole prank: the people behind it have actually gone the whole hog and built a 'Nitflux' website.



    Ask a kiwi to say the words "Mass Effect".

    Just once.

      "Mass Effect"
      Now I'm sitting here trying to say it with an Aussie accent. I don't get it?

        I think @leigh is implying the "e" sounds gets changed to a "u" sound... that's the only way I can see the result being vaguely funny, anyway. In a "rude words are funny" way at least.

      I've just said 'Mass Effect' out loud, no on in my office here in Auckland batted an eyelid.
      Ask an Aussie to say 'Dance Dance Revolution 6'. :)

    OMG I'm a Kiwi and this is gold wrapped in bacin, I mean Bacon.

    I wasn't convinced. Then they threw in the pinapple lumps.

    haha This is awesome, i have heaps of kiwi friends so i want to see their reaction to this vid =P

    I always wondered how they said Star Wars Episode 3 Rivinge of the Suth.

    The same way every clone trooper says it, I guess....

    Hey, why should they get GoT before us? Rip off...

    First the sledging in the cricket, now this!? Gah fark yaself 'Straya ;)

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