Nintendo’s Next System Is Code-Named The NX

Nintendo’s Next System Is Code-Named The NX

At a press conference announcing their big mobile gaming deal, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has also spoken briefly (and surprisingly) about Nintendo’s next piece of dedicated hardware.

Seeking to put off questions that Nintendo’s future would be entirely mobile, Iwata says that Nintendo is still very much in the “dedicated video game system market”, and that their next piece of gaming hardware is code-named the “NX”.

“Nintendo has decided to deploy its video game business on smart devices, but it is not because we have lost our passion or vision for the business of dedicated video game systems”, he said.

“On the contrary, because now we have decided on how we will make use of smart devices, we have come to hold an even stronger passion and vision for the dedicated video game system business than before.”

“As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system business”, Iwata adds, “let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept under the development codename ‘NX’.”

And… that’s it. Iwata says Nintendo will share more information about the new hardware “next year”.

While it’s easy to suspect that this new device will be a replacement for the ailing Wii U, the fact this is Nintendo using the words “brand new concept” mean it could be anything.


  • The 3DS is next inline for the “Next Gen” treatment. But in light of the current Wii U situation, it gives Nintendo an opportunity to start fresh with a new Handheld that also doubles as a home console (NX = Nintendo Cross Play).
    It will be a handheld that can be docked to your TV (giving it a power boost to run all games at full hd and 60fps) and the ability to use a full size controller (even a VR headset)

    What this will do is give customers the best of both worlds (hand held and home console in one) playing the same game. This will give individual games a much bigger audience to sell to (like if 3D world was on the 3DS also). Nintendo will no longer have to deal with two systems to develop for which will increase the first party titles released, which we all know is like printing money for Nintendo.

    This will cause a flood of games to the system as this install base would be like merging the massive Nintendo handheld community and home console players. I believe this could be Nintendo’s fastest selling hardware ever.

    That’s what I think anyway 🙂

    • Absolutely love this idea, and I like to think that the WiiU gamepad is sort of a test case for a home console that can also be a handheld.

    • We’ve had a lot of clues leading to this (Iwata talking about blending console and handheld, Nintendo combining handheld and home console development etc.), and the name itself is just the latest one.

      There was even a rumour about a new Pokemon game that plays differently when “docked” a really long time ago (before the Nintendo Fusion rumours even took off).

      At this point, Nintendo just releasing this one console to blend home console and handheld devices is incredibly likely, and even today’s news of releasing software on mobile phones could be Nintendo preparing itself to just support one console itself.

    • There has been some speculation about Nintendo possibly releasing a device that could serve as both a handheld and a regular console for a while now. Personally, I think that’d be pretty cool. Make it happen Nintendo!

      • I wonder if it would be a new version of the WiiU, that can also play 3DS games natively (On a TV with the gamepad) and possibly out and about too. It would segment the already segmented Nintendo line-up though tbh.

        I don’t know if I’d be ready for a fully blown successor to the WiiU by 2017. The WiiU is great and all, but hasn’t gotten enough support for me to be happy with that decision YET. But that could change by then. And by then the WiiU will really be showing it’s age. Hopefully the content keeps coming from now to make it all good haha.

    • A hand-held won’t replace a console, and a console won’t replace a hand-held.

      My guess is probably the Wii U. It seems way too close to the release of the ‘New 3DS’ to be a new handheld, especially as it’s an upgrade over the 3DS. (For comparison the Dsi was released in 2008 and the 3DS was announced in 2010)

      • Well if its announced 2016, then released in 2017, then the new handheld would fall into that. Between a refresh in 2014/15, a replacement 2-3 years later in 2017

      • They aren’t replacing the Wii U, it’s been out less than 2 years and honestly it’s the current-gen console with the best game lineup right now. It’s starting to hit it’s stride and I don’t think Nintendo is going to abandon it.

        The 3DS is a bit long in the tooth now, despite the “New 3DS update”, so I’d say that’s more likely the next one on the list.

  • Interested to see what this is all about, I’ve got the feeling it’ll be a replacement for the Wii U, If they launch Christmas next year that’ll be a full 3 years since the PS4 and Xbone launched, so they could potentially have the most powerful console on the market. IF (and that’s a big IF) they can launch with strong third party support and also have the most powerful hardware they should be back in business.

    Not much point wasting too much time thinking about it right now though if they’re not gonna even tell us anything about it till next year.

  • Please no gimmicks. Normal controller. Launch with nothing less than one game each of Mario and Zelda. Go big or go home.

    Also, get your online side of things a bit more better than what it is.

    • All next gen will probably have a VR component. PS5 will come with Sony’s new headset, XB….2(I guess, hmm have to work out a new naming convention there MS) will come with a home version of their new goggles. These machines are about 5 years off (maybe 6, could even go 7) so I expect the price of the VR thingys to be cheaper and more advanced by then.

  • Surely they are going to be smart and call it the “Wii NX”…

    You know it makes sense.

    • Going off Nintendo’s past naming conventions, the logical next step will be the “New Wii U 2 XL”

  • Hah, unless they can somehow pull off a console that plays 1920×1080 on every single game and looks better than PS4, AND also costs less than PS4/Xbone (which have 2-3 years worth of price drops ahead), they’re still gonna be the underdog.

    I also have no faith in them pulling off a successful ‘gamers’ console.

    • Low end smartphones can do 1080p and if you didn’t already know, Nintendo aren’t in the business of “gamers” they’re in the entertainment business. They make fun games, not blockbuster experiences.

      • So a “gamer” is only a person whose hobby is video games if they enjoy only a certain genre of video games? But if someone enjoys a different kind of experience then that means they don’t qualify as a so called “gamer”?

        • Oh no I agree with you, anyone that plays games is a gamer in my books, I put “gamer” in quotes to denote the stereotypical gamer that only plays CoD etc.

          Personally, I’d love to pick up whatever the NX turns out to be, I haven’t had a new Nintendo since the original Wii

      • “a console” means the hardware, not the software… with the hardware being the limiting factor. Other companies also make games for the Nintendo systems, and similarly have not made ports due to the hardware/coding difficulties vs cost/marketshare viability of doing so. Really valid point about the tech and price level vs its competitors. I have a PS4, why would I want to buy an NX? Sweeten the honeypot and convince me Nintendo.

      • That’s why I said “looks better than PS4”. It needs to have the fidelity, not just resolution. And yes, I know the business they’re in. But they aren’t going to do well, due to timing/pricing/games. WiiU is prime example of that.

  • I’m gonna take a guess that this will be a replacement for both WiiU and 3DS. Having a portable and a home console works fine when you’re enjoying good third party support, but when Nintendo and their second parties are stuck rowing the boat by themselves, it’s much easier if you don’t have to spread your resources across two consoles. I’m guessing the NX will probably be a portable, but one that easily connects to a tv for big screen gaming.

  • Seems like a strange move to touch anything on the DS side of things after releasing the New 3DS (especially considering it’s only just been released in the US). It seems likely it’s related to the idea of merging the handheld and consoles libraries. Given the Wii U’s rocky life I wouldn’t be surprised if they upgraded the hardware, built 3DS compatibility into it, then re-released it as a new console.
    I think the big question is whether they’re going to make a ‘proper’ console or are they going to continue chasing the Wii dream of a cheap console that has as much power as it needs while offering a unique selection of games. The Wii was too popular and not powerful enough to produce HD graphics at a time when that was really important. The Wii U is powerful enough to do everything Nintendo has ever thrown at it, but it’s not popular enough. It must be tempting to give it another shot.

  • Coming soon from Nintendo! The Wii U NX, featuring such great titles as Zelda, Smash Brothers, Absolutely Nothing New Whatsoever, and Why Is Our Company Hemorrhaging Money We Keep Making Mario Over And Over For You Why Don’t You Like It Anymore?

  • Nintendo should take the NES, stick a blu-ray player in it, a hard drive, and up the power to that of the PS4/x1 and give it a modern look. Then ditch the gamepad and give the 3DS remote play.

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