Now That's A Disturbing Fighting Game Character

Now That's A Disturbing Fighting Game Character

Do attractive female fighting game characters in skimpy outfits bother you? Then meet Killer Instinct's latest combatant, Hisako. You'll like her. She'll break your bones from the inside.

Making her gameplay debut at PAX East this weekend, Hisako is one of the coolest fighting game character concepts I've seen in forever. Based on Japanese horror movie tropes, this naginata-wielding Japanese teen shocks from the moment she's introduced.

Now That's A Disturbing Fighting Game Character

Hisako shambles forward with the slowest walking speed of any character in the game, but that just makes her sudden dashes that much more frightening. She's a counter-based fighter, to the point where her standard attacks count as counters, even if the other player isn't attacking.

She's all about the Wrath bar, a special meter that appears at the bottom of the screen (currently with a plain yellow placeholder). If that bar is full when she attacks, it's a counter. Once it starts to deplete, it's not (unless it is). Her counters are excellent openers, so if you're fighting against her your best bet is to not be fighting against her. Throw in Wrath cancels — her ability to cancel out of any move as long as her Wrath bar is half full — and she's even more horrifying than she looks.

Hisako is not a character for button mashers. Her Wrath bar fills quickly when she is not attacking, so the key is waiting for the opponent to come at you. Spam buttons and the Wrath bar depletes, stripping her of her biggest advantages.

Check out the full video walkthrough of Hisako's creepy goodness below (thanks Solomon for letting me know it was up.)

Arriving in-game at the end of the month, Hisako is just the first in a string of cool things coming to Killer Instinct. With Shadows — AI fighters based on your own fighting style, story mode (finally) and more lined up for the months to come. Looks like it's time for me to finally pony up for Season Two.


    That's disturbing? Let me introduce you to Mortal Kombat sometime...

    Characters in skimpy outfits bothering you? Have a character that wears you as an outfit.

    Last edited 09/03/15 12:49 pm

    Outrageous! This doesnt accurately represent women in video games

    Last edited 09/03/15 12:58 pm

      I dunno, represents most of the women I know pretty well actually.

      Dead-eyed nightmares that destroy you from the inside out? Sounds accurate to me. :P

    hmmm to me this character looks a little bit broken in my eyes but I wont really know until we get the chance to play her.

    Could Jago please be allowed to wear a shirt?

    I'm not much more than a button masher in fighting games, but this character is probably the most interesting & unique character in a game I've seen in a long time (even if it is based off a trope).

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