Nvidia Announced A New Shield Device At GDC Today


    first thing that comes to mind is a hybrid design of a ps2/ps4.

    it looks nice though.

    A console that thin would terrify me because I'd be so worried about breaking it.
    I like my consoles a little bulkier.
    Something to hold on to, and that doesn't look like it'll snap in two :3

    I laughed a little. Given how much flack nVidia give console makers because of their 'low end' hardware choices, only to release a low end console themselves. The irony.

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      They should have gone with ATI, like the other consoles!

    Personally I would rather go for the Steam Link at $50. "We've spent 5 years on this" when doom 3 came up I was thinking 'You spent 5 years on something to play a 11 year old game at 1/2 the frame rate and graphical quality of what my pc can do'

    I admire the guy's enthusiasm but I think nVidia has misjudged the market on this, particularly at the US$200 price point.

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