Ocarina Of Time? More Like Ocarina Of Vine...

Stop Motion. It's under-used, under-appreciated and I really have a soft spot for it, particularly when it's as well done as this Zelda effort. It even has a rubbish 'vine' pun in there. This video has everything.

I think I like stop-motion purely for nostalgia reasons. Coincidentally, this might be the same reason why I love Zelda so much. Therefore this video makes perfect sense. It has Link fighting off a couple of monsters, but eventually facing off against a mini-boss with vines for weapons.

It's a joke that sort of makes sense at the end. The joke kind of sucks, but the execution and the fight itself is fairly spectacular by stop-motion standards.


    I own that Link, unfortunately I don't posses the talent to make such an awesome video with it.


      iseewatudid(almost did)thar

    The animator, Johnny McHone , has heaps of great vines: https://vine.co/JohnnyMcHone

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    I was kinda expecting the chest to hold a compass. That damn, useless, compass.

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