Off Topic: Are You Getting Netflix?

Netflix launches here in Australia today and the pricing is — SHOCK — way better than most of us expected.

So who's getting it?

You can count me in. I'm among those that actually didn't do the VPN thing with US Netflix. I've been waiting for Netflix to come to Australia and I'm pretty stoked about the pricing and — for the most part — the amount of content the service is launching with. I like the idea of using the PS4/Xbox One/Wii U to stream content when and where I want. Having uncapped downloads via Internode doesn't hurt either/

How about you guys and girls? Who's getting Netflix?


    Got it last night. As another who didn't do the whole VPN thing it's all pretty exciting.

    I'm just happy having Doctor Who and Torchwood on tap.

    Also happy with being able to take my phone to loo when I need to take a toilet break mid show. :P

    nah, don't watch that much TV

    Snapped it up first thing this morning. So much for waiting it out to see if there are any teething issues.

    Works fantastically with the Chromecast. Wish I could say the same about Twitch.

    Nope. The range isn't great, and I don't really watch TV as it is.

    If they offered sport, it might be a different story.

      If they offered live sport, I'd happily give them all of my money. That's pretty much the holy grail and I doubt we'll see good streaming options here for a long while. Not while Foxtel is fighting tooth and nail to get as much AFL and NRL content as they can.

        It's not just football, it's stuff like the F1 as well. I'm beyond pissed that half of the F1 races are exclusive to Foxtel for the next 5 years.

          There is a character limit on comments here, I can't list everything Foxtel is trying to lock away for themselves.

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          Wait..... what?

          When did this happen? Are you fucking kidding me? My rage just escallated like you would not believe.....

            I wish I was kidding. I am not. Foxtel has exclusive rights to half of the races in the F1 calendar for the next five seasons. Foxtel will show all of the races with half of them being exclusive, Ten/One will show the other half on free to air, and have a "highlights" thing for the other races on Monday nights.

            So you basically get only 10 of the 20 races on free to air. You want all of them, you'll need Foxtel.


            So if you were planning on watching the Malaysian GP on TV this weekend, you're out of luck without Foxtel, unless you can find a dodgy stream.

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          I can't stand sports exclusivity through paid services! I'm going to investigated a direct BBC stream, using VPN if need be.

        Did you ever work in programming for Fox Sports? Between this and your interest in board games, you very closely resemble someone I used to play D&D with years ago.

          But I've never played D&D (unless Baldur's Gate counts).

          Or worked for Fox Sports but that's a completely different matter.

            No worries. Just a lot in common is all. I haven't been in touch with this guy for years so I wasn't sure if you were him.

      You can get a Aus Netflix account and use Hola Unblocker or a VPN to access US or UK Netflix content.

      Small range suddenly becomes massive range.

        I'd be a bit wary using Hola. The security they say they have isn't as secure as I'd like. Basically anytime you have it activated, Hola will you use you as an exit node or intermediate node letting anyone access your Internect connection and do whatever.

        thats been confirmed? so i can pay them in AUD and use a VPN or DNS service to get the US content? if so i'm actually more interested than before

        i thought to access the US stuff you need a US account

          Works on my (Android) phone. I'm yet to try it on my computer but I assume it would be the same.

          Open netflix without Hola, no Supernatural. Use Hola to set as US, 9 seasons of Supernatural :-).

          Although I didn't know about the security issue pointed out by @gnawnborg, so I'll be looking into a VPN service to use now.

            Yeh at first glance they seem just like a DNS redirector, but unless you dig into the fine print you don't necessarily realise that they're using you as an endpoint for people from other countries to VPN into.
            Not something I want to risk personally!

    I'll give it a go. But what's this whole single stream/double stream or whatever thing?

      $8.99/month = SD only, one screen at a time.

      $11.99/month = HD streams (assuming your connection supports it, which most will), watch on 2 screens concurrently (e.g.: you could watch one show on the PC while someone else in your house uses the same account to watch something different on an iPad or Xbox or something).

      $14.99/month = HD/4K/possibly 8K and up to 4 simultaneous screens if you've got that many devices and people all wanting to watch different stuff at once.

        I was pleasantly surprised by how much better my connection works with Netflix compared to Crunchyroll. That being said I have yet to try watching two things at once.

      Are you referring to the Multiple devices connected at once?

    Getting it right now. Glad its a reasonable price.

    Signed up at 12:05am.

    Good stuff on there. I think taking the iPad to bed to stream an episode of something is going to become part of my nightly routine.

    I've been using Getflix along with a US Netflix account (which works with the AU Netflix service). The core content is the same across the regions but it's nice to switch regions on the fly and enjoy some of the Australian only content. Streaming on the PS4 app is excellent, with HD and multi-channel sound.

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is worth a go (episodes are hit and miss) but having access to all of Clone Wars was a win for our family!

      Woah, wait - you mean I can use my existing US subscription with the AU Netflix as well? I'd assumed it was one or the other.

      Must investigate further.

        Yep. Just log in using your US account details. In fact calling it a US account is a misnomer, it's really just a Netflix account, and the content you're able to access changes with what your IP tells Netflix

          Yep, I am sitting here in the office streaming Robocop (the original, of course) to my phone right now. Farewell, productivity, I hardly knew thee.

        Yep I've been a member for a year and the big change today is that I can finally play it on the Xboxes and iPhones (just used Hola not a dedicated VPN)

    Already watched three eps of Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt. Am absolutely loving Netflix so far. Streams really well on my net connection too. (Which is apparently unmetered! WHOA!)

    Whaaaat. I can't believe there are so many responses of "got it today/no"

    I've had it for about 18 months. 95% of my household viewing is either Netflix or HBO Go

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      I know, right? I got it just before Christmas and I don't know how we survived so long without it!

      Yeah, although I was very happy to be able to use Netflix on the bus today whilst the rest of the family were still using Netflix at home (Getflix doesn't like you using two different WAN IPs)

    Yep! It has some sweet content, although not the stuff to make it AMAZING yet. However, signing up now to do my part showing the old dinosaurs that their business models need to change.

    I've already got the US version, so I'll be sticking with that until the Australian version broadens its range. Currently, according to a browse data pull (which Netflix apparently contests as inaccurate) there are about 8000 items on the US Netflix and only about 1500 on the AU Netflix.

      Same, we've had US Netflix for a year and a half, and I don't see any reason to switch to an Australian account unless they force us.

        Wouldn't the Aus version be cheaper with the exchange rate right now?

          Not quite, we're on the grandfathered $7.99 US plan so it works out pretty comparable with the $11.99 HD plan we would be on here (when you include the VPN access as well).

          By about 10 cents on the most expensive plans, so it's not too bad really. It's easier for me to keep my aging US Account anyway, lets me keep my profiles too.

      Wouldn't the Aus version broaden from a result of more customers?

        Yes and no. The reason the initial offering is weak is going to be because of existing exclusive rights with other providers, which is something that isn't affected by the number of Netflix's subscribers right now. When those rights contracts expire, Netflix has an opportunity to jump in to the negotiations then and how much money they have available vs how much they stand to gain from obtaining rights will make a difference.

          My point exactly.

            I know, I'm agreeing =) You could subscribe through the AU site and then use a DNS service to switch to the US catalogue, that would give them the same purchasing power. I'm not doing that yet because I have a grandfathered US plan that is cheaper than the AU one even after currency conversion and DNS service costs are taken into account. I'll consider switching over at some point to support the local operation, though.

    YEP! House of Cards binge watch this weekend! (oh and goodbye Foxtel)

      i hope everyone disconnects foxtel and they make their service much much better.

      All i want with foxtel is sport yet i cant have it without paying for heaps of other rubbish. Hate it.

        That's basically how I feel. I essentially have a $60 EPL/La Liga subscription.

    Probably gonna stick it out with Foxtel, now that they have quite a bit of competition I think they will start releasing more content with their service along with their new IQ3 box.. plus they are the only service with sport!

    Yeah, I did the same thing - got it at 12:10 this morning, haha. I'm loving it, and the range so far is great. There is a few shows that I can't get on it yet, but it's no biggie. Watched the first episode of House of Cards to break it in - as it only seemed fitting - and loved it. I didn't do the VPN thing either, so this is my first experience with Netflix. It's great, and I can see myself using it a fair bit. Definitely worth the money I'd say, and I'll be keeping it around beyond the trial.

      House of Cards is great, Kevin Spacey is an amazingly talented actor.

        Yeah, I wasn't sure it would be my thing, because politics - haha - but yeah, it's pretty great so far. Yeah, he makes anything watchable as far as I'm concerned.

    Can you actually watch any current TV series or movies on this? When I looked at the library of movies, they were all old ones. And even the US one apparently doesn't have up to date Walking Dead? Is this wrong?

      No there's no current content. They usually release the previous season of a TV show as the new season is airing. It's not a catch-up style service like Hulu.

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      It depends on the arrangements they have with the rights holders. Most rights holders still want to retain first broadcast exclusivity on US networks, so most US shows have to wait at least until the series finishes airing. Netflix Originals obviously appear on Netflix immediately, and they also release the whole season in one go instead of spreading it out into weekly episodes.

      You might actually be surprised how many Netflix Originals series there are too, I know I was.

    Signed up for the trial month at 12:05am, was watching FMA: Brotherhood a few minutes later. Catalogue looks alright, especially as I've not really watched TV for a few years, so plenty to catch up on, but I'm still concerned about lack of content. Still, I've got 2.5 seasons of BSG blu-rays to get through, so hopefully they'll flesh out their catalogue by the time I go looking for more.

    Definitely going to give it a shot.

    As long as exclusivity deals keep running crazy I don't expect any of these services to really 'take off' here but Netflix at least seems to slightly care about their customers/service so I'm interested to see how they go in the coming months/years.

    cant do 4k on a monitor >< >< >

    only certain TV sets for now

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    It works great on the WiiU

      great to hear

      was first thought was watching on the gamepad

      Does the gamepad on Wii U make browsing easy? I'll be happy to run it off the Wii U if it does. Using the Xbone controller is a pain for playing media.

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        buy the xboxone media remote for about $30 at either jb hifi or (gasp!) EB games.
        It's surprisingly quite stylish and fits well in the hand but is IR only so you have to point it at your box.

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        Grab a Universal remote, I got pissed when the XB1 came out and the voice controls where so terrible, it would literally take 2-3 seconds to "pause", i.e. useless.

        So I picked up the Logitech Harmony 650 universal for $40 last year (they are on sale a lot but $50 on ebay right now). Works for the tv, 360, XB1 basically it has everything except bluetooth and is far more user friendly than turning on a controller every time you have to control something.

        Last edited 24/03/15 6:15 pm

    Signed up this morning for the HD package.
    Really happy with the pricing and how well it works on my android and chromecast.
    As for range, I don't think it's as bad as people are saying. The amount that is available has already created a significant backlog for me, and by the time I've worked through it I'm sure there will me more content.

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