Off Topic: Rank The Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

Why not! We might get some decent recommendations from it! What are your favourite TV shows of all time?

After much deliberation, here’s my own list…

1. Deadwood 2. The Wire 3. Mad Men 4. True Detective 5. Lost

Lost is likely to be the most controversial one on that list, mainly because a lot of people think it’s garbage, made no sense, and lost its way around season 2.

Yes. Maybe, but still. It was awesome. It still had some truly incredible moments, amazing episodes, and – in my opinion – really helped kick-start event television as we currently know it.

A couple of other shows I thought about adding: Homeland. That show is good. The Walking Dead: when it’s good it’s very good. When it’s bad? It’s the worst show on TV. It’s never anything in-between.

Shows I never wanted to add ever because I think they’re a bit rubbish? Breaking Bad. Urgh, I can’t believe I watched all five seasons of that. Some really terrible writing in that show in my opinion. I know I’m in the massive minority on this one.

Dexter. What a literal shit-show. True Blood: has a show ever fallen so far from grace?

Okay, I’ll go now. What are you favourite shows of all time?


    1. Six Feet Under
    2. Battlestar Galactica
    3. The West Wing
    4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    5. Treme

    That last one could be swapped out for countless amazing shows. The X-Files. The Leftovers. Alias. The Americans. The Killing. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Orange is the New Black. The list goes on. Television? I love you! :')

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      I always preferred Angel over Buffy, but if it wasn't for Buffy I wouldn't have Eliza Dushku at the top of my list :D

        Me too, I thought Angel was better, but it did seem aimed at a more mature audience then Buffy was so that may have had something to do with it.

          It was more mature, but it still had the inward humour going through it. I find it hard to connect with teen shows, even when I was a teenager, but I still enjoy Buffy but because Angel is more mature I enjoy it that bit more.

          Plus Smile Time is probably my most favourite tv episode of anything ever

            Oh Lord, I thought Angel was boring by the numbers stuff, and the face half lit thing got old fast. I found Buffy to be the more 'mature' show, especially in later episodes. Handled Marriage, Minimum Wage, abusive relationships, handling of power etc. and perhaps the best treatment of Death and Grieving ever in 'The Body'

            Thumbs up for BSG and Buffy, going to have to think deeply about my other three.

              I guess Buffy and Angel are different styles of mature. Buffy more about connecting to what you might be going through in real life and how to deal with that alongside being a superhero, great how they showed Buffy as unable to handle things like keeping a low level job and really struggled with raising Dawn when you consider she brushes off the responsibility of being a slayer with ease. Whedon really made the characters human.

              Angel though was darker (not just in the mood lighting sense :P) and once past the first season of Angel not being as moody, one of the reasons I don't like him as a character in Buffy episodes, the characters open up brilliantly.

              At the end of the day though, I just think the stories are better in Angel than Buffy. I can't stand Riley and the Initiative and while the later Buffy seasons do have more mature content, I'm not so much of a fan of the overall stories like Glory.

                Well yeah, no one liked the Initiative, but generally I found the stories in Angel to be thin. Both shows had moments of greatness though.

            I was literally just thinking 'YES SMILE TIME YES YES YES'

            But you beat me to it. Shame on you!

        Buffy resonated with me more when I first watched cause all the characters were only a couple of years older than me. I could relate. Both shows I love, though.

        A few years ago I was reminiscing about an old TV show I watched in the early 80s called Forever Knight, and then I was pleasantly surprised when it came on foxtel. I'd really forgotten the meat of the show, and I laughed endlessly at how much Angel was a clone of it. But in a good way.

      Currently watching The West Wing for the first time after being hassled by the wife. Love it!

      Six Feet Under, my brother! You also missed the Sapranos. Pretty much anything from the 90's HBO is gold.

    The Wire S1
    The Wire S4
    The Wire S3
    The Wire S2
    The Wire S5

      In no particular order, I assume :p


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      S2 beats S5? Close call.

      S1 and 4 though.....wont get anything better on tv than that.

        S2 is a taste thing, but it's still well done. S5 was a little underbaked.

      It's what white people like :D

    I don't think I could rank them in order but my top 5 would be:

    The X-Files
    Stargate SG-1

    Honourable mention goes to Black Adder.

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    1. Seinfeld
    2. Entourage
    3. Game of Thrones

    1. Game Of Thrones
    2. The Walking Dead
    3. Sons Of Anarchy
    4. Friday Night Lights
    5. True Detective
    6. Homeland

      Great list though I have wiped the final season of SOA from my memory. And lets not even talk about that corny final Jax scene..

    Babylon 5 up until season 5,
    the first season of Prison Break,
    the first season of Heroes (omg, sylar, what a great bad guy),
    X files until Mulder left,
    SG-1 up until the end of season 8,
    SG-A up until the final few rushed episodes,
    Scrubs, up until season 9.
    that'll do for me, i am sure i am missing some.

    edit; can't believe I forgot Firefly, thanks wa1dofoo

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      Now we are talking. Should be a whole sub category for Best First Season or Best Until...

      1. Prison Break S1 - Best show on tv...until they broke out.
      2. Heroes S1 - Best show on tv....until Silar end bit of last ep.
      3. The OC S1 - Awesome first is truly terrible.
      4. The Office (US Version) - Amazing (except for S1) until Michael Scott left.
      5. 30 Rock - First three show on tv.

        Such a shame when shows are fantastic, but only for a limited time ;)

        Supernatural was awesome I thought for the first few seasons, kind of the new X-Files. But then I lost interest after the overarching story started getting really stupid (sometime after both boys had died and been resurrected at least once). From what I understand most other guys also lost interest in the show around that time, but they continue to make new seasons of it because the girls love the eye candy.

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        Heroes is coming back, homez. I believe it's still in continuity, but they may be cutting out certain storylines/seasons. Zach Levi (Chuck) is now in it, and HRG is back. I will check it out but I'm not holding my breath.

          hmm could be worth a check as you say, but often I have found after a show has a hiatus, it just hasn't got the same feels. For reference, see Futurama before and after fox cancellation. Still good, just not quite the same however.

      Wow, other than Prison Break, which I avoided, this is my list.

        Well personally I would say you have a fine taste in TV ;)

        fyi it is totally worth checking out the first season of prison break, it was seriously good :)

    1. Seinfeld
    2. The Wire
    3. Game of Thrones
    4. Grand Designs (hey you didnt say it could not be reality. that show is a marvel)
    5. shit....this is too hard.

    5th spot would either be ST:TNG, Fringe, 30 Rock, The Office UK AND US (yes I loved the US version too), X-Files, Breaking Bad, True Detective, Mad Men, Selling Houses Australia....not joking, that Andrew Winter is a funny bastard.

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      +1 for Grand Designs. Even if you hate the people and the design, Kevin makes it compelling.

        Agreed. Even if it is a disaster Kevin saves it with his last little monologue that probably espouses on the fleeting moment of life and what we leave behind....or some shit. I genuinely love it.

        And the music....wooow. good times.

          Something about romanticism, history, place, and good old fashioned British determination... yep, that split-storey oak beamed glass-fronted eco-friendly art-deco modernist conversion of a crumbling old barn doesn't seem at all like a failed experiment any more.
          How does he do it?

            He has a true skill. Loved your comment by the way. So good. And true.

            I quite enjoy it when he doesnt like the property and he ends on something akin to this:

            "While Anthony and Judy may have created a monstrosity with a genuine lack of class or social doesnt matter, they did it for is personal and they did it together. They now have this hulking monoloith to show for their hard work and it will stand as a testament to their journey to build a perfect place for their family. And in the end....isnt that what we are all looking for?"


    The Simpsons
    Star Trek (all series)
    Father Ted
    Dad's Army
    I'll leave the 5th spot open for whatever mood I'm in.

      Without Star Trek TNG's success, we wouldn't have modern day massive budget sci fi TV series'

    There are people who DON'T like Breaking Bad? Really?!

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. The Wire
    4. Firefly
    5. Mad Men

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      Yeah, I thought Breaking Bad was terrible cliched lazy writing.
      Love everything else on your list :)

        People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them I didn't like Breaking Bad...

          Are you sure they're not just checking out your dapper straitjacket?

    1. The Wire
    2. The Wire
    3. GoT
    4. TWD
    5. Banshee

    Edit : Fringe, X-Files, Star Trek and Firefly would easily swap into 5. Loved those shows

    Season 3 for Lost was where I fell off. Just felt like they were trying too hard to impress. Wish I got into Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Prison Break. Tried and just couldn't do it.

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      Good to see some Banshee love. Newest season was excellent.

        It's amazing! Did you watch the last ep?

          Yup. Some big stuff happened. Shame now a 9 month wait.

    1. Star Trek The Next Generation or 1. Seinfeld
    2. X-Files
    3. The Wire
    4. Star Trek Deep Space Nine
    5. Firefly

    no particular order :
    Orphan Black, Harpers Island, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Fringe, Breaking Bad

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      Glad to see orphan black finally represented here. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Consistently just brings quality or raises the stakes

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    1. The Bang
    2. Mom
    3. 2 Broke Girls
    4. Two and a Half Men
    5. Sonic X

      hahaha living up to your name I see.

    The Simpsons
    Arrested Development
    The Office (UK)
    Breaking Bad

    No particular order:

    -Breaking Bad
    -The Walking Dead (Always enjoyed, but damn did it lift it's game after the S4 mid season break - just keeps getting better)
    -Game of Thrones
    -Adventure Time (It took me the longest time to figure this out, but once I realised you never will, you're not supposed to and to just have fun with it, it became my favorite veg out/junk food TV show)

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    1. Firefly
    2. Battlestar Galactica
    3. Sons of Anarchy
    4. Game of Thrones
    5. Vikings
    6. True Detective
    7. Hannibal
    8. Ray Donovan
    9. Avatar
    10. Cowboy Bebop
    11. Attack on Titan

    ....... I could keep going....

    1. Faulty Towers
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. Red Dwarf
    4. All of the old Looney Tunes stuff

      Ups for Red Dwarf.

      Did somebody say they wanted toast?

        Pool God. King of the cues. Prince of the Planet Potters

      Oh man, Faulty Towers would have to be on my list.

    1.) The Wire
    2.) Millennium
    3.) Game of Thrones
    4.) Deadwood
    5.) Archer (Mandatory comedy entry)

    Also Mark, definitely in agreement with True Blood. The first couple of seasons were fantastic, some of the best TV in years, then it all went overboard with silliness and I lost all interest midway through season 3/4.

    The same happened to me with Mad Men though. I absolutely love the first maybe 2 seasons. After that it became the Don Draper show and again, I lost all interest. It was a great show about advertising back in the 50s. That was fascinating as hell to me. Then it turned into generic drama with advertising in the background

    The Shield
    Deadwood (shame about the abrupt cancellation)
    Breaking Bad
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    True Detective

      Good to see some Shield love. I did watch all 5 seasons of The Wire, but The Shield was my personal favourite.

    1. Seinfeld
    2. The Wire
    3. Soprano's
    4. GoT
    5. Breaking Bad

    Special mention to "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst". This show has just had its finale and has been in the news the last couple of days. Highly recommend it, but try to avoid any news about it. It will make the finale so much better.

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    1. Band of Brothers (if you count miniseries).
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. Avatar/LoK
    4. The Simpsons (before it went south)
    5. Sherlock

    True Detective
    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire
    Probably the Wire but I haven't watched it
    Probably the Sopranos but also haven't watched it

    GOT and Walking Dead are both shit in my opinion. Former is pretend-intelligent convoluted nonsense, latter is just dumb, treats its viewers like they're morons.

    Also, since when did it become acceptable for every normal person to get into a glorified version of Dungeons and Dragons?

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      tits and blood and swearing
      also incest, everyone loves some incest... right?

      Breaking News: nobody gives a shit about the dragons, it's the sex and violence :-)

      Walking Dead has some great moments, and some really good dialogue and some franly harrowing/nail biting action sequences. The scene in the Walmart type place with the roof falling in was just incredibly tense.
      There are times it has poor writing, but other times it really is quite brilliant and leads you down thinking they are heading for a cliche and then turn it nicely.
      It is patchy, but I think it has some great episodes.

      I thought Breaking Bad treated its audience like idiots, so there ya go, TV is a funny beast.

      I did like the first series of BE.

        Fair enough. I enjoyed watching it for a bit but the concept of 'how will people treat each other in the zombie apocalypse' wore off fairly quickly. They do nail the intensity, but I felt the characters weren't given enough personality generally for me to really care about them.

        @mrxion you got it. Now if only those live action role playing game people would incorporate a little more sex and violence, they'd be a hit

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