Off Topic: What Mobile Phone Do You Currently Have?

So my iPhone 4S finally kicked the bucket. RIP little fella. For now I'm using a lesser-known Android phone I found lying around the office. Hope no-one notices. What phone are you currently using?

I'm currently rocking a ZTE Blade Vec, which is kinda the phone equivalent of a Kogan TV: cheap, not terrible, workable. It actually feels eons ahead of my iPhone 4S in terms of the screen, but the user experience isn't quite up to par. To be perfectly honest, I'm thinking about keeping it. I've used Android before, with my Nexus 7 tablet, but this is my first Android smartphone. I like it.


    Nexus 6. Best phone I've ever owned.

      I've been pretty happy with the Nexus 5. Great performance at a great cost. The jump in cost to the 6 feels prohibitive, though. Is it that much better?

        I think so. I don't really use my phone as a phone, I use it for internet stuff, so the big screen helps (and looks gorgeous). The camera is a big improvement too, especially in HDR+ mode. It did run a little sluggish on 5.0, but ever since the 5.1 update it's also been ridiculously smooth and zippy.

    I have a Sony Xperia C3 at the moment. Replaced my Galaxy S3 with the now 5-minute battery. C3 is good for browsing websites and stuff, since it has a huge screen, however it's bordering on stupidly large.

    Nexus 5, still loving it.
    Bought my partner a Galaxy S5 through an ebay deal for cheap and that's great also.

      Yeah I'm still using my Nexus 5, and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. It's a great phone.

      Another nexus 5 user here. I'm hoping for a Nexus 5ii announcement this year.

    iPhone 6 for work, 6+ for home. Really enjoying the 6+ after upgrading from a straight 4. All that extra screen real estate is very nice.

    Currently the Note 4, soon to be S6 Edge. Did the iPhone 6 Plus for a brief period, didn't do enough with its size. I swap and change like its nobodies business, an expensive habit indeed.

    Galaxy Note 3. Great phone with an awesome screen. Runs pretty much any game I've thrown at it (mostly from the Humble Bundle sales) and great for watching films/TV shows on the go.

    Probably not going to need to update it for at least another year or so. Still going strong and hopefully the Lollipop update will drop for it soon.

      Same here. Fantastic phone, still running great and no need to change it just yet. Lollipop seems to be taking forever though >_<

      I think my contract runs out January next year though so might be looking around at a Note 5 or whatever else is out by then.

    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, best phone I've ever had (and I've had multiple iphones and a htc one over the past few years)

      Fellow Z3 compact user here... Simply love it

        I have the Z3 (non Compact) - by far the best phone on the market (IP8 Water/Dust Proof 20.1MP Camera/Solid build with no plastic/Remote Play PS4) and a real shame that people simply ignore it because it's not a stock Samsung or iPhone.

        Simply cant fault it.

    Oppo Find 7, wouldn't have anything else

    iPhone 6 .. with a broken screen : (

    phone slips out of hand way too easily ... I was shattered .. just like my screen

    Currently a Note 3, but depending on where Samsung go with their no memory card/no battery swapping ways I may swap to something else. Then again, how often to I hot swap that stuff...?

    Sony Xperia Z3. While the glass is weaker than previous phones (accidentally drop tested against iphone 4 when changing sim), the improved battery when compared to similar phones made it stand out. Plus the waterproof helps when in use around pool/camping.

      I have a Z3 as well, and I love it. Still trying to find the PS4 controller mount so I can put the SNES emulator to some good use.

      Can you move apps to sd? I have z2 and no can do!! Internal memory is maxed!!!

        Unfortunately it's a restriction Google sets so same problem.

    Lumia 930 - think I am almost over this Windows Phone thing. Not sure why exactly..

      because the marketplace leaves a lot to desire?

        I'm using a Lumia 1520 and the marketplace doesn't really bother me. It's annoying that things rarely launch with Windows Phone apps and the OS isn't flawless, but I don't really feel like I'm missing anything and I prefer it over Android and iOS. Maybe it's just because I tend to lean towards using the core functionality more than apps or that my last smartphone was an iPhone which is just obnoxiously locked down, but I feel like the surprisingly rare occasions when I can't get an app I want don't outweigh how much better it performs with the tasks I use it for every day.

        It doesn't hurt that I still have my iPhone on my desk, so when I can't get an app I absolutely have to have I can just load it up on that.

          Yay, I have a 1520 as well.
          Agree that apps seem to be overrated and I don't really care for them, I don't have any social media accounts so not really missing anything there either. The only sadly missing app was an official iview app from my national broadcaster (it's my abc too) which could be soo easily fixed by encoding the videos to be able to be viewed from their web site but they don't do it. But the lovely people at Whirlpool pointed me to a third party one which is just fine. It's a wonderful device and OS, which just gets no love. :(

        I'm just bored with it I think. Maybe that's due to the marketplace, maybe that's because I like to jump on the bandwagon of new shiny things and nothing new and shiny seems to be WIndows Phone compatible.
        The first swim-proof smartwatch/fitness tracker that comes out will probably sway what I move to next.

      i love my lumia 930 as i love win phones and the market place is fine it does all i need and want.

    6+. But I may go to the s6 when my contract is up in December. I don't know.

    I am using the LG g3 :) It is a pretty wonderful phone, it's understated but in my opinion is one of the best phoned I have ever used :)

    Nokia 8110, no other phone helps me dodge bullets like this. Still the most overlooked feature in all phones in my opinion.

    I recently picked up a HTC Desire 510 as i needed a replacement phone for my Samsung Galaxy Y. It's a pretty massive phone size wise but it performs great and it's nice that it can even emulate games =) I'm happy with it!

    Going strong with a HTC m8. Nice software, great design. The only downer is the camera is quite finicky with varied light levels across the sensor. It CAN take great shots, and in RAW, but you have to work around some silly sensor coding.

    Best stock camera app around, though!

    The m9 looks like a half measure (boring camera with the same issues, nothing else new), but I've been lucky in my contracts to always get the proper upgrades. Galaxy S - Galaxy S3 - HTC M8. Looking forward to interesting features next year.

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      I do enjoy my m8 immensely, don't really use the camera much though.

    I'm still on a Galaxy S2. I'm not a huge app user and only use it for internet, email, SMS, music and phone calls so there's never really been a need to upgrade it.

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      Yep, same here. The size is right, the battery (original) is still going strong (a couple of days on standby etc), the screen is fine still etc.

      I've thought about upgrading, but all the new phones are too large for my liking and most of them seem to be removing features...

        I third this except I've broken the screen about four times now for around $200 a pop to repair. Owned an HTC one in between but had it stolen at the airport. Life changing - having a phone stolen. I don't give a shit about my phone anymore. Now that I have a son I hardly ever use it.

    Galaxy S4 currently. My S6 Edge is set to be in my hands around April 10. Pretty pumped for that.

    Nexus 5, 32GB.
    Compared to the big boys of 2015, it's still a pretty good phone:
    - It's price point was amazing in 2013, along with its specs (Qualcomm 800 is plenty fast still)
    - Running clean Android Lollipop
    - 'Smart cover' auto wake/sleep function (not many people know about this - my Kogan case that I got for free utilises this)
    - Perfect size IMHO with a 1080p display
    - Wireless charging

    People still ask me what phone it is when I take it out.

    Nexus 4 but the battery is on its way out... Looking at maybe an LG G3 but we'll see

    Moto G, if you strike money for value.
    Otherwise iPhone 6/6+

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