Off Topic: Will You Get An Apple Watch?

We've finally gotten word on how much the vaunted Apple Watch will cost in Australia, and when it'll be released here. Anybody planning on getting one?

There are three different models: the Apple Watch Sport, which costs between $499 and $579, the Apple Watch at $799-878 and the super premium Apple Watch Edition which rolls in at a ludicrious $14,000.

We were talking about watches yesterday in the office. Lifehacker Editor Angus Kidman claimed he literally felt weird when not wearing a watch. Gizmodo Editor Luke Hopewell felt weird when wearing a watch. Me? I've switched back and forth. I used to wear a watch when I was younger, but haven't worn one in over a decade.

The way I see it: people can get used to anything. I used to feel weird about wearing my wedding ring. Then it felt natural. Then when I began removing it to go climbing it felt weird to not wear it. Again, I got used to it.

That being said, I don't know if there's really a big market for this kind of thing. I think it's sort of... silly? Like anachronistic and weird. I think I'll be skipping it.


    No.... I like collecting and wearing traditional Victorinox watches.

      +1 this man knows his stuff I just recently bought the victorinox divers watch omg love it to pieces

    I may get one for my partner, but not for me....

      ahh i see good plan, give garbage present so you can be happy single life again, i like it.

      My partner is the apple fan and even she doesn't want any of these.

        lol, mine does tho, alot....

        I'd expect my dumbass wants fulfilled too, if i was in the other position.

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    No. If I were to buy a smart watch it would be an android one as I sit in that camp. Although, currently, I can't justify the price for what it offers. I think in a couple of years when the platform matures I may seriously think about getting one.

    Isn't it just like the Android watches that have been around for a couple of years?

    Not wearing a watch feels weird for me also.

    However I already have one (with a much, *much* better battery life), and no Apple products, so presumably I don't need one of these.

    ...holy crap I just realised it's been running for ten years now :/

    So, is it just a thing strapped to your wrist that shows the time, or is there more to it? Aside from the strapping part, my phone does that.
    I guess what I'm asking is; will it replace all the things that my phone has replaced?

      No, because smartwatches need to be tethered to your phone for all of their functionality to work in the first place.

      A smartwatch is not a phone replacement. It's a companion, in the same way a Fitbit or Jawbone serves as a fitness tracker/step counter, it should show when notification from SMS/email/socials come through, should give you music playback controls without taking your phone out of a big or pocket, or using an inline remote.

    I haven't used an Apple product since the Apple II, why would I start now.

    I already have a watch, it tells me the time and that's all I need it to do. Now, if we were talking smart Fob Watches then I would be seriously considering it. Well, an Android one anyway.

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      Agreed. Every time I hear about smart watches, I wait for someone to announce a smart fob watch. However, I then remember I have a phone in my pocket, which makes me wonder at the worth of having a smaller device in my pocket that does the same thing as the larger device in my pocket, just with slightly easier access.

      I have a smart pocket watch: it's a Galaxy S3. Lets me make and receive phone calls and everything.

      EDIT: Beaten by @os42 :-)

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    To change it up a bit: maybe. Definitely not a first-gen - this sort of stuff always takes a little while to perfect, and at the moment I don't wear a watch. But next year, or a couple years away, when the inevitable Apple Watch 2 comes out and is slimmer and more feature-packed? Yeah, I'll certainly have a look.

    Who wears watches anymore? The majority of people who get one will buy it, wear it for a week, talk non-stop about it, take it off and not put it back on again, promptly forget about it. A watch you have to recharge every day. Great idea. A watch that isn't waterproof. Great idea. A watch that you can't use if your phone isn't next to you. Great idea.

    Because the majority of Apple users are unfamiliar with it, that was all sarcasm

      Who wears watches anymore?

      Us school teachers, for one.

        Nurses for two

          Librarian's for three.

    I always wear a watch everywhere I go but really not interested in a smart watch.

      My phone is already smarter than me, I don't need it having a co-conspirator.

    A friend of mine recently got a Pebble so I may opt for that instead.

      Yup, I got a kickstarter pebble, and now a pebble steel. Would not go back for the world.

      And to clarify, the role of the pebble is to augment your experience with your phone, not replace it. It does that very well.

        As somebody who can't hear his phone in his pocket I've considered a Pebble.

          Yes, for me too. When I saw how the notifications worked on my friend's Pebble, I immediately thought of how useful it would be for someone like me who has his phone on his bag and wears headphones while traveling, this will be a huge boon to not miss any incoming calls because I was listening to a record.

        I've also read that you can use apps with the Pebble without a phone, something the Apple Watch won't be able to do.

          Yep. There are many pebble apps which simply run on the watch only.

          I hold myself from sounding too fanboi-ish, but from a user and developer perspective, the pebble framework has matured leaps and bounds in the last 2 years. There is a LOT of flexibility and ways to make apps with/without phone interaction.

          And the new actionable notifications [dismissing notifications, replying to text messages/emails direct from the watch] make it a complete package.

    Would be kind of amusing to have races using my iphone and apple watch to see which one can run out of battery the quickest...

    I'm going to wait and see how the functionality is, I have a pebble steel, and am considering the Apple watch, not convinced that I shouldn't wait for the Watch 2


    I wear a standard analogue watch. It's pretty accurate and the battery lasts forever.

      Why are you using a computer when I bet your typewriter probably still works fine?

        The thing on my arm I only need for telling the time.

        The thing connected to my keyboard I need for a lot more things than typing.

          Well, in the same manner someone who uses a typewriter can say that they only need something to type documents, you would say to them that the computer still allows them to type documents fine, but with more features which will be expanded upon as the technology develops.

          The old technology will always do it's job adequately, but the new tech allows it to be improved!

        I have no clue if you're actually being serious with that comment but that's a shocking analogy.

          Yeah, I was being a little facetious :p

          But still, there's always an argument of 'my old/current tech works fine' when any new technology comes along. Sure, sometimes it is valid, but if it were true all the time we'd never have any new technology.

            New technology should actually do something new, though. This is just some expensive... thing, you can plug into your phone to use as a phone.

            And knowing Apple, they've saved any useful features they cooked up; and will sell one off every few years as the 'new' model.

    Nope. I honestly don't see the point. I wear a normal analogue watch more out of habit than anything else. Even so, I usually check the time on my phone, which is in my pocket. There honestly isn't much difference in effort between pushing up my sleeve and twisting my arm around to look at my watch, or grabbing my phone from my pocket. The only way I can see the Apple watch catching on is (a) for people with very tight pants; (b) people who carry phone in handbag; (c) people who love Apple products beyond reason; (d) thanks to 'journalists' who hype up the phone after being flown to the US at Apple's expense for a press party, looking at you Rod Chester

    Rod Chester - "The Apple Watch will be released on April 24. Many analysts have expressed the view that it is going to be the must have gadget of the year.
    My view is that it deserves to be.
    Rod Chester travelled to San Francisco as a guest of Apple."

      Lol. All that tells me is biased journalist is biased.

        It's a problem that is sadly widespread. Journalist on a shitty wage gets 'no strings attached' offer of cushy junket from manufacturer to attend a announcement, preview or review 'event'. Journalist feels obliged to write glowing praise of whatever product manufacturer is touting, because journalist doesn't journalist is scared that next time the manufacturer's offer will be made to someone else. There is usually nothing explicit about positive coverage (although there have been some incidents of it) but why would a manufacturer spend cash on a journalist that isn't going to benefit the manufacturer? Bottom line, don't trust anything that is produced by a writer as a result of a sponsored event or trip.

          My thoughts exactly. if advertising on the idiot box doesn't get you, the advertising on all your news sites will

        Welcome to News Corp.

    'Off Topic' it said lol. It's been 'THE Topic' here for ages.

    No. I won't be getting one.

    No. Nothing beats a good quality classic watch on your wrist.

    Its just priced out ridiculously and does nothing to justify it. Add to that it doesn't have the top 2 selling points of every other watch out there. Water proof and long battery.

      but it's 'innovative'

    Nope. I enjoy mechanical watches, but I'm not a luddite. I like the look of some of these smart watches, but the Apple one is just.. kinda ugly. Also, the pricing is ridiculous and I'm not even talking about the $14,000 model. I think sapphire crystal is a MUST for watch dials these days, considering how often they're exposed to bumps. The fact that Apple puts regular glass in the entry-level $350 model and only uses sapphire on the $500+ one is gross.

    People REALLY get their backs up because some like Apple don't they? I won't be getting one, the whole smart watch category seems underbaked or possibly eternally useless. Nether the less this does legitimately seem the best on the market in terms of interface, it's just about $200 overpriced. But for every Apple fanboy is a hater screaming how they would never use an Apple product no matter what. That is just as absurd as people lining up for unannounced products.. Both camps need to take it down about eight notches.

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