Oh Look, A Jet Fighter Flying Over The World Of Bethesda's Daggerfall

Gavin Clayton is the name of the developer behind Daggerfall Tools for Unity, a neat piece of gear that lets you load up content from Bethesda's classic sprawling RPG in the popular game-making software. Since we spoke about it last, people have been busy producing awesome with it. Observe.

Skyrim might get all the crazy mods these days, but Daggerfall may begin to catch up with it (well, a little anyway), if this video from "LypyL" is anything to go by. LypyL is also the brains behind Daggerfall's multiplayer demo.

Yes, I did just write "multiplayer".

A DeLorean driving across Daggerfall's terrain? He also has you covered there:

Finally, a fellow by the name of "Nisquity" has been able to use Clayton's tools to get Daggerfall running with the Oculus Rift. Obviously the clip doesn't do it justice, but hey, the possibilities, right?

If you'd like to see what else the community has been up to, hit up the Daggerfall Workshop.

New Workshop Members [Daggerfall Workshop]


    How is that a delorean? looks nothing like one.

      True it's just the car from Standard Assets. A delorean with flaming tire tracks would be bloody amazing though.

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