Origin Is Updating The Hell Out Of This Guy's Copy Of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Origin is updating the hell out of this guy's copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hopefully Redditor theadventuringpanda will let us all know how the next game is once it's done.


    Slow news day, huh?

      Probably shopped it, posted it on reddit to make it seem legitish just to create the news.

    A title, one sentence and a picture you got from reddit.
    B R A V O

      Yep, we can all read (Even those of us who don't vist Reddit)

    I wonder if he feels as jipped as I do about dead Space 3?

      If he's like me he got it for free after EA EA'd Simcity.

        Same, I've never actually downloaded it. Just purchased the freebie.

        So they stuffed up the game and then insulted you with another one?


    I get having the odd funny article or crazy picture but really Kotaku is turning more and more into tumbler. Reblogs and reposts are increasing in number, news stories leift from other sites and a general lack of enthusiasm from the journalists about asking big questions really hard to digest sometimes.

    It's really only Mark and the community of comment contributors that keep me checking in. That and the hope for those random articles that are simply great.

    Why the fuck did I click this.

      I think I need to question my life choices as well :(

        I clicked it for 2 reasons, the thumbnail was too small on the main page to get what all the fuss was about and 2, I wanted to check out the comment section tearing redditaku a new one :P

    I would much prefer to have nothing rather than this kind of stuff clogging up the feed.

    At least its not Mr Ashcraft for a change.
    Do these guys get paid by the number of articles?

    Another great installment of Kotaku's series "What Have You Seen Online?"

      I'm waiting for the day when they just break the internet by posting a few lines under a picture of a Kotaku article that's a few lines under a picture of a Kotaku article that's a few lines... etc.

    At least the comments haven't let me down like the 'article' did!

    This Artical made me no longer want to kill myself 10/10

    Imagine if the author actually contacted EA and the guy who posted the picture and found out some interesting technical reason behind it, shined a spotlight on how patching works, etc. Journalism.


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