Our First Look At The Attack On Titan Movie In Action

Our First Look At The Attack on Titan Movie In Action

We've seen the cast of the live-action Attack on Titan movie already. Here is some actual footage of the movie — and it looks excellent.

Well, what bits aren't plastered with television broadcast overlays, at least. The titans, for example, look damn menacing — as well they should!

If this footage which was uploaded by Dobre Namin is any indication, then it looks like the movie is going to be as dark and dramatic as the actual anime. I'm excited.


    Attack on Titan is probably the best anime I've seen in years but I'm out of the loop now. I watched the animated series and that's all, I'm not really sure where to pick up from now. I was kinda waiting to see if there would be a season 2 but I've been told to check out the Manga comics, would be really handy to have a "timeline" of events, when and where they happen in the series.

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