Pillars Of Eternity Characters Crippled By Ridiculous Inventory Bug

Pillars Of Eternity Characters Crippled By Ridiculous Inventory Bug

Pillars of Eternity is a lovely CRPG, but it’s a lovely CRPG from Obsidian Entertainment, a developer that’s be known to miss the odd bug or two. Like the one that strips your character’s permanent buffs and abilities if you double-click equipment in your inventory.

The relatively devastating bug, posted to Reddit by kiror yesterday, happens when a player tries to swap out a piece of equipment on a character with an item in their inventory by double-clicking the inventory item — a relatively standard role-playing game practice. Doing so will remove a character’s racial abilities, passive powers and permanent buffs.

You can see a clip of the bug in action here. I tested it with my starting character, swapping out a looted leather chest piece for the default chain, and my racial ability disappeared immediately.

While players are reporting that dismissing NPC party members and then re-adding them to the party resets their passive and racial buffs, others claim that doing so triggers another bug that removes all items from the NPCs’ inventories.

Other players are using the game’s built-in cheat console and the “addability” command to rebuild their characters’ abilities. Note that using the cheat console disables Steam achievements.

Obsidian is aware of the issue and have a (hopefully retroactive) fix already made, but have to extensively test any update before it’s rolled out, just in case they screw up the game again.


  • It’s times like these that I realise how much I like my strange habit of click & drag objects to equip.

  • I’m amazed that this bug made it through their testing process to be honest. Everything else seems so beautifully polished (from what I’ve seen so far anyway), it’s hard to understand how such a massive issue has snuck its way through. Thankfully it never even occurred to me to double-click anything in my inventory.

    • I feel like that is possibly a reason why it hasn’t been discovered, in that double-clicking an item for a cRPG game isn’t exactly normal behaviour. Of course these bugs can come about by simply re-building the game for release and not noticing it.

  • It’s an Obsidian game, of course it’s buggy at release. And for the next 3-6 months as well.

    I still bought it though.

      • Lol wtf??? It’s backer content; people may be outraged but the concept of throwing money around to have your opinion publicized is the core of capitalism. Heck without that we wouldnt have the republican party in America.

        I don’t see how people expect a game developers who funded a game via kick-starter to pick and choose what donations they’re willing to accept. *sigh* It’s like social media’s only role in the world is to give a loudspeaker to idiots.

        • Hear hear!! Give me a soapbox on which to stand. So I can call out my stupid voice across the land.

          Sweet Jesus people love having a circlejerk like this, don’t they? Calling out the game for being transmysoginist because of something like that, and some other crybabies jumping in saying “I was going to buy it but not now” No you weren’t you fucking idiot. You were never going to buy it. You just wanted to say that so you could feign indignation and put yourself in a position of supposed influence. You don’t care about anything but being a loud, pretentious mouth breather.

          Urgh… I hate social media idiots so much.

          • Um, no? There’s a reason I, and many others, don’t preorder. Because of shit like this – I want to be sure that I am not purchasing an unplayable game. Generally I end up buying with two weeks of release if all goes well.

            I can see myself getting half-way into this game, then realizing that I corrupted it completely somewhere in the first chapter. I am not buying this game as a result of this mess, and I absolutely would have otherwise.

            It’s ridiculous to suggest that because someone didn’t preorder the game, which is not a good practice, had no intention of buying the game

  • I was wondering why I hadn’t received ANY Steam achievements. I accidently hit the console hot key! I didn’t even run a command, but evidently that’s enough to turn them off.

    I’ve since removed the mapping for it, but after 20hrs of gameplay I’m a bit pissed off that I’d have to start fresh.

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