Plastic Boxes To Keep Your Amiibos Safe. Because, Amiibos.

Plastic Boxes To Keep Your Amiibos Safe. Because, Amiibos.

Were Amiibos ever truly designed as gameplay additions? You have to wonder. Surely Nintendo knew what would really happen: that hordes of video game nerds in their 20s and 30s would descend upon them like a horde of cashed-up locusts, buy all the good ones them keep them locked away forever.

Which explains why this Kickstarter for Amiibo "collector cases" has already passed its funding goal. If you've got a mint-in-box collectible, you want to protect your investment! At $US12 for a set of three, these cases will do that.

They won't wipe away the tears of a child who just wants to play with a toy on his Wii U, and can never find the ones he wants, but you don't care about that anyway, do you. You monsters.


    If Nintendo really care they would:
    A) Remove that NFC blocking metallic sticker from the box so you can tap on without having to tear apart the box

    B) Make more.

      Make MORE? What's this concept of MORE?

      They can...

      1. Release a stupid statement about 'how hard they are to make'...


      2. Act like they're easy to get.

      All while rolling in the absolute millions they've provided.

      Must be awesome smoking all that crack in the Nintendo boardrooms.

      The metallic sticker is a bizarre and unnecessary move, why does it matter if the owner opens the box on not?! What's the thought process there I wonder besides just being a jerk?!

    no no no no no no no NO... so much dislike for this... now "collectors" and flippers have a way to charge more for these :\

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