Pop Culture Scientists, Ranked By Their Madness

Pop Culture Scientists, Ranked By Their Madness

The folks over at Dorkly ranked 26 scientists from various video games, comic books and shows based on their presumed intelligence and madness.

According to them the most insane and intelligent one is Rick from Rick and Morty, while Futurama‘s Zoidberg is just simply insane without a brain.

On the other side they have Reed Richards as a scientific genius (they might have forgotten his failed outer space mission that lead to the Fantastic Four) and The Muppet Show’s Bunsen Honeydew, who’s just slightly mad and has average intelligence (but that doesn’t mean he’s not scary-looking).

Also, it’s funny to see Doctor Doom and Professor Farnsworth being so close to each other.

Pop Culture Scientists, Ranked By Their Madness


  • Dr. Light isn’t even on the brilliant side?? He created Mega Man! and a bunch of other robots the Mega Man had to blow up because SCIENCE! Lucca is horribly underrated too. Rick on the other had is spot on.

    • Yeah, these charts always seem wrong in many cases. Dr. Light literally created sapient AI and while Dr. Wily’s accomplishments are somewhat lesser, he’s still a genius of robotics and the actual creator of the highly mobile prototype of robots that vastly altered the shape of the world. Reed Richards should be the rightmost character and Dr. Doom just slightly behind. Also Mr. Freeze should be above the X line.

      -Professor Tenma, the creator of Atom (Astro Boy). He’d be somewhat in between Doc Ock and Krieger.
      -Beast: Between Seth Brundle and Dr. Light.
      -Hank Pym: Between Dexter and Princess Bubblegum
      -Howard Stark: Slighty above Dexter.
      -Helen Narbon: Slightly below Dr. Strangelove.
      -Agatha Heterodyne: Above and to the right of Herbert West
      -Riff from Sluggy Freelance: Right in the centre of the graph.
      -Dr. Schlock: More or less the same spot as Doc Ock.
      -Dr. Venture Sr.: Slightly behind and below Mr. Fantastic.
      -Dr. Venture Jr.: Above Mr. Freeze.

      • Prof. Farnsworth is also way too low, he is the literal meaning of off their rocker (dementia)

      • I feel like Doctor Zoidberg shouldn’t be on this list at all unless Zoidberg is asking “Why not Zoidberg?”

        Being a doctor is a subset of being a scientist but I don’t remember Zoidberg doing anything besides attempting medicine.

  • Why is Zoidberg on there at all? He’s a Medical Doctor (although his actual Doctorate is in Art History, not medicine) He’s no scientist, not a professor and doesn’t do experiments.

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