Portal On The 3DS Looks Great!

Portal is a great video game, the 3DS is a great handheld. Surely it's a match made in heaven? Turns out it sorta is!

This isn't necessarily 'Portal'. It's an unofficial homebrew port called Aperture Science 3D, but it's as close as dammit. It's also extremely, extremely cool.

According to the developer the game is rough around the edges, buggy, and pretty much incomplete but you can find out more here.

I'm impressed.


    Even the ds hombrew app ran pretty well.
    It's amazing what modders can do.

    Last edited 28/03/15 4:44 am

      True, but these aren't modders. They are basically complete game developers working with hacked together toolchains and SDK's. Imagine what they could do with the official tools :p

    I didn't realise homebrew had become a thing on the 3DS, time to fire mine up again!

    Could be wrong but i think they are using the quake or quake2 engine as a base

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