Prepare Your Spouse For Bloodborne With This Cruel Exercise

Bloodborne is coming out on Wednesday and one thing is certain: that game is going to make temporary widows of many a long-suffering husband or wife. One insane man has a 'solution': get his wife to beat the first boss of every Souls game in preparation for the launch of Bloodborne. Maybe then she'll understand.

Somehow I doubt it.

Be aware: these videos come with a full-on explicit language warning.

I'm imagining trying the same experiment on my own wife, who enjoys a lot of video games (mainly Pikmin and Pixel Junk Monsters) but actively loathes From Software games. Who can blame her: she's had to watch me repeat the same sections over and over and over again. How would she react to this challenge? I'm guessing she flat-out absolutely would refuse to partake.

But maybe this is a worthwhile exercise. Maybe this would work for some potential husbands or wives. At the very least it would help build in some empathy for those moments when you get stuck trying to beat one particular boss over and over and over again. Maybe they'll have some level of understanding?

Perhaps the coolest thing about this video is how awesome the wife becomes at Dark Souls when it comes time to fight the first boss in Dark Souls II. She absolutely messes The Last Giant up.


    I do not have a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend with benefits. Plus, school holidays are next week.

    I'm clear for wasting my life.

      Maybe you could hire a hooker to annoy with your Bloodborne playing?

        A dominatrix would be more fitting....

        She can laugh and belittle you every time you fail.

    My girlfriend only plays games like Ratchet and Clank. I'm sure she will be in for a surprise when she sees me playing it when she gets home from work! :D

    Then, after they spend an hour beating the asylum demon, wipe the save. Re-running that sucker in 10 minutes is a good early enlightenment for 'getting' the game.

      I never considered that. As someone who doesn't "get" the Souls games, I might try this.

        We had this forced upon us when I convinced her to try my PC copy and the saves got eaten by GFWL shenanigans.

    Ain't gonna happen. Only kind of games I could get my wife to play is casual stuff like Wii Bowling.

    Looking forward to my fiancé sitting beside me laughing and playing Sims 4 while I cry and scream hopelessly at the TV.

    My wife makes me hold the controller for Telltale games. I don't think she'd be too keen on this :P

    She knows this is coming, though. She's been there a couple of times before. #FROMwidow

    My wife doesn't play games at all, unless you count candy crush.

    Somehow I don't think throwing her into a game like Dark Souls will assist in converting her into a gamer...

    Last edited 23/03/15 4:19 pm

    My wife likes pet rescue (a lot!) as well as other games like Candy Crush and Rummi Plus. She would spend more time per day gaming than I do, yet she thinks I game too much.

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