Ready For A Ready Player One Movie From Steven Spielberg?

Briefly: Ready for a Ready Player One movie from Steven Spielberg? Deadline reports the Jaws and E.T. director will helm the dystopian book about people jacked into a VR world.


    I don't know. Sure, Hook and The Colour Purple were awesome but what else has he done?

      Yeah, I'm with you. Steven who? Never heard of him. Is he a new comer? Can't they get a notable director like M. Night Shamallamadingdong or Michael Bay or something?

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      Animaniacs. (anything else of his, I don't give a damn)

      Duel, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Jaws.

      I never saw Saving Private Ryan or Schindler's List... then came the annoying Tom Cruise star-vehicles and I definitely didn't want to see those.

    I'd prefer a ready player one game, personally.

    Ugh, that book was really not very good. But I do look forward to the hilarity of that author turning up at the premiere, oof.

      I think you're the first person I've ever seen say that.

      Well, both parts. But mainly the first bit, every time I've seen it mentioned it was in the context of being praised. Not that I've read it myself :P

        I read it once, when it first came out, and was like, "Eh, it was alright,". I re-read it last year (only because I grabbed the wrong book off my shelf by mistake) and was like, "This is pretty awful."

        The characters are highly unlikable, the tropes are ripe with cliche (even beyond being ironic or self-aware), and it's just too self-indulgent for me. I'm big into 80s culture, but it felt maybe too soon, if that makes sense?

        The author is, oh man. He drives a Delorean (look up his appearance at the recent E.T. Atari dig), and you can just tell this guy is pining for a world he never got to live in, and is now spending a lot of money trying to recreate it.

        But hey, good for that guy. I just don't want to read any of his other work, or see this movie.

          Yeah, the 80s nostalgia thing gets run into the ground so badly. And the plot twists are telegraphed with a microphone. But I still found it enjoyable, even if I did feel a little creepy reading young adult fiction as a 34 year old.

        I thought it was harmlessly enjoyable and most of that came from my appreciation of the pop culture references and world-building. I agree with its premise that humanity's circling the drain towards an Oasis-esque endpoint with haptic bodysuits, living in one-room boxes, getting food delivered via chute, and robotic sex dolls. However, it's not a very well-written novel, it's garden variety YA with some telegraphed twists, some godawful characters (the stereotypical faceless billionaire suit and the Japanese guys especially), some cornball romance subplot.

    I'm not sure, Spielberg is obviously an artist and deserves his place in the hall of fame, but most directors have a peak. I do believe that Him, Lucas, Burton, Nolan etc have possibly surpassed their personal creative peaks. And that's an OK thing to have happen when their respective peaks are so impressive. It's the natural progression in creative fields.

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      I wouldn't go that far. Outside of Scorsese, Spielberg is the most prolific and consistently talented filmmaker in history. When he made Jaws in the 70s, he could have rode on that goodwill for the rest of his life (*cough* Coppola), But the 80s was Indiana Jones, 90s had the trio of Jurassic Park, Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. Even his weakest decade, the 2000s had a handful of classics (Minority Report, Munich); 90% of directors work and die without making even a fraction as many. Sure he's not making whimsical movies for kids like ET anymore, but he's far from washed up or over-the-hill.

        Well, let me clarify:

        I never said he wasn't good, or that he's washed up (In fact 'washed up' and 'over the hill' isn't in my original post?). Just that artists generally reach a stage in their careers when they slow down. Spielberg has slowed down and, while his movies are still good films, I won't be surprised if we don't see another classic from him. (And I'm not saying it 'won't' happen. All I'm saying is that it's 100% OK if it doesn't.)

        Also, I did say:
        "have possibly surpassed their personal creative peaks"

        Edit: Also, IMDB has him listed for deirecting a BFG movie, so I wouldn't quite say that
        "he's not making whimsical movies for kids like ET anymore"

        Edit 2: Also, Spielberg is know for his whimsical cut-and-dried 'holywood' style pictures, and is thought of as bringing back modern Hollywood style, money making blockbusters as opposed to art films. Not a bad thing in it's self, but just saying.

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    I wonder if it'll open with a starkly out of place atheist rant before the actual movie starts.

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