Recreating Naruto's Fight Scenes Is Hard

Recreating Naruto's Fight Scenes Is Hard

There already are Naruto manga, an anime and numerous video games. Be happy with those. Because from the looks of it, staging Naruto fights in real life is hard.

As previously reported, a live-action stage version is being performed in Tokyo. Parts of the production do look cool, and I'm sure they're doing the best they can. But, damn, doing a live-action version of Naruto fight scenes is not easy.

I'm sure a movie version, which can use CG and camera trickery, might be able to pull off fights that are closer to the anime.

Some of the fights, especially the one-on-one battles that DON'T USE A TRAMPOLINE, work OK. Below, you can watch the musical's first 10 minutes:


    lel :) i wish it was easier to get a hold of the Anime DVD's i enjoy the show but its so hard to find just a set of DVDs starting at the first episode and going forward (I'm speaking about retail not online). The animated movies are awesome and this looks like it would be a fun experience to watch live.

      Honestly, your better off watching it online. There's 220 anime episodes, so that's a lot of money in DVDs. Anime lab streams Naruto episodes for free with an occasional 30 second ad between episodes

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        the problem is bandwidth on my end :) i am in a situation where i have 10GB a month so streaming media is not the best option for me sadly.

          Well that's a data cap, not bandwidth. Bandwidth would insinuate your on ADSL or are remote and only have Telstras DSLAMS that run regional.

          However with 10GB per month data cap, you are likely on mobile broadband or an antiquated satellite plan

          Madman entertainment is the largest anime and manga/comics distributor in Australia

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    If you don't mind watching online, AnimeLab has the entirety of the original Naruto series on it. It's jsut finished season 2 of shippuden as well.

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