Remember This?

Well, you guys and girls didn't get it in 15 minutes. It took a whole 28 minutes for you to guess that yesterday's game was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Progress!

Congratulations to brodiek for guessing it correctly!

Good luck with today's game.


    A hanger-bay from a scifi dogfighter?
    I'll go X-Wing Alliance

    I have no fingers and I must comment.... Er, I have no mouth and I must scream.

      Oh man, YES!
      I love that game, and it is totally it.
      "She's gone. At least I finally made amends with her."

      Last edited 04/03/15 12:24 pm

      good job, I was unfamiliar with the game or story but it sounds like a nice walk down happiness lane.

      The first remember this i've ever known, and someone answered it 7 minutes before i went online (sobs).

      Jesus Christ.

      I am way too slow at these. Every (VERY RARE) time I know it, someone else has it within minutes, whereas I just go, "Oh, huh, Remember This, eh?"

        Don't worry - I am normally in the same position :)

    Looks a lot like the tanker mission, or the titanic.

    lol! didnt we have this game a couple months back?

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