Remember This?

On Friday I was all like, 'this Remember This is too easy'. Then no-one gets it.

WHAT'S GOING ON? Are you all taking it easy on me?

Here's Friday's clue for reference...

Good luck everyone!


    Holy crap it's Assault! Didn't even google search! :D

      Yep, he's got it.

        Woot! First time I got one of these! I used to play it ALL the time as a kid in Sydney. Stayed at the Penrith Panthers motel when I was 11. They had it at the snack bar with the twin sticks next to Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Shinobi and Rygar on one of those dial machines. *sniffle* Those were the days...

          OMG, are you another Penrith-ite? We are everywhere, haha :)

          Last edited 09/03/15 12:55 pm

            lol was for a short while in 1989. Moved from Gippsland to 1CAMD airforce base out near Kingswood. Went to Kingswood State School *sniffle* Loved that school. Was a RAAF kid :)

    Sorry guys. been on holiday.

    But this one is definately Biker Mice from Mars

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