Remember This?

Congratulations to Weresmurf who was really excited about correctly guessing yesterday's Remember This. I live for these moments. [Hugs Weresmurf]

The correct answer was Assault. I was actually surprised more people didn't get that one.

Good luck with today's effort.


    Rally x comes to mind. Colours are wrong though..

    what the hell is this "Also on Kotaku"


    can this please go after comments section

      There already is one at the bottom after comments, for the whole Allure network. Seems they've put one up top too.

      I agree I really find it visibly irritating when there is advertising content between the article and the comments. Just forcing more content in the readers face any way possible.

      EDIT: It's clear they do it for people who come to an article via direct link [from reddit, facebook etc], to expose them to content on the site elsewhere. But for those who browse the front page, we've already seen the articles it displays, I don't want to see them again. Perhaps have a check to disable the middle ad's if you come from the main page?

      Last edited 10/03/15 1:01 pm

    Reminds me of Combat on Atari but there's too much wall and not enough open space.

      Found the answer but not posting it since I don't Remember This...

    I feel like this might be an atari game..

    This "also on kotaku" section isn't so bad on browser, but my God ! On mobile it's so in your face and obstructing. Please change it for mobile viewing please.

    If it was a black background I'd say Bubble Bobble but it's not :(

      I played Bubble Bobble for a few hours on the weekend. So many happy memories :)

    Adventure on the 2600?

    Or maybe slot racers on the 2600. My brother and I used to pound that game.

      It is indeed.

      Yup, looks like it. Bravo.

      I remember playing this game, and it was pretty bad :/

      Last edited 10/03/15 1:48 pm

        We only had three games at the time, so we thought it was awesome.

      Never seen this one before, but it's basically a bad Combat... lol

    Mark obviously went to the classic games postmortem at GDC on Adventure.

    Reminds me of Wizard of Wor, but it isn't quite right for my C64 copy

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