Remember This?

Another one in the bank for Poita who managed to guess yesterday's Remember This correctly. It was indeed Slot Racers. Nice job!

Good luck with today's effort.


    I wanna say Age of Empires

      So go ahead and do it, then :P

        fine..... here we go..... AGE OF UMPIRES!!!... wait that doesn't seem right...

          Someone totally needs to make a cricket game named Age of Umpires. I'd buy it based on the title alone.

            Don't forget the DLC: Age of Umpires - the DRS files.

              *not available in India

                haha brilliant.
                They do get compensated with another DLC: The IPL Corruption Files.
                (too far?)

    Someone will know this today i know, It just wont be me sadly.

    Metal Gear Solid 2.


      Fallout 2 even


        Noticed it straight away, it's your home town.

          I must get around to playing that one day.

        You sir win

          two in the one month, first commander Keen, and now fallout. And it's not even my birthday.

        One of the first I even remotely knew and someone else guesses it dammit!!!

    Pharaoh good was Pharaoh? It looks like the flax crops hey.

        That's what I initially thought.

        And damn it was good. I particularly liked the Asian themed one the series. Can't quite remember the name of it now.

          Hmmm I never played the asian one. I played Caesar and Caesar II and then moved to Pharoah and they were all magic.

          Im guessing the asian one would be called..... Emperor. or something like that :)

    Looks too modern for me :)
    No idea.

    jagged alliance

      Jagged Alliance! Memories.

        Great game back in the day

          Jagged Alliance 2 is still my favourite PC game of all time.

            2 was awesome as well. Loved everything about it. Especially Ivan Dolvich.

    Dammit, I know this but I can't place it

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