Remember This?

Well, there you go! I've taken a Remember This game into the third day. Surprised you're all stumped by this. Maybe it's because I screencapped a game on YouTube and you can't reverse image search!

Or maybe it's just a tough one.

Anyway, here are the previous clues for reference...

Good luck!


    Joining the Carmen San Diego team, definitely looks like one of them.

    But the font is a bit off, so not confident.

    Last edited 17/03/15 12:29 pm

    Yeah I would have thought Carmen Sandiego but this is even too early for that hahaha. Someone please get it!!!

    It certainly looks like Atari or Apple, I thought Kennedy Approach yesterday, but it has been sooo long since I played it, I honestly can't remember much.

    Prisoner 2

      Damnit! Now I have to eat my Bum!

      Well done

        That game looks incredibly slow and painful...

        This game created all night gaming, as it takes all night to get to one end of a bloody hallway.

    If it isn't a Sirius Software game, I will eat my own bum. It is haunting me! Might be Kabul Spy.

    Last edited 17/03/15 12:50 pm

    ... or maybe it's because there was no RT on Friday and you threw us all off our game!

      I waiting for remember this all day last Friday .. mark you owe us

        You and me both, brother. Ruined my whole weekend.

    Oooh! This reminds me of an old air traffic control game.

    It's not THIS one, the graphics were totally different. It just reminds me. Man, I've gotta try and hunt that down.

      Ever played Airline Tycoon? I always enjoyed that one!

    ATC air traffic controller?
    Hmmm maybe the original flight simulator

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