Remember This?

Wow. I thought everyone would have a bit more trouble with Friday's Remember This. I guess not!

Congrats to Casual Prolix for being first with the guess — it was Top Gun on the NES. Good stuff.

Good luck with today's effort!


    That'd be Frogs and Flies

      Aw man, reverse image search gives that answer too. Didn't do that, I swear!

      Sure Batguy sure :P btw GG WP. 10 minutes to get it. Mark's gonna be disappointed.

        I'm decrepit enough to have actually played it!

      Oh man, I remember playing this but couldn't remember the name for the life of me. GO GO OLD MEN!

    Remember me? Just reminicising about the '80's. I was the biggest thing on the footy field.

      ...when a pair of newcomers called Bros had the world at their feet

        Remember. Its hard to say when you talk quick. Remember.

        Don't forget Craig Logan! A trio called Bros with only two bros.

        What horrible memories. I was in year 5. I was fairly past 2600 games and at the peak of my c64 stage, and starting to dabble in PC gaming (mostly the freeware at the time on my dad's work 8086).

        But why do I remember Craig Logan? I was Bon Jovi/Kiss all the way. I hated Bros.

        What a horrible thing memory can be.

    Logged in too late today!

    Game concepts were so bizzarro in the 70s and 80s

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