Remember This?

The moment I posted yesterday's Remember This I knew. I just knew someone was going to guess it in 10 minutes flat.

I was right.

Two people guessed within ten minutes. The first, eight minutes in, was versatile_bfg. Second was Batguy who jumped in at 10 mins. The game was Frogs and Flies on the Atari 2600.

Good luck with today's effort.


    I'm gonig to take a total guess and say star reach

    wing commander

      Looks a little like Wing Commanda Armada, but those elongated stars look *really* familiar...

        The stars made me think it was WC, but wrong crosshair for the DOS version....

    Star Trek something or other.

    Star Control.

      Eugh, beaten by 5 minutes.

      I'm gonna say Star Control 2, just out of spite.

        On closer inspection I'm pretty sure it's not Star Control at all, but screw it. The picture reminded me of the Spathi Eluder from a certain angle =)

    The starfield looks like Star Trek 25th Anniversary, but that symbol is completely unfamiliar to me, so I'm also going to guess Star Trek: Judgement Ruites, which I haven't actually played.

    Starfox or Lylat Wars would be my guess. So many space games though... The slight bloom on the stars makes me think it's a early to mid 90s game...

    Bosconian, early Namco Arcade game.

      This was actually my first thought, but we had Bosconian not that long ago/

        D'oh so we did, I'm probably wrong, but Mark could be trying to be sneaky, or he forgot.

    I'm thinking it's Starwing/Starfox. That yellow thing looks a lot like one of the enemies in that game. Could be Starfox 64 too I guess.


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