Remember This?

Congrats to littlejulesy for guessing yesterday's Remember This. It was a tough one, but if you know it you know it!

It was Gorf! Not the Vic-20 version, the arcade. I think. It's difficult to tell!

Anyway, time to move on! Good luck with today's effort.


    Ahhh, the old rug. Yeah, played so much Goldeneye 64 on that old thing.

    Til mum threw it out after we spilt all that...errr, beer.

    Looks like a floor or possibly roof texture from a 16 bit era RPG. Which one though, I have no idea.

    I'm thinking NES era. Maybe NInja Gaiden?

      I was thinking along a similar line, but Shinobi instead of Ninja Gaiden.

    It's familiar... maybe a Mega Man game. That might just be because I'm playing through the first 6 so they're on my brain... Could be Dragon Warrior/Quest though.

    Hmm... just a stab in the dark - Sword of Vermilion?

    Yesterday's was definitely the arcade Gorf, not the Vic20 one.
    Maybe Harvest Moon, looks a bit like the bridges.

    Looks like a really close up shot of an old CRT monitor / TV.

    Hmmm... could be floor textures from one of the old Ultima games... maybe Ultima 6 or 7 or one of the World of Ultima spinoffs like Savage Empire?

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