Remember This?

I wasn't sure if Friday's Remember This was going to stump anyone, but I had hopes that people might think it was Secret of Mana. It wasn't of course. It was Terranigma. Congrats to mrjocks who guessed it correctly within five minutes!

Good luck with today's effort! I think this is a hard one.


    I fully expect to be back tomorrow going "I knew I knew what it was" but that day is not today. I want to say a kirby game but I know I'm wrong

    Windows 3.1 desktop background :)

    Patterns like this make me think it's probably a C64 game, but in the absence of personal experience in that area, my brain is suggesting Alley Cat.

    Offshore warrior PC.

      Damn man, that's pretty impressive.

      Last edited 30/03/15 4:37 pm

        thank god he recognizes old games, cos he can't hyperlink to save his life! ;)
        (Just so you know, that WAS a joke.. not his fault the hotlink function screwed it up)

        Last edited 30/03/15 5:09 pm

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