Report: There's Another New Ghostbusters Movie, Starring Dudes

Report: There's Another New Ghostbusters Movie, Starring Dudes

Deadline is reporting that, in addition to releasing a Ghostbusters movie starring a team of women, Sony will also be making one starring a bunch of men. Just in case you ever wanted to see what it would be like if some guys wanted to bust some ghosts for a change.

This movie will reportedly be "a male-driven action-centric comedy" that will be a "counter-part" to the other film — starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy — announced last year.

The production team, which includes Winter Soldier's directors, Iron Man 3's writer and Channing Tatum as producer, is also looking to get Tatum to star.

Report: There's Another New Ghostbusters Movie, Starring Dudes


    God, what a mess.

      Channing Tatum to produce AND star, and the writer from Iron Man 3? Maybe more of a mess than first reading suggests. :P

        Agreed. Iron Man 3 is easily the worst Marvel movie I've ever seen.

          Iron Man 3 was so much better than 2.

          Iron Man 2 is a mess. Awful villain, scenes strung together with little rhyme or reason, plot holes and so, so many questions like:

          Why did Tony's father hide the cure for his heart problem in a theme park model?

          It was also reportedly hacked apart by Paramount who wanted Tony's alcoholism to be removed from the movie. The original opening:

          Thor 2 is definitely the worst of the Marvel movies though.

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          Then you've missed out on some real stinkers. Some that come to mind include:

          1. the 1998 Nick Fury film starring David Hasselhoff
          2. the two Nicholas Cage Ghostrider films
          3. X-Men 3

            Howard the duck.

              I actually watched this for the first time just a few days ago (as a precursor to listening to "how did this get made's take on it). I am a terrible sucker for bad 80's/90's movies.. I thought it fell into the so ridiculous it's enjoyable camp... although it definitely went on way too long

        Actually, no, I disagree. I really, REALLY like Shane Black. Like, I think Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is fantastic and I reallllllly loved Iron Man 3. Probably because it felt more noir-heist-caper than the other films?

        That scene where Tony is breaking into the compound, using his wits and tools? Ugh, so good! It was like a frigging video game.

          That part was great. The Mandarin, though? I was pretty sore about that. And the end?

          I was really disappointed with Iron Man 3 because it was half great, half horrible, the whole way through. (And Guy Pearce was very poorly-used.) The interactions with the kid were pretty much how I felt about the whole movie: half-great, half-horrible.

          I WILL give it props for giving Tony Stark PTSD (even if I have reservations about how Downey Jnr pulled it off), and de-powering him for a significant chunk of the movie, and taking War Machine and running with it, but there was enough there to sour me on it.

          (Edit: Also, I haven't seen Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.)

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          (Ugh. Ugh. I keep remembering good scenes, though. Like the detecting shit, the responding via the press, the banter with the significant other and mending of his playboy ways, the memories of being a total boss with the one-night-stand and a little (science) chemistry... Ugh! There is a slim possibility, very remote, that I might be wr--wroooooo wra wra wra. Hm. The word doesn't want to come out.)

            Wrrr wrrr wrrrrrr.

            Watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - you'd probably dig it.

              Wrrr... wrrrruh...
              I'm picturing Jim Carrey in Liar Liar.

          While I love Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (I own the freaking film on Blu-ray), I absolutely hate Iron Man 3.

          Didn't he Also write Die Hard, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Lethal Weapon?

          I think he also wrote Last Action Hero.

        The creative team behind it is pretty good. Although, it's Drew Pearce, not Shane Black who is the writer attached.

        You'll have to excuse my over analysis of this (it's what I do for a living :P)

        From what I can gather, this is what Sony are going for:
        Producers - Tatum, Russo Brothers, Ivan Reitman (directed Ghostbusters 1/2) and Dan Akroyd
        Writer - Drew Pearce
        Director - Russo Brothers

        The Russo brothers could be the next Phil Lord/Chris Miller (LEGO Movie, 21/22 Jump St) combo. Winter Soldier was great and their Community episodes are some of the best (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Fist Full of Paintballs/For A Few Paintballs more, anyone?). But with Civil War and them being pegged to direct Avengers 3/4 I don't see where they'll fit a Ghostbusters movie in.

      I'm just going to pretend none of these exist.

    Unless they do some kind of multiverse sequel to bring all three together, I don't care.
    Although even if they do, it wouldn't be the same without Harlod Ramis... :(

    Why do we need two Ghostbusters films produced side-by-side? Did the people in charge think that an all-female cast would be too radical? If that's the case, that's a darn shame.

      Perhaps it was the mens rights activists whining about being discriminated against?

        I wonder if it will un-erase all those videos and dvds that disappeared with the announcement of the all ladies line up.

      Did the people in charge think that an all-female cast would be too radical?

      This is 110% the legit reason for this move. Nobody should be surprised, considering Hollywood is at least as risk adverse as the games industry is, probably even more so.

    why is Ghostbuster apartheid a thing now?

    Just make one movie! Have the team a couple of dudes, a couple of chicks and make sure it is good.

      But make sure to leave some room for Jesus, right? ;p

    Sony must really love the taste of feet...

      Save that weird fetish stuff for the 50 Shades movies, thanks.

        I meant that they keep putting their metaphorical foot in their mouth. And I'm not sure if your comment was moderated or not, but it's weird that I got notified today about a reply made 10 days ago.

    I know that Harold Ramis is dead and Rick Moranis and Bill Murray refuse to return, but please Dan Aykroyd, for the love of all that is sacred if you can't do it right leave it the hell alone.

      At the very least Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore should get a look-in, too, preferably with Akroyd!

    If they are entertaining, I honestly don't care who stars in them or who makes them.

    Rehashing is no longer enough. We need to reboot these rehashes, just to make sure every drop is bled out, because money.

    The Russo Brothers, the Directors of Captain America 2, and the upcoming one were heavily involved in Community. As directors as well as setting up that whole show.

    So sure, why not.

    Just do Ghost Busters Academy and have the old guys pass on a torch to a new generation and have both male/female teams start from there.

    I don't care about the gender of the cast of a Ghostbusters film. I don't think it should be a selling point for the movie. The all Female and now all Male casts sound incredibly stupid, like they desperately need something to attract people to see a movie that sounds like it shouldn't be made.

    Next do one with an all chimpanzee cast!

    I have this mental image of Sony execs running around the office making hand-guns at each other and yelling "cha-ching!"

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