Sexually Suggestive Dialogue Cut From DmC Definitive Edition

Sexually Suggestive Dialogue Cut from DmC Definitive Edition

The demonic cabal who ruled the world in DmC are bad guys who said bad things in 2013's reboot of Devil May Cry. Now it seems one of the more egregious pieces of dialogue — which invoked an image of rough sex — has been cut from the new remastered edition of DmC.

The line in question happens in a cutscene between DmC villains Mundus and Lillith as they discuss the former consolidating his control over the world's economy. The original version goes as follows:

Mundus: "I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power."

Lilith: "The world is at last your bitch, as am I. Nothing left but to grab it by the hair, bend it over and -"

Mundus: **engh**

Lilith: "What's the matter? What? What's the matter?"

In DmC Definitive Edition, the edited scene sounds like this:

Mundus: "I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power."

Lilith: "The world is at last your bitch."

Mundus: *grunt*

Lilith: "What's the matter? What? What's the matter?"

DMC didn't shy away from using salty language and scenes that partially showed sexual intercourse. So why the change here? When contacted by Kotaku, Ninja Theory responded with this comment by the studio's chief creative director Tameem Antoniades:

We did make an edit to the opening cut scene. It wasn't a case of censorship as there are far more suggestive scenes in the game. We felt that scene in particular drags on a little bit for the opening sequence and frankly, we didn't like the line. Those few seconds were irrelevant to the scene and is covered effectively in a later scene where Mundus is metaphorically shafting world leaders.

For the definitive edition we took the opportunity to review all aspects of the game, and change things that we didn't like or couldn't add in time. As part of that, we also added a brand new cutscene that didn't make it in time for the original game.

It's rare that video game creators get to take a second look at their work once it's released out into the world. In an instance like this, elements that may have bothered developers get re-evaluated and even removed and it sounds like Ninja Theory is saying that it's revision — not censorship — is what happened here.


    Sexually suggestive or not, it's just really awful writing.

      Kind of standard fare for DMC though lets be honest

      It's about on par with most anime. I would argue that it isn't awful however, just tongue in cheek, which is more subjective. I've personally never been able to stand anything from a DmC cut scene though; for all the inventive and hilarious moments, there are 5 where they legit think what Dante is doing is impressive.

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