Short Zelda Movie Is Looking Pretty Good

Short Zelda Movie Is Looking Pretty Good

For years now, a team called The Zelda Project have been working towards recreating as much of Ocarina of Time as they can, through both cosplay and film. We've seen their cosplay before, but they have finally got the cash together to make a start on the film part.

Teaming up with Player Piano, they have released this teaser for The Final Battle, a short film that will detail Link's race "the ruins of Castletown to face off in the Final Battle with Ganondorf to save Princess Zelda".

The whole "silent protagonist" thing might get a little grating — it will be the biggest obstacle facing the writers of the Netflix Zelda series — but boy, those are some nice effects they have got there.


    Speaking of silent protagonists, doesn't Mad Max in the new film only have 16 lines of dialogue?

    Should be interesting, but I do find it funny that Epona gets so much attention (not just here) despite being such a small part of the game.

      Small part of the game?! Getting Epona was the most exciting part of OoT for me as a kid!

    Navi should have stopped at "Hey" - ruined the whole thing for me.

    That looks super lame. Did anyone else cringe when Navi spoke. Ugh! This looks terrible.

    They didn't solve the "costume only works on a video game character" problem. It's one thing to cosplay, but that link costume is not condusive to a live action actor with lines, drama and other actors.

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