Sickness Masks Get Real And Somewhat Freaky

Sickness Masks Get Real and Somewhat Freaky

You didn't ask for this, but here you go: a Japanese sickness mask that looks like a woman's face.

In Japan, people try to combat pollen — as well as sickness — with masks. When you get sick, the proper thing to do is wear a mask so you don't get others sick. If you are worried about getting sick, wear a mask. Have pollen allergies? Wear a mask. Are you a major celebrity who wants privacy while walking in public? Try a mask.

Sickness Masks Get Real and Somewhat Freaky

But maybe, don't try this one. You're bound to get funny looks.

Sickness Masks Get Real and Somewhat Freaky

This mask isn't currently for sale. It was part of a viral allergy medicine story on Japanese site Livedoor and painted by artist Hikaru Cho, whose realistic body paintings have previously been featured on Kotaku (here and here).


    The stuff of nightmares!

    Although as a mild germaphobe, I wouldn't object to 'sickness masks' in general taking off (or should I say, staying on) here.

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