Smuggling 146 iPhones Looks Difficult

Smuggling 146 iPhones Looks Difficult

Earlier this year, a man was arrested in China with 94 iPhones strapped to his body. Impressive, no? Tell that to the man who was just arrested, allegedly with 146 iPhones strapped on him. Surely, that's a new record.

According to Tencent, the man was arrested at customs in Shenzhen, China, a port of entry from Hong Kong. Customs officials thought the way the man walked was strange and pulled him aside for questioning.

Smuggling 146 iPhones Looks Difficult

The man, who can be seen in the above photo, allegedly had 126 iPhones affixed to his waist and 20 iPhones on his legs. Hey, you'd walk strange too.


    How do they get these through the metal detectors etc? Still impressive non-the-less.

      I was thinking that, "Sir, your luggage appears to be more metal than luggage".

    Dammit it's only a record if they actually pull it off.

      It's a customs seizure record... If they pull it off and get away, unnoticed, then how could it be recorded?

    Did he ask to phone a friend?

      You get one phone call from jail. Per phone.

    Man... how'd he fit all those up his...

      lucky ios7 makes them waterproof

        And the new I phones bend. *ducks*

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