Solid Snake Might Not Be The Best Self-Defence Teacher

Solid Snake is a master of stealth, a legendary soldier with years of experience, but are those skills transferable to the world of self-defence classes? Not unless you want to learn how to brutally murder people with your bare hands.

So yeah, Snake's methods of murder don't really transfer to the world of self-defence, but I sure as hell would love to get some more lessons from him.

— Like how to answer a codec call and not get spotted in a crowded room. — How to heal wounds by using a lit cigar. — How to be three feet away in plain sight of elite soldiers and not get spotted. — How to climb really, really big ladders.

All jokes aside: Solid Snake has so much to teach us. CQC is the best!


    I dunno, it doesn't seem that far-fetched, unfortunately. Our kempo class was taught knife defence at one point... however in this case it was using a knife to defend against an unarmed attacker. I think it was around the time we were being taught how to sever the femoral artery in "self-defence" that I decided their style of kempo really wasn't for me.

      lol, that's pretty messed an aside, I did jujutsu for a few years when I was at uni, and I learnt to defend someone coming at me with a knife (myself being unarmed) - arguably the more likely scenario unless you are a knife wielding phsycho?

        Oh, yea, this was after years of hapkido, where we were taught unarmed defence against a knife-wielding attacker: get them on the ground, throw the knife away, and leave. Not sure how practical some of the techniques are, and tbh I hope I never have to find out.
        Kempo was more geared to defence against a properly trained fighter... which seemed unlikely, to say the least. Besides, most other martial arts instructors I've spoken to suggest that, when confronted with an armed attacker after your wallet, just hand it over. It's not worth the risk to yourself, or the people around you.

    The best defense is to not be around drunk idiots imo.
    Barring that, you have to watch out for the coward punch losers, just as lethal as getting your throat cut is your head bouncing off concrete outside a nightclub.
    Heaps of jujitsu is lethal, I think a lot of the arm breaks and dislocations could lead to pretty severe internal bleeding too.

      True but you don't want to become paranoid. I've been legal since '98 and was working as a security guard for a few years around then. IMO it's MUCH safer out at night these days.

      Yeah you have to watch out for wankers but really, as long as you leave the situation and don't waste time posturing up to idiots looking for trouble, you'll be pretty good. Most people who run into big trouble are really, really pissed. If you can keep a big night out to under 6 beers then you have almost no chance of getting in trouble. I'm not basing this on official stats mind you, just what I witnessed.

    Hahaha the cardboard box had me almost in hysterics!

    Your right. The best self & defense teacher is:

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