Someone Just Beat Bloodborne In Under 3 Hours

In 2:44:10 to be absolutely precise. Bloody Hell, the game has only been out for a week!

The speed-runner in question is Elajjaz and this record is an all-boss run. You can't watch the record in all it's glory just yet, but he is streaming as we speak and most people in the know believe he'll break the record again. I didn't watch the record being broken because spoilers, but apparently he should be able to take about 15 minutes off his time using current strategies.

I quickly checked to see — he's roughly one hour into his current run at time of writing (8.40am).

It is insane just how quickly — as a community — we go from playing video games like normal people to speed-running them like goddamn alien, video game gods. Is the cycle faster than before, or is it my crusty old imagination? It's kind of terrifying. Almost makes me feel as though I should hurry up and finish the game already.

I'm going to have to restrain myself. I don't intend to watch any part of these runs until I've finished my own playthrough, but I also really enjoy watching speed runs of games I love, so I need to get cracking!


    Took me about an hour just to beat Cleric Beast last night :(

    Of course about half of that was looking at the loading screen :P I hope they get that patch out soon...

      I'm about 10 hours in and I still haven't beaten that guy :-( I think I'm close though. I'm going to try the old stick n' move combined with molotovs to be used when he's having a tizzy. The only vaguely frustrating part is having to grind up some more blood vials and molotovs when they run out. It takes me about half-an-hour to do that.

        You are not the only one mate. It took me about 12 hours to beat him. Not before I stumble onto Father Gascoigne by accident and died a horrible death!

        I found the best way was to wait for him to do that jumping attack, roll forward under it then quickly turn around and hit him in the back with a charged attack (ie hold down R2). If he doesn't jump just move in carefully and time a dodge under his regular attack and then hit him in the back. The key is definitely to get behind him.

        As a tip:

        The merchanty thing in the Hunter's Dream can sell you a set of gear for somewhere around 3000 echoes, and it makes a huge difference to the damage dealt. Alternately, I think there's also a set of very similar gear in a hidden area near the house which seems to be in the middle of a party. Will let you take ~1 more hit from the Cleric Beast, which makes a huge difference.

    What... just, WHAT!?! I tend to play souls game and now bloodborn slowly. I like to be prepared and often over-prepared before proceeding to a new area. I can spend 2:44:10 just in Central Yharnam!

    Im about 10 hours in. I've killed the first 3 bosses but feel the games become repetitive and abit boring. I also hate that you can run/roll past nearly every encounter and just skip hard content if you wanted to.

      The reason for that is that the devs didn't want you to have to hack through all the trash mobs again and again after dying to a boss (unless you want to).

        I think that works well for the sections after a shortcut (which is usually not far to the boss) but some zones I think I could skip the entire area from start to boss if I tried hard enough. That play style would be doable but boring as you would likely end up needing to farm somewhere to get the items and level you need for the bosses

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      Well no surprises there. The souls game all about their game play and play style but rather lacking in story presentation giving you free roam to what you do.

      The only satisfaction I get from the game is ripping big shit up with my blade of mercy.

        I enjoy the play style and will keep at it but it just feels like I'm hitting a groove and every encounter has pretty much the same mechanics (even though they are varied they are still all essentially dodge/parry to win so far) which combined with the fact levelling up doesn't change much beyond stats is making it a bit dull.

          heh that is because you still have low number of insight. Wait till you hit 20 :P

          Keep going, I'm sure you won't find it too easy once you get to the Nightmare Frontier and Yahn'gul or whatever it's called. Up your insight level too.

            I'm not saying it's too easy, just that it's repetitive. I'm still dying when I don't time things right

              The enemies become interesting after you hit 20 insight :P

    I'm telling you @markserrels, it's only a matter of time before a pebbles only run.

      Pebbles only and bare fists!

      I am really enjoying the mysterious nature of the game and exploring the amazingly detailed environments. I'm in no hurry to finish it.

    The time has already been beaten I believe, by about 15 minutes... Ellajaz even said himself it's likely to change hands daily for a good while yet.

    Aaand he just beat the other runner's time and his own... New all boss record is 2 hours 22 minutes exact.

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      Yeah, these guys did the exact same thing with Dark Souls 2. It took about a day of casual play for the top streams all to switch to speed running. I follow most of the top DaS speed runners and first thing this morning the list of streamers I follow was full of people speed running Bloodborne.

      It's worth noting that everyone doing this does the same thing with all Souls games, so they're pretty well practised.

        Yeah I follow mainly Ellajaz and LobosJR... Been watching Ellajaz the past few days as he's been organising his routing and such, actually kind of interesting seeing the route as it gets built start to finish.

        LobosJR on the other hand isn't big on world records, even though I think he held one for DS2 at one point early on, but has always been pretty entertaining for the general off the wall challenge runs he does.

          I haven't watched their Bloodborne streams because I'm not getting the game for a few months.

          Once I get the game, I really want to see what Lobos is doing with challenge runs. Looks like a great game for it.

    I spent that much time last night just in the first area exploring and opening shortcuts. Think that I have now explored most of the area (haven't found the second boss everyone has been finding yet so I guess I haven't seen it all). But I did find the saw spear, some armour, heaps of items and a few upgrade items. I am now sitting a the central bonfire and am ready to take on the Cleric Beast (or so I think !!!) when I get home tonight.

    I am a search every nook and cranny kind of a guy in these games (and I go in as blind as possible). Speaking of which while I have found a lot of shortcuts and hidden areas I have yet to find any secret doors like DS 1 or 2.

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