Sooner Or Later Bloodborne Will Cut You Down...

Bloodborne comes out next week and I'm pretty excited. It's pretty much my most anticipated game of the year. If you're a fan of Demons Souls or Dark Souls I'm sure you're feeling something similar. This new extended trailer isn't going to make the wait any easier.

It shows off a fair few things I haven't seen in other trailers, so be wary if you're trying to protect yourself from any and all spoilers.

If not, and you want to replace all the blood in your veins with pure, unfiltered hype? This is the video for you.


    I lost my job and started a Uni course. I'm going to buy a PS4 and the collectors edition for Bloodborne.

    Looks fantastic but part of me hopes that there are areas they haven't shown with a bit of a different colour palette. Anor Londo reveal moments a plenty I hope.

      This is my only real concern. I hope the game has more to show than the same dark wet Gothic look. I can't see a sunny Anor Londo or anything too vastly different fitting in to the aesthetic, but there's still a lot they can do to mix it up, while still keeping it dark and Victorian.

    I saw you playing last night on PSN Serrels! ...I was very jealous.

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      I didn't see him playing it because he still hasn't accepted my PSN friend request from about 3 years ago.

      I'm sure he's just busy and will get around to accepting it soon.


        Wait? I haven't see it. Could you resend?

          Maybe I sent it to your old PSN account (can't remember off the top of my head what the name was... Serrels?)... Did you change to a different account at some point?

            it's 'markserrels'

      Me too. I was pretty jealous!

    I have a hunch that this won't fall flat like The Order 1886!

    So excited for Bloodborne. Was hoping we'd get our copies in at the store I work at and embargo would break sometime this weekend. No luck there so far...

    Woe is me.

      Yeah, I'm afraid since The Order 1886 came out early and all those initial impressions negatively influenced sales SOE/SOA have put out REALLY tight guidelines on embargos. It's why Serrels has been super coy about talking about Bloodborne, even though he's a few hours in and we all know he really wants to.

    So pleased this is coming out so soon. That trailer though - I love the look of the Hammer / Sword weapon! On a sadder note, I can't be the only one to think "The Last Guardian" whenever the Japan Studio logo appears ... maybe this E3 :(

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