Space Hulk Developer Full Control Calls It Quits, Ascension To Be Its ‘Last’ Game

Space Hulk Developer Full Control Calls It Quits, Ascension To Be Its ‘Last’ Game

While it’s easier than ever to develop video games, that just makes it harder to get noticed and turn a profit. Unfortunately, even established indies can find themselves in desperate times, with the latest casualty the Denmark-based Full Control, best known for the recent Space Hulk adaptations.

According to Morten Skovgaard over at the Nordic Games Community, the studio’s CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund has decided to shut things down while the company is ahead. While it won’t be closing shop completely, it has shed most of its staff and there are no plans to work on any more titles. The focus instead will be on supporting the games it’s already released.

Despite the success of the latest Space Hulk, it wasn’t enough to keep the company operating in its current state. Combined with not having “that last one per cent of luck securing a new signed project in time”, Lund felt the best option was to shift the business into low-power mode.

There’s a bit of a bright side — a few of the studio’s games are coming to other platforms, which might help it on the cash flow front, and Lund is happy he has the opportunity to go out gracefully, rather than swimming in debt and unable to provide for its customers:

“But at least I have enough control of my budgets to be able to ‘land’ the entire company and avoid bankruptcy. Even though we will not be producing any more content after May, I want Full Control to continue selling the Space Hulk and Jagged Alliance games and providing community support for several years to come.”

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  • Well done Tom, may I call you Tom?

    You have made a good call- one that I rarely see happening in this industry.

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