Spider Infestation Reminds People Of Totoro

Spider Infestation Reminds People Of Totoro
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In the Studio Ghibli anime My Neighbor Totoro*, there is a scene in which the family moves into their new house and finds the attic crawling with soot sprites. This is kind of like that, but WITH SPIDERS.

Picture: JinnyHinkle

On popular Japanese blogs like My Game News Flash, the below video is reminding people of that famous scene in Totoro.

And suddenly, Ghibli’s soot sprites are downright terrifying.

*The soot sprites also appear in Spirited Away. And now, my nightmares.


  • That’s horrific.
    Good thing I didn’t enter the Bloodborne competition with “I’m scared of spiders”.

  • To get to a population like that, there must’ve been an abundance of food for the little buggers.

  • Am I the only one totally unfazed by the numbers and totally fascinated by the way they fall in clumps and groups, almost like some kind of sentient liquid. Awesome.

  • Not nearly sooty enough, put them on slow burn for another two hours and check again.

    • Actually Daddy long legs ARE spiders.

      They share the same order as ALL spiders: Araneae.

      I will back up my statement too with a few different spider species

      Daddy- Long Legs
      Class: Arachnida
      Order: Araneae
      Family: Pholcidea
      Genus: Pholcus
      Species: Phalangioides

      Redback Spider
      Class: Arachnida
      Order: Araneae
      Family: Theridiidae
      Genus: Latrodectus
      Species: Hasselti

      Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
      Class: Arachnida
      Order: Araneae
      Family: Hexathelidae
      Genus: Atrax
      Species: Robustus

      Huntsman spiders
      Class: Arachnida
      Order: Araneae
      Superfamily: Sparassoidea
      Family: Sparassidae


      • Daddy Long Legs is a name used for spiders in Australia (Pholcidea), but elsewhere that name is applied to harvestmen (Opiliones), which are arachnids but not spiders. (And sometimes, Daddy Long Legs refers to crane flies.)

        The video above shows harvestmen.

      • What you see in this video is likely a collection of harvestmen in the order of Opiliones, they act like this in certain climatic conditions. The term “Daddy Long Legs” is used for multiple species.

      • While they are part of the Arachnid family, there is this distinct order known as Opiliones, which aren’t spiders but are often confused with Araneae. Compared to the one in the picture you linked which has an easily distinguishable cephalothorax (main body) and abdomen (rear body), the ones in the video look to lack segmentation in their body at all, which is what is usually used to tell them apart.

        Daddy Long Legs is probably a confusing term because it is used for multiple creatures. One, is a Celler Spider/Tangleweb Spider, which is what we have here in Australia called the Daddy Long Legs and you are correct, they are actual spiders as evidenced by their body. But there is also another called the same name, and they are also known as Harvestmen, which aren’t spiders.

        But, as we are both looking through a camera and don’t have the ability to zoom in on things I might be wrong. But have a look at http://alittlesomethingaboutanimals.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/so-what-are-daddy-long-legs-opiliones.html and compare their appearance to the ones in the video.

        • Regardless, they still trigger that gut wrenching fear I associate with all arachnids on sight, and I think nearly all arachnophobia sufferers will not give a shit whether it’s a spider or not

  • That video is ridiculously full of NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

    Setting that house up with too many bug bombs and a naked flame is still not going to be enough to stop my nightmares

  • I don’t think Daddy long legs can hurt you. He could cover himself with them and they wouldn’t have the teeth to bite. They are quite effective at killing other insects however.

    • Might be remembering wrong, but I think on Mythbusters Adam shoved his arm into a big cylinder filled with them, and they bit him lots but it was just a little annoying rather than a big deal – and their poison didn’t affect him at all.

      But yeah – I always leave Daddy long legs in the corners of my house… if I clear them out then I see scary looking little black spiders try to take over /shudder… much prefer DLL.

    • They trigger a fearful response out of people. I know they eat redbacks but they still scare the shit out of me

  • I think I’m gonna be sick. You know, I said, Renne, you don’t want to watch that video. And yet I still pressed play.

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