Star Citizen Shoots Up Expensive Spaceships Real Good

Star Citizen Shoots Up Expensive Spaceships Real Good

While we're still waiting to see how Star Citizen turns out as a whole, Chris Roberts and crew continue to prance out impressive bits of the ambitious crowd-funded space sim, like this lovely video of bits being blown off spaceships.

It's not just about flying spaceships about the universe, though I'd probably be just as happy if it were. Since we're going to be shooting at other spaceships, seeing the effects of those shots in real-time will be very nice.

The folks at Cloud Imperium Games go on and on about the damage system over at the game's website, talking about how the burns, dents and holes in players' hulls will tell their ships' stories. I love that sentiment. I also hope there will be repair depots so I can erase the bits of my ship's history I don't like.


    Son… We're gonna need a bigger computer of this one!

    Watched this video over the weekend, absolutely amazing.

    I strongly suggest checking out the new video they released of a ship called "The Retaliator". It was inspired by the old B17 bomber and looks bloody awesome!

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      holy... sweet mother of god, that ship.. i cant think of any words that would could do it justice. I want one.. not an in game one but a god damn real one!

      Here's the direct link for everyone:

        You can just click theYoutube logo in the bottom right of the clip to get the direct link FYI.

    This game looks legen-dary. But I cannot bring myself to getting hyped. It's raised something like 52 million. While the small tastes people have been getting work I cannot see how this could possible come together so everyone is happy.

    Here is a sobering fact. GTA 5 cost 265 million to make. That is development and advertising. Made by a company who has had over a decade worth of experience at this sort of thing. SC has 1 5th that.

    From what I have read this game is just as ambitious if not more so. I could spend the next 100 lines spitting out features. It just doesn't compute. I really hope I am wrong.

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