Steam Broke Its Own User Record Over The Weekend, No Big Deal

It's a record that Steam will probably continue to break again and again and again, but this weekend Steam hit another milestone, with 9 million concurrent users.

That's a lot of people.

On March 15, around 11:30 Pacific time Steam managed to top out at around 9.06 million concurrent users. It seems as though Steam is constantly breaking its own records. The last highest users record was achieved in January at 8.6 million. I fully expect to see this record broken again. In fact, I would be fully surprised in Steam doesn't hit 10 million concurrent users at some point in 2015.

But but but bu... PC GAMING IS DEAD GUYS.

(Jks, no-one says that anymore — how good is PC gaming right now, honestly!)

Via VG247


    If it's no big deal then why write an article about it?

      Where does it say it's no big deal? Anyway, it was most likely sarcasm.

    Fuck year, PC gaming
    Master race

    no but yay for Steam
    hopefully it wasn't just bot accounts or something

      If it's concurrent users it means people on at the same time, So even if they are alts or smurfs it's still 9 million people

    Plot twist: most are alts and smurfs :O
    But yeah, grats steam.

      If it's concurrent users it means people on at the same time, So even if they are alts or smurfs it's still 9 million people. Not 9 million accounts in total

        Not really. I know some smurfs who idle for cards and to look semi legit.
        Just saying.

      I've been on steam for over 8 years... whats a smurf?

        A pro player who gets a alt account and pretends to be a noob and plays in ranked matches against noobs.
        Can't deny that it is funny on pub servers, but bloody annoying in comp.

    I also seen DOTA2 had 1.3 Million simultaneous users playing on Saturday. The game averages 500k users playing at any one time, I would love to know the total player base for those numbers. The game is huge.

    New steam user here, I know for myself and others money is the only problem. Sure steam can run on a potato but most gamers will want a decent setup, I skipped ps4/xb1/new TV and got a midrange gaming laptop and I am set for gaming and school. When you think about it a lot of people are either late to catch on to the benefits of PC gaming or have been window shopping/saving for that initial investment. I just wish Linux had more games :(

      If you look at desktops, you can buy a solid one for as much as a PS4. If you want to build it yourself, you can get it for less.

    Do people still think PC gaming is dead? I don't think I've heard anyone say that for years.
    Mind you I haven't been around enough people to hear anyone say that anyway :P

      The feeling was mainly predominant back at the height of the last console gen, where PC didn't see much cross platform titles from the consoles, and indie scene was starting afresh. Since then though, with the rise of Steam, free to play, cheaper parts, those sentiments are long gone.

    Interesting, but I don't know how many users were actually active. Now that they have mobile apps I find myself logged in pretty much 24/7 without realising on my phone or tablet.

    There's over 9 Million!!!!!! Good stuff Steam and Gaben =)

    How many were in game though? I'm always logged in but rarely playing

    It was because 970k where watching esl grand final

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