Still Think The Joker Might Be Coming Back In Batman: Arkham Knight?

Briefly: Still think the Joker might be coming back in Batman: Arkham Knight? Well, in the latest chapter of the tie-in digital comic, the Clown Prince of Crime gets cremated. The folks at DC Comics and sister company Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment are sure trying their best to convince fans that it won't happen.

The first four chapters of the digital comic get collected in a single issue that comes out this Wednesday.


    Yeah, because death is always final in comic books.

    These things are only ever final as long as nobody writes them back in somehow, which they usually do eventually

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      Yeah it does usually stick at least during that story arc though...

        He's already died once and come back though. I'm not gonna trust Rocksteady ANY, after City. Kojima-level mindf*ckers :p

    But is the body legitimately, 100%, definitely, and indisputably THE JOKER? Or is there a small chance it could be a decoy of some sorts? (Given the mostly mysterious and unknown identity of the joker etc, etc.)

    Legitimate question actually, I haven't read any of these.

    Edit: And IDK where Lazarus pits stand on resurrection from cremation if he is cremated?

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      The way the previous game ended, I think there's still some doubt whether that really was the Joker that died or not. Cremating the body doesn't prove or disprove anything.

        Yeah, and one of the earlier lead in comics I remember there is a panel where his face is peeling off or something??
        Anyway, I am going to assume he comes back and either way I'm over the arkham games. They were entertaining the first time around and by the end of the second had outstayed its welcome.

          I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what makes the first one better than the subsequent ones. They're largely the same, and I was enjoying both for the bulk of the game, but the first is definitely better. I'm not sure I'm over them yet, but not that excited to play this one. Too many open world action games out there doing the same thing, maybe?

            I feel the same. TBH, I personally feel that the first game had better atmosphere and benefited form a more focused scope/ scale/ linearity (to a degree) than the others.

            Other than that Batman was, again IMHO, better suited to the more stealthy gameplay elements than the 'swoop and nuke' tanked out Super-Batman flying around the place like a bro-monkey on steroids.

            An over dramatic statement yes (And they are all still good games), but that's how it comes across for me. In one game, you're the great detective brute, in the next you're a bullet proof ninja with ears. The game became less psychological and more of a punch-em-up extravaganza.

            They offer up almost completely different tonal experiences.

            On another related note: For me the first game was a better 'Batman simulator', but the others were, subjectively, better 'games'.

            Edit: Also, ironically, although City and Origins had a larger map with more scale, I felt they were more limited. In Asylum the whole Island was pretty much there, fully realised, for you to explore as opposed to just a hand full of key buildings.

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            Personally I felt the second game was less refined because its expanded nscope of both a city, and multiple different playable characters.

            In the first game, every room was designed to be a puzzle of sorts on which you could stealth and take out people. It also was linear, and the problems were designed to make players feel smart when they solved them (the Zelda effect).

            The second game had a larger world and too much of a focus on combat and traversal as a result.

            This new arkham game appears to be the second one on steroids by giving people a car. It wasn't the open world or scope which made the first game good. Hell, it was essentially a hub world in the middle.

            It was the puzzles and stealth takedowns.

            For me it was the smaller map that made it better. It was tightly designed and just gave you the chance to run around being Batman without having to spend 5 minutes mashing the grapple boost button to get to your next destination.

    I'm calling it - Joker is the big bad villain of Arkham Knight as well. Trying to do too much to convince us otherwise.

      It wouldn't surprise me if his body is reanimated in the Arkham Knight armour, Darth Vader style.

    He's just a little burnt, he's still good he's still good.

    His name is the Joker after all. Scarecrow will be the Joker in disguise because the jokes on Bats

    At the end of the game, Batman pulls back his cowl revealing that he's been the Joker all along. Dun dun duuuuun!!

    Who DIDN'T die by the end of that game?

      Ra's al Ghul

        Solomon Grundy
        We all know who the real nemesis will be in Arkham Knight.

    Harley has jokers DNA breaks into star labs or whether Project Cadmus is in this universe, Joker is back.

    Even if he isn't back in the flesh, Scarecrow and his fear toxin is so I can just imagine a nightmarish Joker hallucination taunting Batman in his mind.

    I can't wait for this new game.

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