Surely The Best Way To Play Mario Party

Surely The Best Way To Play Mario Party

Step 1: get a sweet setup like this. Step 2: drink. Step 3: love/hate your friends to death.

The custom N64 here (made by Zoki64) is nice, but it's the controllers that really make it. One for each character, with the added bonus that you can also use them for Mario Kart!

(via it 8-bit)

Surely The Best Way To Play Mario Party


    Boy Nintendo really like to drag things out with a new console, still no Mario Party on Wii-U. Also what's the bet it requires about $200 worth of Wiimotes, $30 more than I spent on my Wii-U Premium.

      the new mario party comes out this month...

        Wiimote only yea?

          Actually, the gamepad player gets to be bowser in an asymmetric mode which looks quite promising.

            Anyone else find it weird that Nintendo gives people more controller options than other console manufacturers, but no one complains about having to use the standard controller for the PlayStation or Xbox? Yeah, the pro controller is awesome, but the gamepad plus four remotes is the standard setup for multiplayer games on the Wii U.

            Plus, they're cheaper than PS4 or Xbox One controllers. Saying you'll need to spend $300 on controllers implies that:
            a) you're spending too much (they shouldn't cost more than $70 each), and
            b) you don't have any controllers yet.

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