Syndicate Is Currently Free On Origin

Syndicate Is Currently Free On Origin

Origin’s ‘On The House’ deal is simple: EA makes on of its games free for a certain length of time. Pretty cool. Plenty of cool games have been chosen in the past: Battlefield 3, Dead Space, Peggle. Right now, as of today, Syndicate is the latest game ‘On The House’.

I’m talking about the original Syndicate, not the weird FPS reboot that made no sense whatsoever.

Syndicate is a proper cult classic. A proper one. I suggest checking it out for cool cool price of ‘free’.


  • I wouldn’t mind if it was the weird later FPS because I believe it was not given a rating in our fair country and it looked interesting.

    • Ditto, I was hoping we could score it for free since it was never locally available for sale.

      I like the old one and all, but I would have been more interested in trying out the reboot.

    • I heard that it was a pretty good game if you can manage to ignore that it’s pissing on the grave of a great game.

      • It was blindingly average and over too quick with absolutely zero replay value. Play this instead, much more fulfilling.

    • Backed this during Kickstarter.. but still waiting for them to iron out all the performance bugs before I can really get into it properly. Might give Syndicate a good hit while I’m waiting.

      • Personally I’m holding out for a release build. I checked out what they’d done when it came up on Steam and it seemed pretty solid, but there’s huge portions of the game missing.

  • I’m not a fan of current EA games, but I’m starting to build a nice little library of free games on Origin.

  • Bought it the day it came out on GOG, but hell, why not? That’s why I have an Origin account, after all…

    Always wondered why this hasn’t been ported for iPads etc, it’d be almost perfect for it.

  • Oh Snap!!! Precious memories. Don’t need a persuadatron to get me to grab this one.

  • I reckon a majority of my Origin games have come from this on the house stuff.
    I love that EA are trying to fix their image and get people on board, but I still don’t feel much inclination to buy things off origin, unless I can’t get it anywhere else (e.g. SimCity).

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