Tales From The Borderland's Second Episode Will Arrive On March 17

Video: Tales From The Borderland's second episode, Atlas Mugged, will arrive on March 17. That's next week! To celebrate the release date, Telltale Games has released a trailer.


    Played episode one in basically one sitting just this weekend. Loved it, possibly more than the original Borderlands games. Really fun, funny and fast-paced. The main downside is that's it's definitely more of an interactive graphic novel than a game. You get an inventory and never even need to open it!

    Really looking forward to this!

      haha I remember thinking the same thing on the inventory. Maybe it will come into play later but a little stupid if it suddenly starts to get used.

    Woohoo!!! Loved the first one! Many parts made me lol.
    Very exciting it's finally got a release date!

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