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    People mentioned Canberra was cold. What they didn't mention was that it takes until 8:30am to reach double digit temperatures in early March.

    Lousy Smarch weather.

      Just wait until winter for cold. That is when the fun begins.
      Or so I am led to believe.

        You and I have very different ideas of fun.

      I miss the proper cold. I'd sleep with my bed next to the window, with the window open, no covers, probably not the best idea for someone who sleeps in the nud, when it was snowing. Now my TV overheats my room to unbearable heats atm :(

    Achievement unlocked: rode a dragon while wearing a lobster outfit and yelled 'ROCK LOBSTER' in the chat.

    I may have played a bit too much monster hunter...

    So excited. Today I'm going to Hobart to see the Foo Fighters and Rise Against. Tassie never gets bands that good. It's over a year since I've seen any live music, and 2 and a half years since I've been to a proper concert. It's amazing to see two of my favourite bands live without having to leave my home state. Unlike my previous two major concerts, I'm just as excited to see the support act as the main act. So, if you don't hear from me, I've probably exploded from excitement.

      You're in for an awesome gig. Rise Against aren't my thing but the Foos were amazing

        I love Rise Against, they're probably in my top 10 bands. I've seen a few setlists for this current tour, and it looks like a good mix of songs. We don't get the Delta Riggs though. Not complaining.

    Buying SOME of the wood I need for my arcade cabinet was not cheap. $225 for the side panels and back panel. FUN TIMES

      I know what you mean. I want to make a hardwood desk and the desktop wood is looking lit it will be about $260. Crazy!

        Mine was just C/D grade plywood :'( I wanted to spring for A/A grade but my GOD I would be living in the streets (ie $450). If I make another to sell I'll use the good stuff :P

        Just hoping I can finish it well enough. Hoping some varnish and routed out artwork will work well enough since I really don't want to have the generic old black box cabinet.

          That sounds really nice!

    Woke up. Got out of bed. Dragged a comb across my wait, that's The Beatles. Comb? I'm balding (emphasis on 'ing').

    Woke up. Got out of bed. Completely forgot about my PT session at 7 this morning. Dragged myself off to work. A Day In The Life indeed

      You're not my client are you? My 7am didn't show up either...

      *shifty eyes*

        If your gym has just moved in downstairs at my work...yes :P


          My gym is downstairs... are you at an University?

          *shiftier eyes*

            I'm in Milton on Coro Drive :P phew, glad it wasn't me then but that also there's someone else as forgetful as me :D

        Did I know you were a PT? Now I'm going to imagine you all enthusiastic all the time :D

          Goddamnit lol. I'm mostly a positive person but I try and be reasoned, I know people who come and see me at 5am don't want to hear about how many reps they have left from a chipmunk on a sugar binge :P

            Haha, it's a good thing! The (rare few) PTs I've met are either like, really enthusiastic and friendly and just want you to enjoy working out, or are intense and like, working out is their job, their hobby, their lifestyle, the only thing they talk about.

            The latter also tend to wear very tight pants and tanks that show off their nips.

              Errghh I am a student of the former, the most fashion forward pair of pants I have are chinos so unfortunately no nipple tops or chaps at our meat!

    Good morning errbody hows every little thing?
    My weekend was highly unproductive. On the friday when I got home from work Cathryn and I made Baymax cupcakes and watched a movie.
    Saturday I slept in till 11, we then took moni on a 2 hour walk and had lunch, when we got home we cleaned the house and then went out to get dinner and ended up eating it at the beach right as the storm hit so had to mad dash back to the car and eat in the car, we also watched a tonne of horror movies like See No Evil 2, Ouija and V/H/S Viral.

    woke up again at 11 on sunday, played a bit of dying light, tis a fun game. Watched the latest ep of Better Call Saul as well as the first ep of Black Sails which has some amazing opening credit music! Had schnitzel burgers for dinner with fried rice and watched more horror movies As Above, So Below and Jessabelle.

    A Monday morning question, if you were stuck in a horror movie what would you do?

      What horror movie are we talking? Because generally people are just too stupid to walk away and be safe.

        Just any, demons, ghosts, pyscho killer, that one guy down the street who seems normal but is really leatherface..ya know that sort of thing

      Uh, that is not an unproductive weekend friend, that is a totally great self-loving productive weekend :D

      Monday Morning answer: It would depend on the type of horror movie:

      Animal (ie, shark, croc, bear, wolf): probably survive for half the movie, then get eaten real good.
      Maniac killer (Jason, Freddy, et al): NOT go into the dark in my underwear with a faulty flashlight, then still probably get killed real good.
      Beasties (vampires, zombies, werewolves): take out a few, and then eventually become one of the, forcing my best friend to do me in real good.

      Real good.

    Errrrgh! BRAIIIIIIINS!
    So my weekend consisted of Star trek Attack wing, Meeting neighbours, a friends birthday and feeling ill yesterday.

    It also contained a part where my laptop died! :( Month19 of a 12 month warranty
    It seems like its the motherboard too which makes me very sad.
    I was going to try Dell Tech support again today but I've forgotten my service tag :(
    Add to that the moment I get in theres massive work issues going on.
    I am not having a good day, and I feel like I might be getting a chest infection :(

    All in all, Screw you monday!

    How is everyone else?

      Celebrated my 18th. I really should have cared more than I did, but I didn't. I suppose after years of building up to it, you kind of stop caring.

    What a weekend... It had everything... Went to Avalon for the airshow, pulled my desk apart, painted my desk, got high on paint fumes (not pleasant)... EVERYTHING!

    How is everyone else?

      The dogs kept going crazy as the planes flew by my house.

      My new home/warehouse is ONE BLOCK from the Popcultcha warehouse. HNGGG

      Man, I miss going to the Avalon Airshow. It was a tradition for my dad and I. Stupid expensive flights to get to Avalon on this weekend (you guys all see the irony in that right?)

        We went in Friday because less people... They ran until well after the sun had set and it was pretty damned amazing... We should definitely make that a TAY meat one year!

          The night show is fucking amazing!

          Until you have to find your car in the pitch black of night....

            Hahaha yeah that was great fun... So was when they closed our lane to the exit to relieve traffic flow and we ended up not moving for 45 minutes :P

              My dad and I had the whole thing locked down.

              1. Find car
              2. Open boot containing esky
              3. Open esky containing snacks and general deliciousness that my mum had prepared
              4. Consume previously mentioned deliciousness while everyone else tries to leave
              5. Join exit queue, which is now mostly empty

      I sat on a stall at a previous Avalon for work.

      It's fine for one day. Four days is a fucking nightmare.

      Also, the public are awful. It's busy on the first 3 and a half days, on the final day we had to lock up and bolt down EVERYTHING to stop the unwashed masses stealing everything, including the chairs. On the morning of the final day someone even stole, I kid you not, a half drunk bottle of water.

        Dafuq seriously?!

          Yep. the general public go on a scab grab at Avalon. Anything they can lay their hands on.

          luckily at that point it wasn't my problem, lunchtime on the Friday was when we left.

            Okay, if I end up living there... *takes notes to lay bear traps*

    Re-posting for the new week! Only a couple of days to go! Exciting.

    @beardymcmuttonchops @beeawwb @cufcfan616 @dc @freezespreston @gutsoup @janexo @jimu @lambomann007 @popdart5 @sernobulus @strange @transientmind @welbot @virus__

    Hi Brisbinos,

    Less than a week until @cakesmith, @alexpants and I come to town. Let's properly organise some stuff.

    Our schedule:
    Wed 4th: Arrive a bit after midday
    Thu 5th: Movieworld* (let us know if you'd like to come with us)
    Fri 6th (Day): Wet n Wild* (let us know if you'd like to come with us)
    Fri 6th (Night): Buffalo Bar for dinner - Let us know if you're coming, we need to book
    Sat 7th (Day): No plans. Suggest something!
    Sat 7th (Night): No plans. Suggest something! Dinner? Drinks?
    Sun 8th: Leave

    * I'm thinking about flipping these days around because it looks like Thursday is going to be way hotter than Friday. Any objections to that?

    Freeze suggested Buffalo Bar on Friday night. Still need some ideas for what to do on Saturday day/night. We have no idea what is in Brisbane so please suggest away!

    Confirmed for theme parks so far:
    - Us three Sydneyers & Freeze.

    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Last edited 02/03/15 9:52 am

      Can do Friday night, but I'll probably be late depending on what time gets organised for the start. Mrs Bob is working the late shift so I've got to look after the kids until she gets home and then can make my way into town.

        I'm not sure of times yet honestly (don't know if we have to book at this place or what. Probably around 7-ish?), but I'm sure we'll be there for a while even if you can't make it for the actual dinner part.

        Last edited 02/03/15 9:28 am

          Yep, I probably wouldn't make it in to town til around 8:30~9:00 or so, but I know how these things go. There'll be plenty of goings on after the dinner itself.

      Yeah! I got invited out to a thing on Friday but it's not till like later in the Valley, so I am ALL FOR Buffalo Bar!


      Book me for a side of chicken horn on Friday

      I'm hoping for money this week, and I should be there :)

      Are you calling this the Sydney Invasion Meat or Not Without My Pants Meat?

        Sydvasion Meat!

        Why not both? "Sydney Invasion Meat: Not Without My Pants" Coming to a coastline near you!

    Hola Tay

    Hope you all had a good break from work, if that's your thing.

    On Friday I went to the "Bazinga Nerdlesque" show my brother was hosting. It was silly. The image of Spongebob sexy dancing is quite an indelible one.

    On Saturday I gave blood, then had friends over to play Magic. We had a very long game of commander which I managed to place second in by playing the one thing that mattered: The other players. After that, we drafted a box of Conspiracy, and I made a sweet Red White and Blue deck (America! Fuck Yeah!) that got me most of the way.

    Yesterday I woke up with a headache. so pretty much spent all day watching shit on YouTube.

    A Monday Morning Question: Tony Abbott continues to have spill rumblings against him and his ministry. What should be the ministry of TAY? I nominate @freya as Health Minister and @blaghman as minister of musicals culture

      I nominate myself as minister of defence

        Minister for Defence is a poisoned chalice.

          But it's Kotaku so BEAT UP ALL THE NERDS.
          I mean... save... all the nerds?

          Last edited 02/03/15 9:39 am

            Look at this SJW....

              I'd love to hear some of the gg idiots even try to define "social justice"

              or "privilege" for that matter.


                  Yay for being poor and ugly to drag my points down!

                  Holy shit, how the hell does "Jewish" get +25 over...


                  Red, don't question the idiocy

                  Hooray! 120 points!

                  Would have been more but the overweight and ugly face dropped it.

                  *daily privilege check*

                  *checks privilege*
                  I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow as well.

                  @redartifice Yeah, I'm not sure that I would want to go into that too deeply
                  Apparently if I was gay I would suddenly not be privileged to be a healthy white male in Australia with a decent job.

                  @tigerion it's typical idiot nerd stuff of attempting to quantify the unquantifiable, when the correct answer is "well, it depends and is relative"

                  So if I was the king of the UAE, I would be very underprivileged?

      I nominate @dc as the Secretary of Partying Down. Really though, anybody apart from Bitterman would be great.

      I just want to be a backbencher constantly calling for spills.




      I want to be the equivalent of Philip Ruddock, the party fixture for the past 150 years feeding off of the souls of new MPs to prolong my seemingly immortal existence as a Sith Lord.

      Minister for women


        I think you mean, Minister for... The Ladies.

        Awh, if only... I feel bad for the Office for Women in State government. They're so tiny and they get shuffled around between every damn portfolio multiple times per Machinery of Government changes.

        Last edited 02/03/15 10:41 am

          At one point I was the Minister for Women and I didn't even know..oh wait thats Tony

      I'll be Minister of Magic if I get decent free Quidditch World Cup seats

      I nominate @trjn and @freya as joint Ministers for Research and Development. Those new board games aren't going to make themselves. :P

        If thats the case you and @redartifice should be the deputy PM's *rolls dice* "Crit! Major changes to the budget"

          I just rolled a 1.


            Greetings! It's a *rolls* pleasure to meet you.

      @nobody for Minister of Science, as apparently that doesn't exist anymore.

        Holy shit that's an actual user with one comment

          Every time someone uses a joke tag, it always turns out to be a real person.

    God this is a shitty Monday; just realized I've missed a software training session I booked myself into >.

      If it helps, there were Windows 8 familiarization sessions I meant to attend, last week... going every hour on the hour every day last week, and I missed all of them.

    Morning all. For those who don't peruse the weekend news, The Game has been shortlisted in the 2014 Aurealis Awards for best graphic novel.

    Also visited @trjn and @Freya's place, so my kids could socialise the puppy. @blaghman was there too! Everyone was very patient while my kids wrecked the place, and we watched some of Monsters Inc.

    In gaming shenanigans, I finished off Uncharted Golden Abyss over the weekend, and Transistor too. Thoroughly enjoyed both games. Pushed a little into NG+ for Transistor, to unlock a couple more trophies, and will now be moving on to something else. I'm currently playing Kick and Fennick on the Vita, which is a free PS+ game this month, and is a rather enjoyable platformer.

      Thank you so much for coming over! Sorry I had to leave when I did.

      Also your kids really didn't wreck the place. Our place just hasn't really been designed with kids in mind.

        eeekkk don't remind me, mine isn't either.
        And there is movement at the station, I left her on those mats

          Go Tiglet! Is that rolling or just wiggling?

            A bit of both. She has the rolling down pat now, I swear she just rolls to whatever the opposite I put her down on. Put her on her tummy, she will roll to her back. Put her on her back, she rolls to her tummy. She also doesn't seem to want to stay on her mats any more, just rolls on to the floor next to them.
            She was actually pushing the washing basket around in that photo, she ended up almost getting it out of the room. It started next to the red chair with the blue throw cover that you can just see in the right.

        Nah, it's not too bad, actually. Other than keeping the boy away from your glass horse, there wasn't really a whole lot of damage they could have done. Also, we all had fun, so thanks for having us over! :) (cc @trjn)

    Hello, TAY. You're quite good at turning me on.

      PAAAAANTS! stop making out with your BOYFRIEND! I can hear it from HERE! it sounds like: *slurping noises*

        Oh no. Global warming?!


    Nothing like having your kitten waking you up in the morning, then proceeding to chase you hands that are under the blanket for a good 15 minutes. :3

      Wait for it to happen at 2/3 in the morning :P

        She sleeps in the laundry for now.
        Her bed, food, and litter box are all in there, so she's pretty good with it.
        Only trouble is her meowing and scratching to be let out at 8am.

    I've been looking at different 27" monitors for a bit now - does anybody use one here?

      I used to use one, a Samsung 275t+ (1920x1200) and I quite enjoyed it. I then switched to a Dell U2711 which was amazing, and the only reason I switched off of that was to go up to a 30" when I got a fantastic deal on a U3011. The extra vertical resolution made sense. 2560x1440 seemed weird when compared to 2560x1600.

        I've heard the U2711 is fantastic - unfortunately they're out of the price range. It's so tempting to just go bigger and better, I keep looking at my bank account to try and prevent "screen size creep!" Thanks for the suggestiongs!

          Yeah, the U2711 (and it's big brother U3011) are some of the best monitors I've ever used in terms of colour. If you don't need the wide gamut then any similarly sized and priced monitor should suit you fine.

          Realistically as long as you get the resolution to match the size (e.g. 2560x1440 is going to be far better than 1920x1200) you should be golden.

          Something like this might be good, if you're ok with Kogan?

      I have an older Dell 27" 2560x1440 and it's pretty good except for a bit of input lag and the fact that all the older Dell monitors have an issue where if you turn the monitor off while it's connected over displayport, it never comes back up without rebooting your PC. Which sucks. So I use DVI :)

    They weren't kidding when they called that a big breakfast. Should last me til I get home this afternoon though.

    Hi TAY. This weekend was awesome.

    Hey Taybes! Look what I gotttttttt :D :D :D

    Also, very excited about maybe meeting some of you on Friday? Eeeeep.

      Hot damn, that is a nice fence.

        Actually, it is the worst. It is literally falling away from itself in large chunks, but ha-ha joke's on everyone else/neighbour/landlord.

        But I do like the colour of it ;)

        Too bad there's some kind of motorised vehicle blocking the view