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    Mornin' peeps, whassup?

      Eh, I think my netbook is on the way out. It's old as all hell but even with the USB NIC I put in, the upload I started to youtube last night was at 75% when I went to bed last night and is at 98% now despite not being that big overall.

      Netlimiter is telling me that the transfer rate is flickering on & off at about 2K/s every so often, I'm guessing it's the machine rather than youtube or IE since I've never seen that behaviour from either of them on other machines... Might have to transition to using my media PC as an upload machine

    Anyone else toying with the idea of getting a Steam machine? I've looked at the Alienware Alpha, but it seems a little expensive for what it is. I like the idea of a single box for under the TV, and the execution and distribution of games seems good, but that price, wow...

      Do the prices get adjusted for Australia?

      ...Can we even order them here?

        JB hifi have them:

        I get that a high-end PC costs money to make, but these aren't really hitting the price point that'll make console gamers jump ship.

          That i3 isn't badly priced at all. I was looking at a similar specc'd machine for a file server kinda dealy, without a dedicated GPU and 4tb of storage it came to like 120 bucks less, with a lesser CPU, no wifi, no bluetooth and no operating system.

          I mainly play on consoles and I have a decent PC hooked up to a TV in the bedroom. There is literally zero reason I can see as to why I should want one of these things.

            because our lord and saviour Gabe Newell demands it!

          I will be interesting to see what other makers bring to the table. Alienware have always been super pricey. Probably not looking at a steam machine but the steam link is of great interest to me

      Nah I'm too addicted to building and optimizing my own stuff to do that... Whacked steamOS on a laptop once though, went: "Neat" and promptly installed Win7 on it again :P

      I can certainly see an appeal for a Steam Machine but there would have to be a significant price drop for me to even consider the notion of a PC dedicated to Steam

    Yesterday on Reddit, people were talking about sites they used to spend a lot of time on. Gaia Online came up. Holy shit did I spend a lot of time there.

    Gaia is a forum with little dress up dolls. To dress up your avatar, you need to earn gold to buy items. When I started back in 2004, earning 40,000g to buy some Fairy Wings from the store was considered a reasonable quest for new users. I went a little overboard and earned 400,000g to buy an Angelic Sash (a limited edition item you got by donating to the site) from another user.

    From there I became a bit of a market whore and when I quit the site, I had tens of millions of gold worth of items. Maybe hundreds of millions. The numbers are fuzzy because I didn't care.

    For reference, this is what my little doll looked like. I alternated between a male and female avatar based on what I wanted to look like, mostly because I was pretty rich.

    It turns out that after the site got sold off and they introduced some new stuff, inflation really took hold. My sash, that I paid 400k for and was worth several million when I quit, is now worth several billion. Dozens of items on my account are worth billions or even hundreds of billions of gold. My mule account, that I stored extra items on, is currently worth 4.5 trillion gold.

    It's honestly amazing to see how the economy of the site, an economy that was once carefully managed and only showing minor signs of inflation, has gone to complete and utter shit. Items that were unobtainable, even to someone like me who could earn ridiculous amounts of gold when that meant something, can be bought for a mere couple of billion gold.

    I'd love to see a proper analysis of how it all went to shit. A valueless digital currency made completely worthless after years of management. My basic understanding of how collectible marketplaces work comes almost entirely from Gaia. A basic understanding of how those marketplaces shit themselves would also be fun to have.

      I used to spend my high school years on a emulation forum. I think it's where part of my personality came from; especially where I became such a cynical, jaded old man.
      Sometimes I go back there and see what's up because old habits die hard I guess... but it's like... Do you guys ever run into old friends have a chat, and then come to the quick realisation that they're a-holes?
      And then you think "Oh my god... if they're a-holes, I must have been an a-hole! How did I not see this before? These people are the cancer of society!".
      I mean, at least with you guys, you're all jerks but we all know it.

        Let's put it this way, I was part of a group called Gaia's Prominent Members.

          In fairness, that was a time when the GD was pretty small and there really were a handful of standout members who everyone knew. Then those people receded into their private guilds or left Gaia.
          Then the GD got big, and everyone was trying really hard to be someone, to be the unflushed turd nugget in the mighty ocean of piss.

            The hangout threads in GD really helped keep things together. Booting everyone off into guilds kind of made it hard for any particular voice to stand out without spamming/trolling.

            Admittedly, I think at least one of us was involved in getting rid of the hangout threads from GD.

              The GD pretty much ground to a standstill during my month-long reign of terror as a mod. People realised how many of their "discussion" threads were really just bullshit spam/hangouts when I started turfing them to the Chatterbox and I think they ultimately decided they liked it better that way.

                Discuss: Cheese.

                  Wait are you... are you serious? Is cheese a slang word here, or can I finally throw down about my favourite Brie?

                  @janexo The General Discussion forum on Gaia (GD, where Kermi and I hung out) had a sticky outlining how threads were meant to be made. All threads had to generate discussion and people tried to get around it by adding "discussion tags". The example from the sticky about how not to do it was "Discuss: Cheese".

                  So yes, this is an in joke from a decade ago.

                  I logged back in and somehow successfully navigated to a list of my own topics, which includes a number of Chatterbox threads I created in a deluded attempt to unlock the "invisible" achievement, when for some reason I thought I was going to go back and actually spend time on Gaia again back in 2008.

                  I think I reached peak wankerness with this post, which was an expression of my feelings on "returning" to the GD after being away for a couple of years:

                  Title: Delusions of Grandeur

                  This common catchphrase is often associated with one who deems himself as much more than he in actuality is, based on a possibly whimsical but sadly often serious set of atypical, ever-chameleonic criteria. It is simple to dismiss such intentional or hypothetical fallacy for what it is and move along - why not allow them to torment themselves over desired peaks of accomplishment and renown? It does no harm to us.
                  Sadly it doesn't end here. It never end there. It is possible to delude oneself about the true nature of other things, those external to ourselves and therefore visible. Love can impose a temporary blindness but eventually yes, that metaphorical shine does come off the allegorical apple and now we are left with dull, unpolished fruit. Picture it filled with maggots if you like, the painting of a mental picture is no task that needs to be hurried.

                  How many bites of the maggot filled apple can you happily digest before one of those plump young larvae bursts on your tongue with a flavour explosion, not unlike (I hypothesize) sucking Skittles from a cat's anus? One bite? Two? Behaps you can gnaw away the flesh of your apple and let the core slide down your throat, but this is only evidence of your thick hide and probable sadomasochistic tendencies (not to mention the painful bout of diarrhoea you'll add to your ever expanding list of life experience). The illusions and delusions cannot fuel your imagination so fully for so long before you are forced to recognise something is out of place.

                  Perhaps you just noticed your lovers breasts are several inches closer to the ground than they were the first time to negotiated the curve of her spine and unhooked her brassiere single-handed, and that rather than herpes as you assumed the painful series of welts on your upper lip are caused exclusively her moustache.
                  It's not an easy feeling to accept and brings on a sensation of loss. I thought there'd be no feeling I could experience more chilling physically and psychologically than waking up in a bath full of ice with a phone number carved into my arm, but life is all about learning.


                  This was met with the response:

                  lol tl;dr
                  ED would bone off you

                  Which says it all, really.

                  Oh, and here's my little cyber dolly, unchanged for 1,565 days apparently.

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        I used to hang out on /b/ and hl2world's spin-off Flamehaus forum. So many a-holes

          Ha /b/ those were the days.. Got a mate who now frequents 4chan specifically /b/ makes me wonder if he missed out on 4chan in his teen years or something given the amount of stuff he links to me and my other mates from there lol.

            I don't know how anyone sticks around any of the chans for too long. I was on /b/ and /v/ for a decent while. Maybe a year or two. Once I left, I never looked back and any time I see chan culture pop up on other sites I just facepalm.

              Yeah, i'm not sure either.. There was this time in my teen years when 4chan was new and the cool place to go on the internet, but that soon fizzled out.

        Wait, when you were a teenager?

        Wasn't that when dinosaurs roamed the Earth?

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        For me it was Roleplaying MUSHes. I still have a few folks reaching out to try to tempt me to play again, but nooooooope. That hobby devours hours like no other.

        I do still have a few of the old chatlogs, though, fondly remembered. They were the primary tool for logging the RP, but a lot of nattering always got caught up in it.

        What it highlights is that I was a lot more naive, then. Also, much, much funnier. I wonder what happened...

      Holy fuck.. Gaia online, there's something I haven't been on in like 10 years..

      Reminds me what else I was apart of back then too, Pure Pwnage was big back then, that was a great community, made a fair few mates from that place. Same with a Green Day forum I was part of. When I think about it, it's kind of a shame forums like I remember are a thing of the past now.

        Places like Reddit have really killed the old BBS. Content driven sites with active communities are just much easier to draw people towards.

          True. Shame I think Reddits layout is awful, otherwise I may actually go there haha.

            You get used to it. Reddit Enhancement Suite helps.

      @kermitron You still have the zombie skin too. Damn. I kind of wish I had kept my colossal clusterfuck avatar.

      They made some changes to the avatar system at some point that stopped it from working. I also had a topless batgirl avatar at some point.

        I think it's a vampire skin actually, I'm not sure. It's very similar to the zombie skin but I think the eyes are different and there's a little fang in the corner of the mouth I can't change it to have a better look because it reverts to the standard anime-ish style when I change anything. I think awhile back they were going to make it possible to choose skins from old events since people liked them so much but I wouldn't be able to tell you how that's possible. The site is so different from when I last visited it regularly that I don't even know how to navigate it anymore.

    Overall a decent weekend this time around... Had a rather deep and long talk with the missus about where we're headed, goals, values and other things that are rather boring to other peoples people then her and me :P... Safe to say it put a lot of concerns and doubts at rest and I'm feeling pretty freaking happy with the future at the moment \o/

    Sunday was board games and more board games... Star Munchkin, Stone Age, Carcasonne, Ticket to Ride and Takenoko was played and it was great fun...

    Tops weekend all up 11/10 would play again

      Board games \o/

        I played so much Sentinels this weekend, both Tabletop Sim and Real-life Sim. GLORIOUS.

          I really should join you guys for table top sim... Give me a shout out next time you play and have a spot open, and I'll jump in as well... If you guys wouldn't mind of course

            I'm up for more tonight, personally!

              Depending on how late it is I may be too, I have to get up at 5 am all week so can't stay up too late because I'm an old man and need my sleep XD

          I like a game where I can play as a Time Cowboy and a Guy-that-can-turn-into-a-Crocodile

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        I think this is the most board games we've crammed into a day so far! We started relatively early though and most games were relatively quick, except for Stone Age and Ticket to Ride(Ticket to Ride was the fancy 10th anniversary edition which my brother-in-law paid way to much for as well!)

          I really want to spend just the right amount on the fancy 10th anniversary edition. One day, that might be possible.

            It is pretty amazing looking with its spruced up carriages, in individual tins etc etc but as far as I understand he paid a crazy amount for it... He wouldn't tell me how much aside from that is the most expensive game he owns :P

              That sounds amazing. I'm actually looking to buy Ticket to Ride atm, and this is very tempting...

                Ticket to Ride: Europe is probably the safer bet. Better map and it costs half as much.

                Sure, you don't get the shiny, shininess that is the Anniversary Edition but if you don't have any TTR games then Europe is the best starting point.

                  Sorry, I should have made myself clearer. I have played Ticket to Ride with my brother and family, but they live far away so it's time to get my own copy! Europe is still probably the way to go though, so I can introduce the game more easily to friends :)

      Ah, good old D&Ms with the missus. Not so fun but wholly necessary!

    Stumbled across a neat collection of vidya gaems yesterday.

    Hope ya'll are well on this fine Monday morning.

      Woah is right. I love the comments on the site, too.

      "I'm 27, but I would very much like to be adopted by this family."

      And my favourite: "I bet Gamestop would give you like ten bucks for that."

    I picked up Space run on the weekend, it seemed interesting and a "new spin" on the Tower Defence genre, where you have to build upgrades onto a cargo ship floying through space to defend it from pirates etc. It seemed like you would progressively upgrade your ship in some sort of career mode, facing an ongoing series of challenges.

    What you really get is a puzzle game where you have to run the same mission over and over until you figure out the perfect alignment of upgrades to adequately defend yourself then click like mad to repair everything between waves of almost impossible enemies. At first I thought "this game has a really steep learning curve" but that's not strictly true. The game teaches you the basics then you run into a wall. You spend three hours learning to climb that wall then when you get to the top you find out that the other side of the wall instead of an obstacle course, there is a vast maze with a single meandering path through the middle, and if you ever look down any of the side passages someone punches you in the face and makes fun of how stupid you look, bleeding like that.

    It was on sale for $3.74 USD ($4.98 AUD) and I am glad I didn't pay more than that.

    Looking for other tower defence-style games I remembered I have Castle Storm and spent a few hours on it again. Great fun.

    Last edited 09/03/15 9:44 am

      That exchange rate is pretty great!

        Damn it, I proof-read that post like five times because I can't edit posts at work and didn't see the missing decimal point. :P

        Edit: Never mind, turns out I CAN edit my posts at work now. I got a laptop to replace my PC last week so I guess this one actually works. All proofreading can go to hell!

        Last edited 09/03/15 9:45 am

      It is basically galaxy truckers the video game.
      I love galaxy truckers but considering the missus has spacial issues it isn't one that I'll buy
      I'm really enjoying it and will probably play it through until the end. It is a game that really appeals to me. I do love me some TD, it practically based on a board game I really enjoy and the humour in it hits just the right not for me.

        I loved most things about it - the humour, the style, the characters, the visual design, the mechanics, etc. I just don't like the way the levels are more of a level-to-level puzzle than a career progression. I guess I don't mind being destined to fail until I figure out the level and try, try again once you learn the pattern of enemies etc., but Space Run took it to a frustrating extreme, which is why I went running back to Castle Storm which is downright casual by comparison - as I'm sure you well know since you're at the top of my friends leaderboards on that as well. :P

          CASTLE STORM \o/
          Love that game, which I guess you could work out considering I've gone through and100%'d it

          I haven't had much trouble with space run so far, I didn't have to restart a mission until I got to Weirdling modules or whatever it is called. I think it will get very, very puzzle like if I decide to 100% it and trying to get 5 stars on all missions. So I can see where you are coming from but for me at the moment whatever on the fly strat I'm using seems to get me through

            Yeah, Weirding Modules was the mission I got up to as well. I tried re-doing some earlier missions to grind some upgrades to weapons and whatnot but it just made me lose interest.

    Busy weekend. Friday night I got invited around to Wingman's place, she had Pillowmaker and a few others over. Partway through the night I got a call from a highschool friend, turned out he was staying fairly nearby at his girlfriend's place, I usually end up staying the night so we organised to meet up for breakfast the next day. Had a good catch up, finally got to meet his girlfriend after god knows how long, then we went off to catch a movie, Focus. Though along the way I discovered that the grinding gravely sound I heard in the carpark was actually coming from my car's window, and on trying to take a (hands-free, of course) call in the car discovered that the window would no longer wind up. Great. So that was a pretty tense movie, sitting there hoping that my car would still be there when we got back. Thankfully it was, along with everything inside it.

    Got back home from that with just slightly not enough time to have a quick shave and shower before the Wingman and Pillowmaker showed up, being driven by another of their friends. They were going to Mardi Gras, and I got invited along so figured hey, never actually been before. Why not. Once we'd parked in the city, luck of all luck we managed to run into Sketchbook coming down the street. Don't think we've seen her since early last year. So she joined us for dinner, yet another good catch-up. Then we parted ways, and the rest of us went on a big long walk to go and stand around watching people bounce down a street. The ground seemed to be covered in a million pieces of gum, all our shoes were just caked with leaves and crap stuck to them. Weird.

    Yesterday was a total write-off, terrible terrible sleep. This morning I've taken my car down to get looked at, the guy reckons it'll be somewhere from 200-400 to fix. Oh and also on Friday night my Majora nXL sold for over $300, so that was nice. Just took it down to the post office to get sent off. Glad that's out of the way.

    Now to figure out what else needs doing. Spoiler: A lot.

    Last edited 09/03/15 10:10 am

      Oh yeah, the worst part. Saturday night was the breaking-in of the woodfire pizza oven we got Mum for Christmas. So I missed out on that :(

    Goooooooood morning pumpkins.

    Weekend rundown:

    Friday night: MEAT! Oh boy. Way less scary than I thought, and super good. Thanks to ALL of you Taybes, but especially to @alexpants for tolerating sitting next to me, @powalen for being very sweet and to @DC for making a girl feel special, haahah ;) Also, got far more drunk than I intended to, so oops.

    Saturday: nursing that hangover, good lord. Also being hung over in 33 degree heat at a children's party is weird. But I got to hang out with my brothers which was surprisingly funny.

    Sunday: went for a night ride and it was totally awesome.

    Here's to a good week!

      Was excellent meeting you! You were a hit! A HIT! *decisive nod*

      Don't know where you got 'sweet' from after that horrible first impression :P but it was great meeting you too! I had fun.

        True story, when I kept leaving the table I was going outside and pacing. I had a little freak out. XD

          On the plus side, contactable via SMS to order food.

          Take your victories where you can get 'em, right?

            You're still the TAYbie I find most terrifying to speak to one-on-one, so my freakout was compounded by the fact that I had to subject you to awkward hermit small talk. SORRY MAN.

              Awh, I'm not that scary, surely? That's kind of the opposite of what I'm going for with friends. Well, if there's anything I can do to put you at ease, lemme know. :)

                Nah, the problem is mine. I was just on high alert any way, because of all the people. ALL THE PEOPLE. *flails arms*

                  Yeah, it's always good to see everyone, but small meats are pretty great, too. You get to hear what everyone's saying without having your attention divided, or have to seat-hop like I did to make sure you can even just say hi to everyone.

          I figured it was something like that. Do whatever you need to survive, friend ;D

        Oh hush, you were all lovely and coy and polite, haha.

        Ooh, horrible first impressions? I need details.

        Is it better or worse than that time I introduced myself to Rocketto's Girlfriend by saying "My God, Rocket wasn't kidding when he said you were tiny!"

          Definitely not that bad :P I'm doing a write-up now.

          When I met Freya I said: "I thought you were a midget!"


    Gotta get ready for a 50 point Warmachine tournament.

      As someone who grew up playing Warhammer when I hear of 50 point games I think "wow that's a tiny game of 2-4 troops" even though I know better.

        A friend of mine wants to instruct me in the ways of 40K so he wants to kick things off with a 'small' game of 500 points and go up from there. I'm going to need a hell of a lot more models if we get to 2,000 points.

          Tanks tanks and more tanks (may not be the most flexible army but fills the points quickly) :) Any armies that you're interested in getting?

            I have some Eldar models that I'm looking to build on. Still need to get around to painting and assembling them as well so there's more time and money I need to spend.

              There's always more money to spend with Warhammer lol.
              A couple of different models that could change your whole play style.
              I found it helped a lot with my motivation when I made sure my models were assembled first and started playing with them. I got much more attached and quickly wanted to spend the time getting them up to scratch.
              Don't ever be afraid to mix things up either and do things that aren't in the conventional rules. Some of the best fun can be had that way if you and your friends agree lol.

      Are you playing the new league rules with the hero advancement? I've just joined a small local league and am currently trying to get enough experience to get my Skalock thrall to turn into a flying bomb.

        League is on but we weren't playing with those rules. It would be unfair for those who have managed to get a large amount of experience or those who weren't participating.

    My weekend was good - Luna Park on friday, Mardi Gras at a pub overlooking the parade on saturday and sleep yesterday.

    Also introduced Anton to Star realms, He really likes it too. So it looks like our current rotation of gamings will be Roll for the Galaxy and Star Realms. Until I get a new laptop that is. I'm really having withdrawal symptoms

    How is everyone else going?

      I picked up Star Realms from that Humble Bundle. Not sure when it's being shipped but I doubt I'll see it this month.

      I have the Android version though, should really give it a try.

        It's really good. I enjoy it a lot.

          People were talking it up right before the humble bundle hit. Then I got the bundle and suddenly everyone shut up about it.

        I ended up picking up an extra physical copy so I can play with 3 or 4 if needed :)

    Morning friends, happy labour day for everyone in victoria.

    I'm stuck in a completely empty office for the next 7 and a half hours because my helpdesk must always be manned when it's not a national holiday. I'm super sick and really didn't want to come in, but no one actually puts things through today and I get paid double time and a half, so I sucked it up, rode in and am getting some data entry done.

    I think I'm finally ready to move on from Destiny after it's basically sucked all my gaming time for the past 7 months, might give alien isolation some love. How is everyone?

      Oh man. I have to go back to Alien: isolation.
      I gave up in despair after the fucker caught me in a locker in the medical section. I had subconsciously been labouring under the delusion that I might possibly be the first person in the world to not die in the game. Now, in my head-canon, Amanda is dead and Sevastapol doomed.

      Turning up to work even when sick is totally virtuous and will earn you some karma to spend away on something truly sinful. Think of it as banking up fun sin later!

        Well, I took last thursday off because I couldn't keep my balance and everything was a fever dream ... figured it was safer to stay in bed than attempt the ride in. Came in on friday because I could stand and I genuinely hate having to spend half my day in a doctors office just for a medical certificate. Everyone was saying I looked like death and should leave, I ended up getting to leave 10 minutes early.

        In Alien Isolation, think I've gotten up to comms section where you're supposed to send a message to the Torrens and it just gut punches you and says no! go away! Probably the best and worst decision was to play that with my good headphones and that game becomes a fantastic creeping with noise maker at the ready simulator. My goal is to not encounter the alien at all. I'll make it feel so isolated!

          Yeah, that was my goal, too... then at one point, it just... well. You'll see.

          Damn if that thing isn't horrifyingly beautiful in the way it just kind of uncoils and almost drips out of the ceiling.

          I could be wrong, but that may be the part you get up to before the installation is complete? I haven't played nj ages either, I get to the part where you pick up the scanner for the first time but I ran away from the people and was too scared to get out of the locker lol.

            I was playing a bit more tonight, had my first death because I heard a noise, froze while I tried to figure out where it was and then an android was beating the crud out of me and I didn't want to use the handgun because noise. I've just found samuels and whats her face in the med sector and decided I'd had enough dread for the night

    Sia's Chandelier music video without the music is slightly terrifying.

      To be fair, the video's slightly terrifying with the music.

    Ooh also on Sunday I played a bunch of games!

    - Full Throttle (got a SCUMM emulator running, except my Mac is running Mountain Lion and there's a discrepancies with the OS's APIs, and anyway, it just meant I could only run it windowed, instead of full screen, but still, amazing as always).
    - CounterSpy (really fun, but the cover mechanic is a bit janky)
    - Hotline Miami (listening to a podcast instead of the -awesome- soundtrack actually makes that game easier)
    - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (totally bummed out by how bad this is)

      It's possible to play Hotline Miami without the soundtrack? Why would anyone do that to themselves?

        Have to agree. The soundtrack elevates Hotline Miami to being a truly great game. Just by itself the game can be frustrating but the music keeps you coming back.

        Oh, don't get me wrong - I looooove that soundtrack. I work out to it, but I'm so used to hearing it in long play because of that, you know? So it feels very disjointed only hear small segments of the songs during the missions, and I think that is a contributing factor to the stress and failure rate in the game.

        Some of the sequel's music is online, and sounds pretty good.

          Oh yeah, I saw that HM2 soundtrack just this morning on youtube on the way in to work! I'd been listening to the full run-through of the HM1 soundtrack but thanks to dicking around with itunes it wasn't on my phone and I'd had to go the rough and dodgy way of ripping from teh 'tubes.

          I didn't start listening to the soundtrack outside of the game until I had beaten the game. So it works just fine for me.

      I liked Sherlock but I went in with zero expectations and the first two cases are pretty average. But yeah, if you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it.

      FULL THROTTLE! *flails arms*

      Felt the same way about CounterSpy. Very fun most of the time, let down by mechanics for the rest.

        I must not have been paying attention to the tut for Counterspy, because I just kept doing missions for each side, not realising that was counter intuitive. Oops.

    Discuss: Cheese

    It's nutty, it's sweet, it's tender, it's smooth and it's criminally underrated and underused.
    Making a sandwich? Slap some Jarlsberg in it. It'll be great!
    What's that you say? You have a dairy allergy and can't eat cheese?
    I'm sorry, did I god damn stutter? The next time you make a sandwich, put. Some. JARLSBERG. In. It.

      I like kolbe

        Well,I'll just sit over here by myself in the corner eating this block by my lonesome *sobs*

      Jarlsberg is the standard cheese up in Denmark as opposed to cheddar down here... I have nothing else to add other than Jarlsberg is a pretty cool guy

      I'm not really a sophisticated cheese guy. Give me a bitey piece of aged cheddar and I'm pretty happy.

      I love me some strong creamy cheese. Triple cream brie and I are lovers forever.

      Yeah, I don't know from cheese much. I like brie and camembert, good and meltied on crackers (or pizza - thank you, Dominos for showing us the way! You're not as bad as everyone says!) but can never remember the names of the cheeses my fancier middle brother keeps trotting out.

      Except for blue cheese. Blue cheese makes me want to vomit. Because it smells like it. I remember THAT one, for safety's sake... to avoid it.

      Jarlsberg is amazing on anything. But for something on it's own, a good blue brie is where it's at. Or a nice, spicy, crumbly vintage cheddar...

      Haloumi cheese, I used to work in a Greek restaurant 10 years (DAMN IM OLD) that had an abundance of it so I are it all the time. Magnificent cheese, Greeks do food so well.

      As my palette slowly is refining I'm partial to Blue and I think it's Jarlsberg? Usually comes with a biscuit and dip platter.

      Last edited 09/03/15 8:41 pm

        Ooh haloumi! I make haloumi fries to go with delicious burgers pretty often.

          Haloumi fries?...

          You get it guy, you get what this whole food thing is about.

          We definitely need a TAYCook Up to enjoy the culinary genius some of us no doubt have!!

            Oh god, a TAY Cook Up would be the best!

   - Haloumi Fries

    Morning all. How was your weekend? I spent the weekend recovering from a cold that's lingered around, but Dark Souls finally "clicked" for me. Now I'm even more excited for Bloodborne

      Are you gonna start calling us skin bags too?

        I think I would need to at least beat the game until I get the ability to call people skin bags haha

      I'm going to guess that you rung the first bell.

      I caved and broke my self-imposed media embargo. Watched a half hour run-through of Bloodborne. I was swearing so much at the asshole who refused to stop and explore... anything, who was basically speed-running and being bad, but I think it was probably for the best. I want to do the exploring myself. If the demo-player had done all that exploring FOR me, I'd know what was in all those corners and wouldn't need to explore for myself.

        You would still want to explore only to make sure that they did not miss anything.

          Well, y'know. Gotta pick up all dem souls. Blood. Whatever. And constantly bash the X button in case of hidden bookshelf-doors.

          Last edited 09/03/15 12:20 pm

        I feel the same, though when I watched it I was specifically looking at how the combat differs, so I didn't mind too much.

    I had a pretty amazing weekend. Saturday I went to Hobart to see Ireland play Zimbabwe in the World Cup. It was a pretty brilliant game, probably the best match I've seen live. I also got to have Nandos for lunch, which is a real treat as we don't have Nandos in Launceston. Didn't get home until 2 am though, which sucked.

    Yesterday was pretty great too. Went to church and then spent the rest of the day hanging out with my mate John because it was his birthday. Didn't do a lot, just had lunch and watched Australia beat Sri Lanka. He lent me Old Man Logan, so I'll be reading that some time this week.

    All in all, pretty great.

    This can't be right, nobody seems to be reporting Fallout 4's announcement :-s

      Was the Bethesda press conference today?

        Nah, heaps of pre PAX articles predicting it. :-(

          Ah, I guess I'm normally more tuned into hype but I'd almost forgot about PAX until Saturday morning when I got a bunch of Twitter notifications blowing up about some apparent threat against Brianna Wu.

          Last edited 09/03/15 11:24 am

            Glad I missed that. Humans is jerks

              Allegedly it was one of the Enforcers, too. Tweeted a photo of her (which he presumably took while standing maybe 15 feet away) then said some shit about having a knife with him. Like, what the fuck?

                Awh hell, whaat? I thought the role of enforcer was a noble profession, one I aspired to myself one day! That's really disheartening. I mean, it's good to be able to actually find one of those normally-anonymous [CENSORED], but the betrayal... :(

                  You're surprised that those assbags would be attracted to the idea of being given a measure of power and control?

                Maybe he was using it as a warning to anyone trying to harass her?.. maybe? That's the best explanation I can come up with, the guy is obviously a dick.

    I have more things to do today than could possibly even by a miracle be completed in one day. *puts Dragon Age on instead*

    Can't wait for Bloodborne when I'll finally have something new to talk about! :P

    Good morning everyone. Hope you're all well. I had to put up with the semi-parade of people walking past my house to Soundwave over the weekend because apparently taking the bus there is too hard/not cool. I didn't get up to too much on the weekend. Cleaned house for a rental inspection on Saturday while Sunday was an attempt at playing RPGs but life intervened for everyone. That said, hell of a cliffhanger to leave on:

    That moment when you have a burst cannon aimed at the back of your head because a Tau Stealth Suit sneaked up on you.

    Today is looking like it'll be bad because the air-conditioning is on the fritz. Woo.

      Soundwave? That was Feb 28/March 1 in Brisbane at the RNA Showgrounds. It was Future Music Festival this past weekend lol :P

        Lol just goes to show how much attention I pay to festivals. My bad.

          Haha, all good. I only knew it was on this weekend because I saw a piece in the news about cops seizing something like 7,000 ecstasy tablets headed for the festival ha.

        Ooooh, so that's why there was all these extremely young people in barely any clothes at Central Station. Jimu and I were all: "THESE PEOPLE SHOULD COVER UP!" :P

          So. Damn. Old.

          Seriously though, I would have been the same.

            These people looked like they were 14, though. It was extremely confronting. Haha!

              Oh man, that's even WORSE lol. Still not as bad as the 18 year olds who're at their first festival as an 18 year old. So many annoying drunk girls in groups, that is scary :|

          Hahaha. Yep. Those people at festivals are so annoying too :/

    I must play this.

      I enjoyed reading that article because I played all of the King's Quests growing up. Hearing where the familiar names were at was like catching up with old friends.

      It's a good time for me to get back into adventure games - Looking after a child makes action/real time games difficult as you constantly have to divide your attention, but solving puzzles at a leisurely pace with my kids sounds like fun.

      But seriously - WHERE IS MY NEW QUEST FOR GLORY?

        I bought the Sierra Bundle on about a year ago. Every Space Quest, Police Quest, King's Quest and Quest for Glory. Dutifully installed each and every one.

        Have not played any of them. I might make that my mission now, once I finally finish the Broken Sword series and various Wadjet Eye games....

        I loved that game when I was a teen. It was pretty subversive by those day's standards. I heard there was a remake, with the main character as a woman instead, which I had pretty high on my internal list of things to get to on the pile of shame. But I now can't find anything about it...

          Do you mean this game that is easily accessible via steam and free to download

            Quite likely! That sounds very familiar, even though I can't view it here.

              It is. Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok
              I have in installed and ready to go but haven't got around to playing it yet

            Cheers mang! I don't know how I missed this - Now I've got to fight this off so I won't skip footy training tonight though :P

    Labour Day! \o/
    Spent most of the weekend playing FIFA 15 on PC.
    I'm eyeing off an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows...
    Also, I picked up a decent tablet stand from Aldi yesterday.
    And Max won't stop cuddling and biting.

      If you don't mind the extra cost, I'd recommend an XBone controller. Just plug it into the PC with a micro-USB cable.

    Hola Tay

    My weekend is still ongoing, it's the Adelaide Cup here!

    Friday night went to the ancestral home, as my cousin and his wife are over from Canberra for a visit. Played with the puppy, who really needs to get out of her jumpy habits.

    Saturday morning, went to a mate's at gawler to help him build his Pergola. Progress was made, but pretty sore after. Sat night went to the Royal Croquet Club (part of the fringe) then to Set List, as my brother was doing a spot.

    Yesterday had a bit of a nothing day, then went in to the Garden of Unearthly Delights with friends for some drinks. Night there was cut short though when I got a worrying phone call from my cousin, who has been a bit distant from the family for a little while. Raced out to see him, he's in a pretty bad way, depressed. Sat with him and chatted for a few hours, gonna run interference for him for a bit while he contacts a help service (and if he hasn't by the time I check in with him I'll ring them with him). A bit of a worrying thing to deal with, but at least he reached out to someone.

    I was supposed to go help with pergola part 3 today, but given I didn't get home till 3am I piked. Plan for today is to chill, maybe watch a stream or two, and at some point have the conversation with my aunt which promises to be fraught.

    A Monday Arvo question: pergolas are cool, I guess, but which video game structure do you really want to see built?

      The mothership from Homeworld. Or just its scaffold, if a spacecraft seems like cheating.

      (Edit: Wait... ARVO? It's not afternoon ye--ohgodwhathaveIdonewiththeday?!)

      Last edited 09/03/15 12:52 pm

      Temporal Tower? I don't know. Maybe the Cortex Vortex. Or maybe the party zeppelin in Just Cause 2.

      Ooh ooh! Great Wall from Civ! That thing was awesome for defense in the early game. It would be great if that existed in real life.

      Was just thinking about it the other day, one of those massive 'Eco domes' from SimCity. Can't remember what it's called but I always remember putting up about 10 in a city lol.

    Just tried making a foamcore insert for Suburbia. I gave up before making the outer shell bit. I'm sure I can manage to play the game just fine without mucking about anymore.

      What's it like to work with?

        Not that terrible. Getting a clean cut can be difficult. The problem there might be more to do with my knife than the material. Getting a clean 90 degree cut is where I'm really falling apart. If the cuts aren't square then the whole thing is going to fall apart.

        I don't know how to make the cuts square.

          I don't know if something like this would help?

            Probably but this is also something I don't really want to invest too much time and money into.

            If I can spend a couple of hours putting something together so a game with terrible storage can be busted out quickly, so be it. I don't think that's ever going to be the case. Dumping Agricola into a Plano and some deck boxes worked. Anything more complicated is probably stretching it.

              yeah gotta agree with you there. I tried a 3dprint but it ends up being not worth it.

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