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    Hey everyone. Second bookmark done
    Please give me your opinions as I rely and your advice. Yes, you! At the screen!


      Nice, I really like that!

      Did you go with bigger boobs in the end? (Asking the important questions!)

      Another awesome bookmark I want.
      Why do you have to make awesome stuff I want?

        When I print the samples, I can put some aside if you want

          Ill take one pwease

            Okay, um, I'll need to figure out costs and stuff. I didn't expect this response

          Now that would be awesome thank you.

            I'll need to know which ones you want, so wait until they're all finished.

    Morning all!

    I finished Beyond Two Souls last night. I really enjoyed it!

    Currently debating whether or not I want to go back and replay some of the chapters to see different outcomes and collect some of the remaining trophies. Undecided!

      I wouldn't. Own your story, Shane! :D Glad you liked it, my friend!

        Didn't really engage the Emotion Engine (TM) in the same way that Heavy Rain did, but it was a good story, and well told. And the acting, facial expressions and animations were unbelievably high quality. More than worth the $12 I paid.

      There are no different outcomes.

        The outcomes are all flipping jokes >:/

          The ending I picked was one where everyone survived (only I didn't get the Save Everyone trophy because I stupidly made Aiden put Norah out of her misery) and Jodie went to live with her once-homeless friends, and realised that the kid was one day going to have to save the world.

            That is the best of the lot of them. Let me know if you want me to tell you the others. I won't even mock them. Much.

              Nah. Thanks, though. There's always a chance I'll go back and play them all.

                Let me know if you do, so we can discuss them!

                BUT I do need to say; HOLY HELL DOES THIS GIRL GET WANGED IN THE HEAD AND CRY A LOT. Those aren't even spoilers. Just two things that happen CONSTANTLY.

                  and you're forced to have a boyfriend. Even if you keep rejecting him. The only way to finally get away from him is to kill yourself (that's not a joke, that's an ending you can choose)

                  @janexo is that what you mean when you say she gets 'wanged' in the head? That she can't stop having boyfriends? :P

          If you look at the ending credits you'll see outcomes different from what you got. If you choose the sacrifice ending, the person is still located at the ending scene.

            THANK YOU. Holy shit. My whole problem with those endings is like, "And then I chose to date.... THIS GUY! " and if you choose to be alone, she just effing cries the whole time, like, "Boo hoo, I'm so alone without a man." UGHHHHHH.

              Someone actually re-wrote the script to remove all the plot holes and gave it to David Cage, who admitted that it was terrible (he says this about all his games).

              It's so bad that the game had to create an anti-ghost belt. Because they couldn't figure out how to move the characters through an area they would die immediately in.


      I need to get that so Mum can watch me play it. She loved Heavy rain

        Same, my wife actually enjoyed watching me play Heavy Rain, which strangely enough I never finished for whatever reason, sold it a while ago, I'll have to grab it again one day.

          It's the only time Mum has asked me to play a game so she could find out what was happening next.

            Say what you will about Quantic Dream, but goddamn do they know how to tell a compelling story.

              I honestly don't understand QD hate. Near as I can tell, they're some of the best storytellers in gaming, and their games are stunning and extremely well-produced.

              Is David Cage a massive dick or something, or does he Peter-Molyneaux-overpromise?

                Neither. People like to snub QD games because they don't think they're "game"-y enough. They also like to laugh at David Cage because he is extremely earnest.

                  UGH. People. I should have known. >:(

                  It was much easier being a QD fan back in the Fahrenheit days when no one knew who they were. And it was OK for things to not be 'perfect'.

                  David Cage is like a Peter Molyneux that doesn't lie.

                Although...weren't you on the hate QD bandwagon a while ago? Or was that just to mess with @dc? :P
                I seem to recall you being very scathing about the "plot hole" in Heavy Rain.

                  Although I don't remember what I said, I hope I wasn't scathing. It was a disappointment given the quality of the rest of the game, but the story overall was so well told and engaged the Emotion Engine on so many occasions that I hope I landed on the side of forgiveness/fanness. If I didn't, I guess I'm a hypocrite. Or a people (ugh).

                  But I've never been a QD hater. I loved what I played of Fahrenheit way back in the day, and enjoyed Heavy Rain greatly, despite the issues those games had.

                  Edit: and I have been known to mess with @dc in the past. It may have been that.

                  Last edited 16/03/15 9:36 am

          Heavy Rain I enjoyed a lot, except for, well, certain parts (ie, his fricking wife at the start - nag at me for putting out dishes too hard, will you!). Not sure if you ever saw the Taxidermist DLC, but holy hell that was actually terrifying. Like, that felt like survival horror.

            I used up about 3 years of QD spectator credit when I platinumed Heavy Rain... I think it's just about been long enough now that I won't be risking any major trauma if I fire up Beyond: Two Souls.

            Also for some reason the compression of time in some scenes really bothered me.

            "You're TERRIBLE at looking after our son!"
            "Well excuse me if it took me half a fucking hour to figure out how to operate a microwave, and I can only perceive one out of every fifteen minutes!!"

            But other than that, it was amazing. And I did not know there was DLC. Er... thank... you? I may regret this.

            Last edited 16/03/15 10:10 am

              Yeah, the story was really interesting. And yeah, the DLC! Oh man. It's not long, but it's good. Kinda like proof of concept in a way, just showing what else they're capable of.

                There was supposed to be a whole season of episodic DLC content but sales of the game/The Taxidermist were underwhelming and Sony pulled the plug. Shame. I really liked it.

                  Yeah, they were all set to concentrate on the Move stuff instead; what a dang waste.

      I did and I enjoyed it enough. If you aren't fussed about the platinum then there are a few bits that are a bit tedious (like replaying the desert chapter) that I'd avoid.

        Ugh, goddamn, I had to play that three times as it was.

        First time, I tried to heal Paul from a distance, concluded that I couldn't do it, and accidentally progressed the story before I got to him. Second time, I did it right, but accidentally selected the wrong option in the replay chapter bit and the save game wasn't overwritten. Third time, I saved Paul and saved the game, too.

        Last edited 16/03/15 10:39 am

          Oh man, that must have been painful. It was OK playing it once, but once you know what is going to happen story-wise, it just becomes so painfully drawn out.

            Once I realised that once the talking starts, Jodie can pick default options if left to herself, it wasn't so bad. It still took 45 minutes to beat the chapter at max speed, but I was really only on call for about half that time. :P

    Blaghs came over on the weekend and we played some board games.

    Kolejka is a pretty cool guy. It lets you mispronounce words in Polish and stand in line. Would recommend.

    SO @DC guess what? I watched Jane Ng's art production video for Firewatch, and ooh what's this I notice - 'Press triangle to keep whiskey.'



    Last edited 16/03/15 8:46 am

      HEY JANE! You're still terrifying! That is all!

      Last edited 16/03/15 9:45 am

        Wait, what's terrifying about her? I didn't get a good look at the meet. (Spelled properly because the other way would definitely be misconstrued.)

        Last edited 16/03/15 10:00 am

          Feeling a bit sensitive about the word are we. ooooohhhhhh what have you got to hide

            Well, it USED to be meat stuck between my teeth, but I've got that problem licked now. More on this in a separate post!


            I am disturbed and intrigued by your hobby of expelling foods through your nose. Is it something to do with a different kind of nutrient absorption, or is it more of a ballistics challenge? Going for distance, skill shots and whatnot?

              I think it's that I tend to clamp my hand over my mouth when I'm laughing, and as such, any items in my mouth only have one way out when the giggles start to come.

              Once, when I was 10, I got a jellybean stuck up my nose at a sleepover and I panicked like crazy, but then I sneeze and it shot across the room and landed in the host's bed. No one saw, and I never said anything.

                Now I'm doing it, at the mental image of 10yr old Jane haunted by guilt over the nose-bean in the bed.

                  Mmhmm. I even tried to get her to swap, but she thought I just wanted to sleep in her bed instead of in a sleeping bag.

                  And I never saw her again after primary school, either. She could be dead. Now I'll never have closure.

                Obviously it was a jellybean-related death. You will take this responsibility to the grave.

                  In funnier facts, my high school bully totally died. I found out last year. She's dead. And I was like, "Oh... well, good. Bitch."


    Freedom Wars is pretty great. It's pretty much a modified Monster Hunter game, if you're looking for an estimation of what's in store. But if you're familiar with God Eater on PSP, it has more in common with that, I'd say. It's pretty cheap, and definitely worth the entry fee - but depends if 'hunting' games are your thing.

      @jimu apparently didsn't like God Eater :(

        I'd probably give Freedom Wars a miss then.

          Eh, I do like GEB, just started playing

          I don't like Monster Hunter

            Could have sworn you were saying on Twitter that you weren't enjoying God Eater...

              Bad tweet?

              I think I was saying I was having fun but the chracters hadn't grabbed me. Was more interested in the concept.

              I think, I was asking if it delves deeper into how the monsters came to be etc.

          I'm enjoying the Toukiden demo.

          Which is better, Toukiden or Freedom Wars?

            & I think I just don't like the feeling & aesthetic of MH.
            These post apocalyptic anime games I do.

            Don't get Toukiden. The expanded re-release, Toukiden Kiwami, is out on the 27th (PAL) or 31st (US).

              Yeah, I saw, gonna check the expanded demo.

      I'm unsure how to customise bullets in GEB

    Morning all. What did you get up to? A mate came around on Saturday and we spent it playing Nidhogg, Mario Kart 8 and Nuclear Throne. Nuclear Throne co-op is absolutely crazy. So much on screen and just 320x240 to play it all in. We died a lot, but had heaps of fun!

    Last edited 16/03/15 9:36 am

    Hola mi amigos. How were your weekends? Mine was good, didn't do as much gaming as planned, but it was relaxing.

    Also, how did I not know about this.

    Thank you @freezespreston for tweeting it, otherwise I wouldn't have known about it.

      They're the best thing on Youtube. Do yourself a favour and dig through their pat videos. I especially like their Call Me Maybe and Juat Dance covers.

        The Blank Space one was really good, too. The singer owned the role completely. It was an actual performance rather than just a recital like you normally get.

    In the post two thouuuusand! In the post two THOUSANDDDDDD.

    This is my 2000th post! I wanted to make it in TAY, rather than on some dumb article where I add a hearty and pointed 'lol' at something.


        I had to go and check just in case this was your 2000th comment.
        Looks like it was closer to 12000.

          Only the finest content for post #12,441.

    Oh, more important: yesterday, my eldest kid came eighth in a Mario Kart race! I think I was more excited than she was. \o/

    Had a pretty amazing weekend which, for me at least, started on Friday. I went out to lunch with my parents and uncle and got given two movie tickets as a birthday present.

    Saturday (my actual birthday), my landlady gave me a $30 Village Cinemas gift card, then I walked into town for my weigh in. My last weigh in 2 weeks ago, I'd put on 2 kilos, but I'd lost it again. Then I went down to Hobart with a mate to watch Australia play Scotland. The match was disappointing for two reasons: Scotland's batting and the rain, although that didn't prevent Australia getting the win they needed.

    Yesterday, I had church, which I always enjoy because I get to talk to a lot of my friends. After church, my mate John and I went to Hog's Breath Cafe and I had Steak and Calamari. Not cheap, but pretty damn good. I also watched A Million Ways to die in the West and Anchorman 2.

    I want more weekends like this please.

      Upvote for A Million Ways To Die In The West and Anchorman 2.

      Best Anchorman 2 scene.

      Last edited 16/03/15 9:11 am


        How could I not? Curly fries are awesome.

          Agreed. We went to Adelaide a year or two ago, and one day we went to Glenelg, awesome I thought, I know there's a Hog's Breath here, so we'll go there for lunch. It came to lunch time and my son was all like "I want McDonalds", I said "Buddy, there's a McDonalds where we live, we can have that anytime we want, let's just have a look at the menu out the front". So we went there and looked at the menu and said to my son "Hey, they've got Hamburgers, and look they've got curly fries", to which he promptly replied " No, I don't want Curly Fries, I want straight chips". So guess where we went.

          Not gonna let him get his own way next time, haven't been to Hog's Breath in sooooo long.

            My son loves Hog's Breath. Not the food, though (everything on the kids' menu is godawful), just the place. I reckon he'd even quite happily just sit there while I ate something and he had nothing.

          I got a giant bag of waffle fries from Costco yesterday and deep fried some to go with dinner. They're even better than curly fries!

        I don't even know what those are. A thing I hear about on American TV.

      A Million Ways would have been a fantastic 90 minute movie but instead it chose to be 2.5 hours and ruin any pacing and made all the jokes outlive their welcome.

    I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday, so my alarm going off this morning was a huge surprise.

      I've actually started setting a 'bedtime' alarm for myself, now. It doesn't kick in on Friday or Saturday nights, but it does on Monday nights.

      Still a very unpleasant surprise, but one that sets expectations for the rest of the week. :P

        I should probably do this to stop the oh-god-I-thought-I-was-feeling-tired-it's-2am weekends...

          Exactly my reasoning. I have a nasty habit of binge-gaming on Friday night because it's not a school night and everyone's up and being talkative and exciting (peer pressure!) and then I fuck up my sleep schedule for the rest of the day and the day after.

            Yeah, my sleep schedule is completely fucked due to my circadian rhythm naturally being slightly out (left to my own devices and if I'm properly rested I don't feel sleepy until 1am) and the fact my place is really quiet and there's no one around means I can easily get lost in a game and find it's way too late. Even during the week, I'll often not get to bed until after 12 because I just lose track of time and then I'm often up early and get progressively more tired then sleep in way too late on the weekend and it becomes self-perpetuating.

    Guys. GUYS.

    Go and grab Plug N Play off Steam. It's $3 and takes about 10 minutes to play through but it's going to be one of the games that sticks in my head for the longest that I've played for a while.

      And yes, this is Freeze recommending an art experience.

      Someone check to make sure hell is still okay and the pigs are firmly grounded.

        No can do, when the pigs start flying Admiral Porky has declared that the end of days for humans and I for one welcome our delicious when cooked overlords


    9 days to go.


    Here are some #PS4Share images from the game:

    NG+ is going to be a huge challenge. The developers are having trouble beating it.

      Going to the launch event next week \o/

        Do you know what's going to be happening at the event?

        Also, #JEALOUS

          I don't. I get to go courtesy of @alexpants winning a pass from that competition.

          So keen. So very, very keen.

      I have to wait three weeks :(

        But you'll be in Bloodborne Central (Japan) when the game is released. There could be all sorts of awesome shenanigans to get involved with. \o/

          Except for playing the game. Man. So hype, I need to have a word with my EB peeps and see if they'll hold a copy for me for a few weeks.

          ...I may possibly be overestimating the public hype and sales frenzy around what is in all probability a kind of niche title.

            I'm seeing a hell of a lot of advertising for it. Not just on the internet (which is probably targeted towards me because I google Bloodborne at least three times a week), but also in store at EB and etc.

            Edit: my point was I suppose that even though it won't sell like CoD, it'll almost certainly do pretty well for itself. I think it'll probably be straddling the line between niche and mainstream.

            Last edited 16/03/15 10:11 am

      I have never followed any of these links but I appreciate the chugging of the hype train.

      Paid off my CE and the PS4 is ready to go.
      Hopefully with a decent connection this time around the multi may be less laggy.
      Have you seen any news about server related things - will we be stuck on EU servers like Dark Souls? (Dark Souls was Bamco both times around but I thought the Sony published Demon's Souls got a better local treatment when it eventually arrived)

        No word yet, but I recommend you follow this discussion. Some folks are trying to contact FROM about it right now.

          I did one tweet at Sony/PlayStation AU and got deafening silence in return.

      The countdown timer on my PS4 is such a tease. Perfect release timing to ruin my university assessments...

    Alice's potty training is almost complete. She's going to the door to be let out to pee and not automatically going to the laundry anymore.

    Of course, she managed to pee inside twice while Blaghs was here on the weekend and again this morning when I fell asleep on the couch.

    Most importantly, my finely honed mopping skills are starting to go to waste \o/

    I asked this on Twitter last night, and I didn't get a reply. Focus or Chappie?

      I would probably watch Focus, but given the choice Chappie would win hands down every time, super keen to see it, slightly bummed that we may not even get it here.

        I'm leaning towards Focus, as I think it finishes on Wednesday, although I could see both. I'm just trying to decide what I watch today.

      Oh! Chappie is silly, but fun. Good animatronics/CGI, Hugh Jackman lunacy mullet. Focus looks too obvious and no chemistry between Big Willy Style and girl who is best friends with someone I used to work with.

      *these opinions are not my own, but that of an Internet reviewer I half-listened to*
      From what I've heard, Focus is a really good movie in the first half, but runs out of steam too quickly. Chappie is apparently a movie of frustratingly squandered potential, but I guess some people will like the choices the director made. Plus, it looks pwetty.

    Hola Tay

    Busy weekend. Went to a housewarming Friday, which turned into a Big Night, drank a lot and then went to Cafe de Vilis at 2:30. Saturday was a little rough, but retrieved my car then had coffee with the 'rents and my brother.

    Yesterday, I went with my Grandpa to sort him out with a new phone- he has finally entered the world of smartphones. Had one tech support call already (Plan is he gets this phone then uses the wifi hotspot instead of his internet dongle) but it's not too bad- given how he uses his computer, I figure he'll play with it and work it out and I'll take any more calls he needs to sort it out.

    Last night went to a Nepalese restaurant with people. I'm pretty sure I'm still full.

    In and around all this, I played a bunch of Cities: Skylines. Really cool game, I'm working on a map based on Adelaide, but I've had some issues with groundwater- one misplaced water tower near an incinerator killed off about half of my population, and my people were getting sick until I realised that the model of the Torrens river they used was running the wrong direction

    A Monday Morning Question: Grandparents and technology! If you could introduce one game to your grandparents to say "this is what gaming is like," what would you pick? I think my Grandpa would be amused by something like Cities: Skylines, but I'd probably start him with a golf game

      Well my grandparents are all dead, so maybe like, The Walking Dead. Holololol.

        I'm in the same boat as you, so i'll go with your answer :P

      People getting sick from the Torrens, sounds like an accurate model of Adelaide to me.

        If you're stupid enough to drink from the Torrens, you deserve to get sick.

        Yeah, but there's getting sick from deliberately drinking from it, then there's getting sick because it's not behaving how a river should

      My Grandmother was undefeated at Wii Bowling three Christmas' in a row.

      An original GameBoy with Tetris.

        No wait. Gramps wouldn't see the screen even with glasses on.

        Daytona USA arcade version.

      Hmmmmm maybe one of the flight sims. WW2 based with accurate aircraft design.
      Otherwise maybe on of the sim games, he would probably be all over something like aviation mechanic simulator

    I just accidentally said that Captain James Kirk was born in Ohio instead of Iowa; and the fact that I was embarrassed I got it wrong is more nerdy than the fact that I care about it.

    Hey guys and gals. So this weekend I went to the fringe festival and saw a show by a feminist ex stripper (Her words not mine).

    I got pulled up on stage to look awkward as the mighty mouse theme ( dressed up like this , sing along to Ironic by Alanis Morissette, do the splits with a pancake in my mouth, throw pancakes at the crowd and then wrestle ironically with her on stage for the WWE heavyweight championship.

    10/10 Fringe experience would Fringe again. Do recommend.

    Now all I have to do is watch out for Brock Lesnar and John Cena trying to reclaim the title.

      Cena is chasing the US Championship. Lesnar is a bit more of a problem and there's always the chance Rollins will cash in his Money in the Bank on you.

        I mean I was really the wild card to win. Lets be honest. Circumstance was everything.

        Cant count Reigns out with that superman punch, lets not forget there is talks that Rollins MITB could be put on the line against orten at WM

    What are your thoughts on the Jeremy Clarkson debacle? I'm not 100% sure what happened, but I think he allegedly went on a drunken rant at his producer about there not being a hot meal available in the hotel he was staying and then punched him in the face.

    If it is true he needs to be punished, but at the same time no-one (myself included) would watch Top Gear without him, I don't mind captain slow (James May), but Clarkson really makes the show.

    They either need to make him issue a public apology and dock his pay, or just cancel the show completely.

    Also, what's gonna happen to the Top Gear Festival in Sydney next month? Are they still gonna show up, or will they cancel it?

      He's had his chances. If he did punch a producer, they should axe him.

        I agree with you... but sadly, it's more likely that the producer will be fired, and life will go on as it did for everyone else.

          If the producer gets fired, he can probably sue the shit out of the beeb.

            Oh, I'm sure it would be a generous redeployment rather than an out-and-out sacking.

        Like I said, he needs to be taught a lesson, but if they fire him, they might as well cancel the whole show.

          Eh, I said this to @virus__, but no man is bigger than the BBC. Clarkson has been warned and warned and warned, yet continues to be a cock then claim he's being censured. He's a bully.

            I mentioned this in a reply to Tranisent yesterday, why has the BBC, along with Top Gears Producers, Directors, Lawyers etc.. Allowed Clarkson to get away with what he has said & done on the show as well, since that is where 99% of the complaints about him have stemmed from. It's been things he has said on the show which they let go to air. If it's so wrong don't fucking air it, by doing so he gets away with it and it only makes the BBC look weak.

            But then again, i'd be certain they do that to keep the idiots who chant for it happy, and their fat Top Gear cash rolling in.

            I like Top Gear because it is entertaining and they play around with cars I can only ever dream of driving, and all that fun stuff. I don't watch it for the racist or bigoted things Jeremy says or does, but apparently too many do if the network keeps letting him be this way.

              It's the international rights, really, that are the most valuable part of the program, but at some point they need to draw a line under it. Especially as a taxpayer funded institution, they really can brook no tolerance for this.

                Easily. When you broadcast into 170+ countries every week with 350 million people allegedly tuning in, makes sense.

                Sure they do, and everyone who has let Jeremy get away with his behaviour including Jeremy has to answer. It's not just him who has created this monster, and it would be stupid to just blame him.

      I've heard so many variations on this story I just don't care now. I only care that the only motoring show worth watching has been canned for the foreseeable future, and as @transientmind said yesterday we will probably never hear what really went down, only every elses version. Shame.

      If the BBC, Clarkson & the producer in question cared for the fans and the future of the show they would sort this out and publicly address it in proper manner. The fact everything we is basically media speculation really says a lot about the professionalism of the BBC.

      Also I wonder who own the sole rights to Top Gear, shame it is probably the BBC, would be hilarious if Jeremy, James & Richard did, would mean they could walk from the BBC and take it to someone else.

        BBC own the rights.

        And "caring for the fans" doesn't mean giving Clarkson sway over the BBC.

          Way to twist my words there, Red. Good work, for once i'm not defending Clarkson and you still spin it that way, what's the problem?

          I'm actually referring to the fact this so called inquiry from the BBC looking into the matter has said nothing on the matter, something which the fans on internet wants to know more about. Staying silent doesn't look good for them in a lot of peoples eyes.

            I'm saying that the BBC need to be a responsible institution and deal with this the way any institution should- as an isolated incident, if someone punches a subordinate they should really be fired on the spot. If they're going to do it properly, they can't let fans be a consideration- it's an internal process, and frankly these things should be investigated and dealt with internally before any communication with the outside world is made. Otherwise you risk the popularity of one man and his program outweigh the proper course of justice and procedure for any workplace issue, which is not OK, especially for a public institution.

              and for all we know there could've been good reason why he hit him.

              Lets just say the producer provoked him and then Jeremy lashed out striking him, so by what you're saying here Jeremy & only Jeremy should be punished whilst the other party in question gets away with bullying tactics? Sounds like how my first high school dealt with bully's by reprimanding those who tried to stop it and letting those who initiated it get away scot-free.

              I'm not saying that happened, but by your logic here you make it sound like that's what should happen regardless of what truly happened.

                Good reason why he hit him?

                Fuck. Off.

                It's a WORKPLACE. It's not a schoolyard. Unless you're a boxing coach, there's absolutely no good reason to hit anyone for any reason. IDGAF how stressed you are, or if it's been a long day's filming. Do you really think that's ever OK?

                An investigation needs to determine what happened. If Clarkson punched someone, it needs to be dealt with accordingly, and Clarkson is the one who's been on warning after warning. Now there may be a mitigating factor here, but I doubt it (though my doubts are no factor in this) and that's why there needs to be an investigation free of outside influence.

      One thing that seems to be forgotten in this is how highly sensitive the Beeb has to be at the moment to any sort of covering up of bad behaviour by presenters/staff. There's a massive ongoing investigation into harrassment/assault/sexual impropriety, and more and more is still coming out about how badly handled things have been right back to the 1970s. Simply sweeping any altercation under the carpet can't happen any more.

      So at the very best interpretation, Clarkson's been warned before, something happened, he's been suspended. He'll serve suspension then all will go on as always.

      As has been pointed out elsewhere, no-one is bigger than the show. It's a tired format, and they need to shake it up. This does not mean being ever more outrageous, offensive and inciting. It means bringing in some new presenters for some segments and gradually transitioning/evolving the show to keep with the times.

      22 seasons is ridiculously long. Maybe it's time to call it anyway?

      I just really like the show and want it to continue with Jeremy Clarkson at the helm.

      As for the rest... *shrugs*


    Still nine days. OMGerrrrrrd.

    This NEOGAF thread discusses an article on Bloodborne that appeared in EDGE magazine, and has some information about the game based on their experience with it (take it with a grain of salt, though, as there are some disputes in the comments about accuracy.
    Playthrough did not involve Chalice Dungeon or multiplayer.
    • This is not an official review/no score, despite the cover of the game saying "THE VERDICT"
    • "Bloodborne is Hidetaka Miyazaki's brutal riposte to the section of his playerbase that thinks it has seen it all before."
    • Merchant sells a clip-on lantern (hello Demon's Souls augite).
    • "Yharnam spends the game in the grip of a perpetual night...that can only be brought to an end by the player finding and finishing off the source of the scourge of beasts." (this could be referring short term like...defeat a major boss, get some daytime, or overall, I guess)
    • Description on the first shield they found: Shields are nice, but not if they engender passivity.
    • Some enemies in the game can use spells
    • Confirmed Bloodtinge stat governs bullet damage
    • Transforming strikes and their follow-up attacks give you a way of reaching enemies that in other Souls games might be out of reach because they were pushed back by your earlier attacks - they say stamina management is a more diverse process in Bloodborne than in the earlier games
    • Clothes found in the world or from a merchant whose catalog expands when you defeat bosses
    • Bloodstone shards = titanite, coldblood = portable souls, most common items are blood vials (healing) and quicksilver bullets, but stocks can grow low later in the game
    • Surplus items are automatically sent to a storage box, and if you die your items are replenished from the box automatically
    • They say your starting stats are dictated by the trick weapon you choose, which runs counter to the origins shown in the character creator...
    • Only found 6 or so weapons and 6 or so guns in 40 hours
    • Very few chests, almost all have something good inside
    • Enemies only drop upgrade mats and items
    • Bloodgems are an upgrade item that allows you to change the attributes of a weapon, ex. increasing physical attack power, adding poison damage, or increasing scaling - all the weapons in the game are customizable with bloodgems
    • Did not beat the game but they feel like it is less replayable than its predecessors (this does not count the Chalice Dungeon or multiplayer components)
    • You can keep up to 5 dungeon configurations in your Chalice Dungeon stock
    • Lantern checkpoints are not "overabundant" like the bonfires of Dark Souls II, you open shortcuts rather than getting new bonfires (ala Demon's Souls), interconnectivity approaches Firelink Shrine type numbers of access and departure points in a few places
    • "Discrete areas flow together to create a believable world" - separating the hub from the main gameworld allows the world itself to be more coherent
    • They say in Souls you are frequently scared of dying, but in Bloodborne you are also scared of what is coming to kill you - "There is a moment in Dark Souls that we will never forget: down in the Depths, picking up an item from a corpse and a slime dropping onto our head. We spent the rest of the level panning the camera endlessly for unseen threats, no longer scared of dying, but of moving. Imagine a whole game of that." - For this reason they think taking the replayability factor to CD makes more sense.
    • Torch may be very important for newcomers/first playthroughs
    • There is a new mechanic they are not allowed to discuss
    • "If you thought From Software was going soft, Hidetaka Miyazaki is about to put you brutally back in your place. And if you've been watching this generation from the sidelines, unmoved by the remasters and rush jobs while you wait for the first true essential to arrive, now's the time. As if there was ever any doubt, Miyazaki and his team have done it all over again."

    And another list of stuff that might or might not be part of the game based on early access player experiences:

      My FAVOURITE BIT was the bit where they said there aren't that many 'bonfires' but that progress hinges upon opening shortcuts. Looks like the world design will be tight and multilayered like Dark Souls 1 <3

    Hey, TAY.
    Fell asleep yesterday watching the F1, woke up with 10 laps to go.
    A question for everyone...
    What's your favourite local multiplayer game, that is, one that you can have with multiple players on the one system, not LAN or Internet play?

    E.G. Castle Crashers, Worms, Civilization, Smash Bros, Mario Kart,

    Last edited 16/03/15 10:35 am

      Rayman Origins is great. Portal 2 is great. Diablo is great. Anything Mario is great. Secret of Mana is great.

      Couch MP games are the best, and always have been.

      Left 4 Dead! Oh boy, so many hours yelling at each other in close proximity playing that.

        I remember regularly playing this in a netcafe with an old highschool mate who I bumped into like... ten years later. It was totally our man-date location. The memories are not so much of yelling at each other so much as screaming for help.

        (I'd joke that it was me for comedic value, but really, it was mostly him because he insisted on using a hunting rifle as his primary. He did manage an impressive number of kills with it and uh... probably rescued me from smokers more often than I'd care to admit, but it's just not great for getting yourself out of trouble - ie: panicking and spraying like a madman - like my preferred assault rifle can. Plus, you can headshot with the AR very, very effectively if you exercise a little restraint.)

      Nothing like trash talking your mates while Mario Karting, that or Rock Band with a full band is pretty fucking awesome.

        It is sad to say I never really got to experience the full Rock Band experience before it died out.

          Never fear, it's coming back again this year.

            Great! Now all I need is some friends!
            *looks around the room*
            *looks through cupboards.
            Hmm, can't find any. Think I'll check the pantry.